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Find my birth father

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Courteney WoodUntitled

Iv been looking for my dad for 4 years now i really want to find :( iv i have met him im 17 so i saw him at 13 can someone help me? 2 months ago

Courteney Wood 2 months ago

keegirl 2 months ago

shawnbent 2 months ago

danidlorSearching for my husbands father

I am looking for my husbands father. We don’t have much information about him. We know that his name is Ernest English, he was in the Air Force and stationed at Lowry Air Force Base in Aurora CO, in 1968. My husband never got the blessing of meeting his father, not by any fault of my husband or his dad. If anyone knows anything, it’s very hard for a man to know nothing about his father. I want to bless my husband with the gift of knowing his dad. Thank you so much 2 months ago

danidlor 2 months ago


I am 29 years old looking for my father Buddy J Darras. Im not sure if I’ve ever met him but my mother told me he’s been in prison most of my life. She barely told me this information recently. All I want to do is meet him. My name is Jessica A and my mothers name is Laura A. My father has a brother named Daniel Mondragon and I don’t know about the rest of my family. It would really mean a lot to me if I could finally meet him. If any one could help me with this I would very much appreciate it. 2 months ago

JessicaADarras1984 2 months ago

ntoshintoshjim 2 months ago

user10676 3 months ago

miaahmad98i need info about my father

i dont know much about him. I would like to see who he really is. 4 months ago

miaahmad98 4 months ago

lculloa 4 months ago

shaecheyenne5 Years of Searching

I was born 16 years ago, almost 17. During that time, my father decided to leave. I’ve been searching for him since I was 11. I’ve found that he has at least 2 daughters, possibly more. He remarried. He now lives in Grand Forks, North Dakota and is 49 years old. I know his name and a few names of siblings. I just want his phone number or an address. I want to meet him and talk to him but I would like to do so without telling my mom. It’s not a subject we talk about and she gets mad when we do talk about it. I can’t find a website that won’t charge which is extremely annoying considering I don’t have a credit card nor should I have to pay money to find my own father. Some sites charge 100 dollars which is stupid. I’m annoyed and just want to find my dad. 4 months ago

shaecheyenne 4 months ago

kayleigh123456789 4 months ago


I’m 34 i know my father lived in Houston Texas, Pasadena to be exact around 77,78 maybe longer thats when i was concieved. my mother is norma abrego,she was visiting her aunt sally who was manager of the apartments, i was told his name was robert patillo but not certian …help 4 months ago

drabrego 4 months ago

samairthfind my birth father

my mom met my father in 1976 while she was working as a maid at the Park Haviland Hotel in Portland or. His name was richard and thats about all I know. They went there separate ways befor my mom new she was pregnant. Her name was sherry. I’ll save other details so i can double check any claims 4 months ago

samairth 4 months ago

gracefoster 4 months ago

SharminRaneaI want to find my father.

I’m 15 years old & I know my birth fathers name, age, and location. I don’t know his number or exact location I just know the town he is in. I also don’t have the money to find it out. What else can I do? 4 months ago

SharminRanea 4 months ago

fluz 5 months ago

whiteside517seeking information

hello i am seeking information on my farther
i dont know if people from New Zealand come on this site but i have to try

i am seeking information on my farther
i was concevied in a house in a small town called Weirenga Te Kauwhata New Zealand in 1963 I was born in 1964
thats all i know i dont know his name or what he looked like or how old he is or if he even lived there

if someone has some info i would greatly appreciate any info
thanks Janice 5 months ago

whiteside517 5 months ago

ambersweet 5 months ago

IJustWantToKnowI don't even know his name

I have no idea what he looks like or what his name is 5 months ago

IJustWantToKnow 5 months ago

Krissy20 5 months ago

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