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Let go of the past

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How To Let Go Of The Past

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How To Let Go Of The Past

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How To Let Go Of The Past

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Becky Grinstead 1 day ago

HylianWolf 2 days ago

Kinjal Ramaiya 1 week ago

triciaebel 1 week ago

Mazwyn 2 weeks ago

raj kogila 4 weeks ago

Lanze87Letting Go

I’m glad I found this to ad to my list, I think we can all relate to this. I’m 26 turning 27 in July and have been struggling in my art career and was considering giving up, but this past year I’ve let go of the past and thankful for it honestly, it’s made me who I am, and I’m ready to embrace the unfamiliar and let go of the past. I recently shot a music video with a Grammy artist, it was a small video but still it’s inspired me to move out west after grad school and embrace the unknown =) 1 month ago

Lanze87 1 month ago

naushinkhanbabydoll 1 month ago

Pacifica27I want to look in front of me rather than stare at what was behind me

I always think too much about the past, about the people that hurt me, rather than those here for me, about the way I used to be rather than the way I CAN be. I want to stop hating myself for things I have or have not done, and to start planning and changing myself for the future! 1 month ago

Pacifica27 1 month ago

Schnickelfritz 1 month ago

Jonathan Kamalata 1 month ago

zomickskosherbakery 1 month ago

PhenomenalGirl 1 month ago

Chelshay2010 2 months ago

Mond FalkinUntitled

This is a big goal. How to achieve it? I will break it down into smaller parts… 1.Understand 2. Make it more specific 3. Make smaller goals
1. I want to let go of the past because I hurt myself with staying in the past. Then I am not brave to move on. I have already forgiven myself and others which intentionally and unintentionally have hurt me in the past. I also understand that I can not reproduce nice experiences and lucky moments. The past is not real, it is only a memory and therefor a construction of my brain. This means I need to learn to use my brain in a different way. 2. Let go of the past means to stay in the NOW. When I realize that I am thinking again of the past, then I should “switch” my brain and focus on the present moment. 3. I will try to focus on my senses, what do I taste, what do I smell, touch, hear and see? Then I want to try to think about what I could do today to make myself happy. 2 months ago

Mond Falkin 2 months ago

Bojqueen 3 months ago

TheFireRaven 3 months ago

bobbis53 3 months ago

cazlovelace 3 months ago

mleamon111 3 months ago

porcelainkitten 3 months ago

aiissaiLetting go

I have been chanting and practising nichiren Buddhism. I was chanting and chanting and I realised I shifted the fundamental layers somehow and I was no longer so upset when I thought about my friend and I breaking our friendship of eight years. Suddenly all the regret and suffering just went. I can’t even explain it but I no longer cry when I think about her or spiral into a depression, I just send her my love and laughter for what we shared. 3 months ago

aiissai 11 months ago

Jenna Stone 3 months ago

sisiblum 3 months ago

Ana Belle 12 months ago


God give me the grace & strength! 3 months ago

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