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Write some stuff about some guy from India looking up my manly butt.


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AuntieDoteDr. Ram Redux

My roids were hanging down to my knees so I finally agreed to go in for surgery. They had me bent over with my arse up in the air for all to see. I’m glad for Obamacare because if it wasn’t for it, I would’ve been over a sawhorse instead of a table that bends in the middle. 5 months ago

AuntieDoteDr, Ram Was In My Butt

My roids were bleeding. Even a tampon wasn’t enough to stop the flow. I crutched my way to the ER down the street and this Indian guy put me in some stirrups. He started poking around down there and said “this ib veby bad.” I was looking for an interpreter but I couldn’t find one. He lubed up his finger and shoved my roids back in me. I’ve not had anal since SatansWorstNightmare visited last time. At least Dr. Ram Joglekar was using lube even if it was colder than Wiccan Rede’s tit. No burning sensation for me. 2 years ago

AuntieDote 2 years ago

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