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Elusive SleuthMy biggest challenge yet

It’s been ages since i’ve written on here but I haven’t forgotten about my account :)

I’ve taken myself overseas to a country where I don’t really understand what is going on around me. But that’s ok! I really love it here so far :)

Lots of new challenges ahead, and I look forward to them :) 8 months ago

HoffyPositive feedback!

Even though Im not planning on staying at my current workplace because im starting to study Sept this year, I still set my mind to take on whatever challenges there may be, for example, whenever there is a stop in production bacause there is something that needs to be fixed with the machines, instead of just standing there “rolling my thumbs” (like the rest of my co-workers do) I decided it would be a small challenge to learn how the technicians “fix” the machines, so what I do is I ask them questions and I watch and learn..
Pretty soon I manage to fix my machine by myself, and yesterday a new emplyed guy came up to me and asked if they had given me some special education because I knew how to fix the problems myself, and I told him I just liked the challenge and I had learned by asking questions and watching!
I felt pretty good about myself, and I have more fun challengeing myself at the same time! 8 months ago


“Most people fail in life not because they aim to high and miss, but because they aim to low and HIT

Michelangelo 9 months ago


Climbing.. Ever since i was a little kid i have always loved climbing. In fact i had some surgery on my nose because i fell down the roof of a building i climbed when i was 5 years old.. So i figure, maybe climbing is my thing? And i went out to do some rock climbing yesterday with some nice people from my town, it was awesome! And it´s a challenge, for the body and the mind.. I´m gonna do this again, and again, and….Yep… 9 months ago

HoffyWork in progress

Since i became more aware of this goal it has made me challenge myself more when it comes to different areas of life, such as music and cooking. I came to the conclusion that i kind of lost interest in cooking even though i once had a passion in making food, and i realized the reason was that i didnt challenge myself enough. Same comes to music.. I have started to play songs that is a challenge for me to learn. Not playing the same old songs i know how to play.. Once there is no challenge anymore, i loose interest.. I just wonder why i didnt realize this earlier? 9 months ago

moblion 9 months ago

juneairComfort zone

Thinking about this goal gives me mixed feelings. First of them is a mix of determination and inspiration. I really want to push my boundaries, try things even if it means I might fail and enrich my way of living. But the second one is a mix of hesitance, doubt and, honestly, pure terror. I don’t like doing things I’m not familiar with. I don’t like to fail, I’m not good at it. If I have a choice, 100% of the time I’d rather not do something than risk failure in other people’s eyes. I don’t mind failing by myself, and often I spend a lot of time practising new things in secret so that when I have to do it publicly, I won’t make a fool out of myself.

I know a lot of people who aren’t afraid to fail. However, to me it sometimes does seem like these people are inferior to others and end up wasting the time of themselves and others because they make so many mistakes and do things even though they’re not good at them. This is exactly the mindset I need to get rid of. I know that everybody must begin somewhere, but find it hard to admit that it goes for myself, too. It doesn’t make anyone worse than someone else. If anything, it’s making my life narrow and repetitive, because rather than jumping at new chances, I stick with things I already know I can do.

I’m very curious to hear your thoughts about this. Are you the kind of person who doesn’t mind making mistakes? Or are you like me, stuck with your life because you’re afraid of screwing up? Have you managed to challenge yourself? Any tips? Inspiring stories?

This is the hardest goal I could ever set for myself, and I am not looking forward to actually making it happen. However, happiness doesn’t always mean feeling happy… and in the end, I do believe it will improve the quality of my life, so I know I must do it. Any help appreciated! 11 months ago

juneair 11 months ago

HoffyComfort zone..

Even though i recently came home from a couple of moths travelling through Central America, i feel like i`m back in the comfort zone that everyday life gives us if we don`t fight it..
I don´t want to take the easy way anymore..I just started working at a new place, and that was a challenge for about one week. Now i`more bored than ever, even though i know it´s just for a couple of months before i start my University studies.. Hopefully studying will bring me enough challenges to keep me away from boredom.. 11 months ago

Hoffy 11 months ago

jessie013 11 months ago

hayl92x 13 months ago

BlueMooning 8 years ago

BlueMooningAnother tough decision to make...

Now I’m sitting here looking at three entries: “inspire myself”, “challenge myself” and “fulfill myself”. Wanting to end up with just one when I’m through. I like all three but I think…..

It’s fulfill my potential… Hands down. That one covers A LOT of ground out there…. That’ll work. For now, anyway. wink, grin13 months ago

ethereal_haze 14 months ago

Jolly_Chika 14 months ago

SandiChinese Food ...

... is my next challenge. The last few times we have ordered Wor Wonton Soup, it’s been disappointing with very little flavor. Would like Dim Sum on the weekends without going to Los Angeles and good Chinese food on a weeknight.

It’s challenging to make all the foods we like in small quantities, so I will freeze most of the dim sum, spring rolls and char siu.


  • Wor wonton soup
  • Egg Flower soup ✔
  • Egg drop soup ✔
  • Sizzling rice soup
  • Sweet corn soup

Dim Sum (another goal, so I won’t list them here)

Spring rolls (baked)

Char siu (for several recipes)


  • Beef with snow peas
  • Lemon shrimp
  • Lemon or orange chicken
  • Cashew chicken
  • General Tso chicken

Panfried noodles

Plain rice (not the Hawaiian-style sticky rice hubby thinks goes with everything)

Fried rice 14 months ago

SandiCooking ...

... and baking is one way I challenge myself. My latest challenge is to make tamales for a holiday dinner. I have no interest in finding the easiest recipe, and often spend an entire day or two preparing the main course for a holiday meal.

My challenge starts before I even start cooking by researching and gathering ingredients. I have never made tamales before and decided to use Masa Harina with lard instead of buying fresh masa. After reading that non-hydrogenated lard is healthier than other animal fats, I purchased Leaf Lard during a trip to Los Angeles. The rendering process of the lard should be interesting since the directions say to open the windows because of the smell and will take several hours to render. Getting the pork smell out of my house may be another challenge if it’s too cold and rainy to open windows.

It’s difficult for me choose only three kinds of tamales, but don’t want to overwhelm the family with too many choices. There isn’t enough time to sample many local tamales before making my own, so I will have to wait until next year to do more research and adjust my recipes.

Update: ended up making 5 types of tamales. Will probably save the sweet tamales for later. 16 months ago

Sandi 16 months ago

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CBeth 18 months ago

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Patricia Llewellyn 21 months ago

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Venusian 2 years ago


So next month I’m doing this thing at Mammoth Cave called “The Wild Cave Tour”. It’s 7 hours of crawling, climbing, “Canyon Walking”, and who know’s what else. I’m kinda anxious about it, but I know a big factor is mentally pushing myself to do it.

Even though there’s a chance I could get seriously injured lol 2 years ago

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