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I want to be remembered for being a kind and caring person and mother.

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Definitely part of my list. Nothing else (besides finding true love that is reciprocated) matters at this point. 6 years ago

Ida Matilda Wrighttakes skills

It must be an act of a caring mother to miss her daughter and still hold the tears so that her sons can have a good thanksgiving. Once you give birth you no longer own your heart. You can’t give it to a mate again without first thinking of what is best for the children. And sometimes their smiles can mend the biggest hole.. 6 years ago

Ida Matilda Wrighte-mailing is part of my caring

I have sent about 20 emails to police departments in KY and about 5 other startes.. I have also sent about 15 to animal shelters.

I like doing this to have them send encourageing words or care packages to my children. So they can be encouraged to follow their dreams and not fall into the traps that I have.

I believe in them.

Christian is going to be a cop.

Noah a vet.. fireman .. artist .. or a k9 police

Charity a artist.. a song writer… a basket ball player.. a baby doctor

Yea they already know.. And I know when they are ready they will be the best they are. 6 years ago

Ida Matilda WrightUntitled

Pray for it 6 years ago

Ida Matilda WrightUntitled

I believe I made a pleasant memory for the boys tonight watching Passions Of Christ.. I know it did to me. 6 years ago

Ida Matilda WrightReport Card Day

He has to bring 3 F’s up by doing his homework…
I didn’t throw a fit, but I know he can do it. The days he doesn’t do his homework he will have to do both the next day and can’t go outside/ 6 years ago

Ida Matilda Wrightlove and kind

Being a loving and kind mother sometimes is hard to see… Sometimes loving must be used rather than kindness.

There is so much out there to take our children from.. drugs, car crashes, sucide, anything..

The Bible says to honor father that your days will be long up on the earth…. well it is hard for me to see my children hurt at all.. but sometimes when they are yelling at me to ground them or stop my self from petting them… I love them I want them to live long on this earth 6 years ago

Ida Matilda WrightToday

Today I bought two of a few things from Wal-Mart for a friend that even brings plates over to the boys when she cooks. Just a way to say thanks, she said that it was very nice…. I like being nice to those that have such big hearts..

I challenge you all to make sure that the people who care know how important they are to you. It just wouldn’t be the same world without them. 6 years ago

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