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figure out where all the people like me are hiding

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Mariait's simple...

...i jus’t don’t need to find them anymore, or even know if they exist.
I accept myself as i am, and i learn to accept everyone else as well.
:) 3 weeks ago

Maria 5 years ago

Helen Mary Labao

Helen Mary Labao 2 years ago

Goddess of Travel 16 months ago

Cassandra KingHow I did it

One day I woke up and realized that no matter where you go, everyone is going to be different. You just have to open your eyes and realize that people like us are hidden everywhere.
I’m more of the quiet type, and by studying people and their reactions to things I decided who to spark a conversation, and later a friendship with.
The only road block is your mind, you have to realize you pick your friends. Literally. Who you decide to talk to is entirely up to you, and eventually (over time) those conversations will lead to friendships that can withstand anything you hurl at it. Just don’t try to force a friendship. Start of talking every now and then, and eventually it will lead to longer conversations.
Trust me, everything will work out and fall into place. 5 months ago

Cassandra King 20 months ago

cerratheo 8 months ago

rachelanngrossman48 8 months ago

mindhealer 3 years ago

Ticku12345 10 months ago

jazznjustice 14 months ago

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daiquonim scar

i study chi/ki i like anime and weapons. 2 years ago

daiquon 2 years ago

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