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memorize surah al-baqarah

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I would like to memorise Surah Al-baqarah 3 years ago


want to memonize Quarn 4 years ago

zentexWhat happened?

Well…I started on baqarah..but then I started with some friends on juz amma….so I had to “pause” on al-baqarah until I am done with juz amma. Yes, I am a bit embarassed to say that I have not yet memorized the whole of juz amma. 5 years ago


As-salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh! My spirits are high on memorizing Al-Qur’an. My goal each day is to memorize 3 ayats starting with Al-Baqarah, insha’Allah. 5 years ago

lizhoustonMemorising technique

The way something gets committed to memory is through creation and strengthening of neuro-pathways. In memorising Quraan verses, the neuro pathways can be quickly created by steady repeating. Usually, it takes 5-10 repetition to create the initial pathway (imprint, so to speak), and another 5-10 to strengthen the pathway. If meaning can be associated to the individual words in the verse, the pathway gets strengthened even further. Then, the ‘test’ is to use it in salat, starting with the non-obligatory 2 rakaat prayers, to see if the ayat can be recalled on demand. If that can be done, then it shows the circuit is completed. 6 years ago

zentexmemorizing atay 61-62

One ayat per day, that seems more realistic now. 6 years ago

zentexnow on ayat 60

still revising ayat 1 – 57
now memorizing ayat 60
Quite challenging to memorize more than 1 ayah per day with my schedule. May Allah help me. 6 years ago

zentexA challenge

My main goal is to actually memorize the quran, but I am breaking it into smaller targets, or shall I say mini-goals or milestones. My first milestone is to memorize surah al-baqarah. I am trying out different memorization techniques/strategies that I hope will best fit my “brain style”, my time, etc. So far I am on page 8 of my mashaf, ayah 57. I started less than 2 weeks ago but I think I will spend the next week or so just for revision. Currently I am revising page 6 of my mashaf.

It seems that I remember best when I focus on memorizing only 2-3 ayats per day. I believe I was going too fast for myself. We’ll see insyallah. I will take whatever energy/capability gives me to accomplish this, whether it is big or small although I pray he gives me more strength.

This effort occupies a lot of my time, may Allah purify my intention and may he be pleased with me. I can’t remember what exactly was my inspiration, but I thank Allah for giving it to me. 6 years ago

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