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get back into a size 12

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Drink more water. Exercise at least 3 hours a week. Choose better food at each meal. Eat breakfast. 4 years ago

alcomentI'm thinking of changing this goal.

I think I’m going to change this goal a bit. I’m not losing any weight in pounds but my clothes are getting looser. It’s not that it’s turning to muscle because I haven’t increased my exercise (though I really must do this as I have a 15 mile sponsored walk next month!). I think I might change this to reach a certain dress size. I always used to look ok at a size 12 (UK). I’ve been a size 6 and then much larger than I am now. I know when I was thinner I looked ill, I’m tall (5 foot 10) and have quite broad shoulders. I seem to remember being relativly happy at a size 12, so I guess that’s what I’ll aim for and see how that goes.

So, at the moment I’m a size 16 on the bottom and a 18 on top. 6 years ago

alcomentNot so good.

I didn’t meet my target this fortnight and have ended up putting on 2 pounds. To be honest I’m suprised it’s not more as I really haven’t been watching what I eat and have been eating out and drinking more the last couple of weeks. But never mind, I’ll just roll this over to the next fortnight and work at it this time. So, 5 pounds to lose in the next two weeks. 6 years ago

alcomentNow I have a starting point again.

Ok, so I got on the scales at my aunt’s house tonight. I was really suprised to find I’ve only put on 2 pounds, so I now weigh 13 stone 12 pounds. I want to get back down to 11 stone (the supposed ideal weight for my height) which is where I feel quite comfortable.

So, sticking with my plan to break it down into smaller chunks I will try to lose 5 pounds in the next couple of weeks. Lets see how it goes. 6 years ago

alcomentI think I need to break this down a bit.

Ok, I know I’ve already lost some weight but bad habits are starting to creep back in again and 3 stone seems a lot. So, 3 stone is 42 pounds – I could break this down into smaller amounts and go from there. As I don’t have any scales I will weigh myself at my aunts’ house on Saturday and see how much I’ve put on. I think I’ll aim to lose 7 pounds in the next 2/3 weeks, which should be relativly easy if I try and ease off on my chocolate consumption!! I also need to increase my exercise levels – I think it would be a good start to walk back from work as well as to work. I’ll see how this goes. 6 years ago


I’ve already lost 2 and 1/2 stone but would like to lose a further three. My weight loss started when I came off some medication that had made me put on weight. I always used to be a UK size 8 and then went up to 18/20 and have hated it – despite all the “I’m happy as I am” talk!! Since starting to lose weight I have altered my diet somewhat, but know I need to make further adjustments to lose more. I think I’ll change one thing at a time, else I’m not going to stick to it. This won’t really be a diet, more about changing my eating habits. 6 years ago

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