Make the entrance to my home beautiful

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crazyinagoodwayParking this goal

As it can’t really get done until I’ve finished putting trim in the upstairs hallway (so I can have the nosing ready for the top stair, so I can recarpet the stairs, so I can put tile in the foyer so I can put in baseboards over the tile….) 6 years ago

crazyinagoodwayA trip to the flooring store

And I’ve picked out some nice loopy high nap carpet for the stairs, looks much more luxurious than it’s low price reflects.

And for the foyer, a densely textured linoleum that looks like slate, but isn’t. I decided against any kind of tile because it’s such a high traffic area, I want the cleaning to be quick and easy. But I don’t want it to look like vinyled bathroom floor either. I’m hoping this will be a good compromise.

A man comes to measure and give me a pricing sometime this week. I’m already cringing over spending the money. 6 years ago

crazyinagoodwayThe Entrance Way

I’ve been needing to renovate this area for a while, but been putting it off because it’s going to cost money I don’t want to spend. But I’m tired of having a run down looking entrance. It’s depressing to come home to and I don’t particularly want people to see it when I answer the door.

Problems to solve:

  • carpet on the stairs is badly stained and torn
  • hole in the wall from by confused elderly dog
  • outdated brass fixtures
  • parquet flooring is worn and moisture damaged
  • front door is boring
  • outside trim around front door was badly painted
  • overgrown shrub
  • baseboards looking pretty rough
  • bannister needs repair where it connects to wall
  • walls are undecorated
  • family items getting left all over the floor
  • windows were caulked with something dreadful that has seeped
  • mail box is ugly
  • door mat is too small
  • needs something to dress up the front walk

I have one of those houses where you just keep wondering “what were the last owners thinking?” I’ve already painted the walls a nice warm green, but before that they were dark orange to waist height, medium orange to the ceiling and a strip of wallpaper around the middle that had a turquoise print on it. I really wish I’d taken a “before” picture before I painted. 6 years ago

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