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I think home is in Florida. See my theory is when Im there. I feel happy and complete. I want to move to Florida, but the issue is that up and moving a whole family would be hard. Not only that, but I would be leaving other parts of my family behind in Iowa. 2 years ago

Yours Truly, Cate

Yours Truly, Cate 2 years ago

Yours Truly, CateI feel...

I feel lost and I wanna go home, but I have no idea where “home” is. I grew up in [[WAY]] Northern California, but I have very bad connotations with that area. I then moved to Oregon- which I LOVED- but couldn’t live. There is no job market there and my ex is there. I’m currently in Ohio, and I KNOW it’s not here. I hate it here. I want to find someplace that is small, full of good people, has lots of stuff to do, has a decent climate, and where nature and beauty abounds! I am not a fan of ice and/or snow, or desert… but willing to endure for a simple life with lots of nature, good people with a “live and let live attitude”, and the ability to live a good quality life. 2 years ago

Clarionscall89City of Wire & Stone.

It’s a fact: my heart will forever belong to the only city I’ve ever known inside and out: New York City.

It’s the cluster of land where people are made, dreams come true and where the impossible becomes possible. In my experiences I call New York love because I’ve never been more enchanted by any other city than the one where lights never stop shining. It’s more than just a concrete jungle, it’s the intricate yet vibrant and diverse community that allows this city to be itself-a living tapestry where every person tells a unique story yet still manages to share one thing in common: calling this city their home.

There’s so many things about this city that makes my heart swoon, but as of late It’s been hard to find things to love about the place I live, as gentrification sets in, the face of NYC that I once knew is now disappearing. It breaks my heart, it’s vibrancy slowly becoming soulless as times change.

As of late it’s been difficult for me to make friends, I’ve been at odds with my family and nothing seems right anymore, but every so often I can still see the glimmer in the eyes of my city’s face. I guess at this point, I’m unsure where I belong, I don’t know if I can picture myself living in NYC for a number of reasons. It’s a bummer when you feel like you don’t belong anywhere, home may be where the heart is but my heart doesn’t know where to rest its head.

My goal is to find comfort, but only time will tell. 2 years ago

Clarionscall89 2 years ago

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