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janusm 6 months ago


The house renovations have been somewhat delayed due to not receiving the title and therefore not able to get started on electrical and building stuff. He didn’t indicated if/how much that will change the move in date.

I’d really love to be starting some landscaping but I don’t see that happening funds-wise.

If the play dates are successful I would like to make a smooth transition to a nice space. 19 months ago


The house is coming along slowly but surely.

I have very little income to speak of and am kind of frozen in fear and uncertainty.

I feel in a limbo as if, once I get into the new house, things will be “better”.

I have an itching for periodic life/home changes that puzzles/concerns me. 20 months ago

dbcool1 20 months ago

kaleidoscopeladymy dreams

i don’t really remember the scenario but I know that more contemplating the Nowland house (hood) happened in my dreams.

I need guidance. It’s making me crazy. 21 months ago

kaleidoscopeladythe hood

looked at this house today.

I’ve been thinking about it all day. I’m not sure. The house itself will be quite charming but the yard is small and boring.

The neighborhood has a bad reputation.

I’m considering it, even as a starting point, though the thought of moving again hurts my heart.

logistically, it makes the most sense. 21 months ago

kaleidoscopeladyanother carriage house

totally unfinished at the moment, only about 600 square feet but it’s on the potential childcare site.

other rentals in the same area are affordable but I’d have to work out the timing of starting the new daycare, getting the income then renting a place…kinda screwy.

the neighborhood is quite charming. I really think this might be it. 21 months ago

kaleidoscopeladycarriage house

ridiculous rent, small ass space for 3 people but incredible hooping space and quite beautiful charming and a neat city neighborhood….right near the children’s museum. It would force me downsize my possessions, that’s for sure.

I need some moola coming in so I can make some decisions. 21 months ago


ex’s brother buys houses for cheapo, suggested one near him. Fabulous old houses, shitty neighborhood…makes me feel better that he’s nearby…he and his wife have been wonderful supporters for the kids and I as his brother has come and gone.

I’m not sure I could make the cash happen but I’m considering it. His wife is the most soft spoken/mannered fair haired dread locks christian girl ever and she feels just fine and comfy walking around the neighborhood with and without her doberman. :)

There’s an abandoned house nearby and as it typical for these old neighborhoods, lots of wild plants. Big ol’ burdock right in the front yard…and who else would consider that a selling point but me? ha.

I don’t know… goes up for auction this month, needs mucho work…beautiful park a block away and a charter school on the same street. 21 months ago


of being offered a place to live, with uncomfortable stipulations…like the carriage house or the cottage…was given a place in what seemed like a desirable community but something was very off, can’t remember what…was asked to attend the birth of a woman there, everything was frantic, found her during a c section and the baby was stillborn.

I like the idea of barter but not if it feels a bit like bondage…of being beholden to something I’m not quite comfy with.

found a dream apartment on craigslist…roomy but only one bedroom. The rent is very high. I’d have to be very secure financially to afford it and perhaps have a shift of thinking/values to justify it. It was beautiful. Wonderful vaulted ceilings and perfect floors for hooping. Simplicity and beauty. Frankly, it would be simple living were the price not so extravagant! haha, it’d be possible(in theory) to put something like this together myself for cheaply…? eh?

anyway, I’m content and good here for several months anyway. Good to take my time and work through these things. See what the future holds in terms of income.

It’s a fun process, I admit. I do love new adventures. 22 months ago


has extended a potential offer for a carriage house behind her house. Seems a bit odd but could be awesome too. Great neighborhood, cool people. Being in a business relationship would make it strange, potentially but perhaps terms could be set. Anyway, it’s another possibility.

Getting discouraged at affordable rentals that are reviewed as “bad neighborhoods” Why must people be assholes? I just want to take walks with my kiddos.

Ah well, we’ll figure it out.

it occurred to me while hooping last night that maybe this old house is worth the asking price given the neighborhood…despite the fact that it is leaky and old. the neighborhood isn’t particularly progressive or cultural but it is safe and plenty of opportunity for walking. 22 months ago


having misgivings about the neighborhood of the little house. i don’t mean to be too particular but I do love the freedom to walk around this quaint little town. the new neighborhood isn’t so, we’d be fairly isolated or car ridden, i think.

gotta scrape some lead based paint from the ceiling and seal/paint over it soon. ugh. 22 months ago


slow progress, but progress nonetheless. It is mighty cold. 23 months ago

kaleidoscopeladylittle house

My niece suggested I go for it in case, I “regret not doing it later” That’s all it took for me. LOL.

It won’t hurt to try and I’d be rather foolish not to give it a shot.

F came over to share champagne Sunday night. He fixed my bathroom sink after many weeks of it being messed up. I made dinner and the played and laughed with him a ton. He’s grown his beard out again and looked pretty cute. I looked through his most recent photos. 25 grandchildren at the last family gathering!

He asked for a new years kiss since his car wasn’t working that night. I followed him out to his car as he was leaving and gave a quick kiss and hug.

He said the little poem thing I wrote had some potential, if I’d wanted to work on it more, which I don’t. 23 months ago


offered his home again today. It seems like a really sensible choice but it doesn’t feel right. Maybe I should do it anyway and it will prove to be just fine…? 23 months ago


about manifesting the perfect home… 23 months ago

kaleidoscopeladythe other house

“the other house”, I call it. My friend backed out of work Sunday because he felt ill. We haven’t touched the house at all.

That 6 month mark is moving further out. This doesn’t feel real because I haven’t started working yet.

There are a few people that offered to help me with the work but you know how that goes. Man, I would appreciate it so much…have promised beer and food and hooplah in return. 2 years ago


...and pardon my fickle-ness but sometimes all it requires is the posting of a 43 things goal to get the head/heart moving.

I am going to call F this evening and see about getting to work on the house. I think that is by far, the best bet for us.

I am opening my heart to faith that we can get it done and that perhaps I can get others to come through (with promises of beer and food?) to help with man power.

breathe…..breathe…believe….smile. 2 years ago

kaleidoscopeladyincome and other things

I half way expect this woman from the interview last night to just show up at my door at 2:00 pm today with not notice. I wouldn’t put it past her based on her behavior thus far.

I’m going with it though, swallow my pride as she condescendingly assures me that “babysitting is a job” aaaarrrrgh It’s all ego on my part, no need to get in a tizzy over her foolishness/ignorance.

Anyway, this is a sticky situation, trying to get out of here. My brother will be moving soon and I cannot afford this place alone. Although I got a bit sentimental about leaving (our home) I know this place is essentially a money pit and there’s no use in trying to hold onto it.

I’m looking at a possible weekend job at a hotel with my sister. If I could work while the kids are already with their dad (after I get a vehicle), I could possibly afford a cheap o mobile home and lot rent??

idk. 2 years ago

kaleidoscopelady 2 years ago

kimi4567 4 years ago

gsmith90 3 years ago


CaliNoDayJob 3 years ago


I’ve almost done this! Won’t mark it as done until my house purchase goes through, but hopefully that won’t be long now. 3 years ago

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