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are showing up for me right now. I have been wondering what my archetypes are and I think they are some what unconventional. Not your classic heros and heroines, but they are already in my sculpture and in my art. For instance I have an affection for the snake motif, like native american, spiral, growth imagery. Really love spirals. I think I have been making them to remind myself. My felted project looks like a snake to me. It would be fun to do a series. 5 years ago

infiniteissabellagetting ready for the doll show

in June. We have quite a few now, I like this one with the beaded spiral. 5 years ago

infiniteissabellakundalini goddess

a beaded project, I did the snake around the leg part. My friends and I are makeing these goddess dolls for each other adding wishes in the form of embroidery, beading etc. 5 years ago

infiniteissabellahad a vision

of laying prone with bubbles flowing from and through me, like a hot springs, some of them were tiny souls. 5 years ago

infiniteissabellapeace doll

self portrait envisoning process 5 years ago


is about surviving and watching 6 years ago


is turning out to be about personal power 6 years ago

infiniteissabellaI am having a vision

about a sculpture of a guardian angel, some glass parts came to me yesterday. 6 years ago


had a spiritual experience getting the massage yesterday, sometimes her touch will make me weep, I felt like I had wings sprouting out of my back, then after, lots of artistic visions. Also I am doing a project that is a glass and steel angel that has opened up my heart. who knew? the whole day was filled with spontaneous serendipity. 6 years ago

infiniteissabellathe veil

did a piece for my visual journal documenting the waterfall I sat under at the hot springs, it was sureal and wonderful, very relaxing. made me think about “the river of life” an art project I have under conception. all those experiences and people who are a part of our lives. 6 years ago

infiniteissabellamore thoughts

on the “hatch ” painting. I am seeing stones over turned, where the insects are coming from and the symbolism is sharply painful and about uncovering the past and something else. seeing also the paths of the insects in motion. I am thinking about developing this painting further, maybe start it again. 6 years ago


painting is coming along. I have the whole surface painted in it’s first layer! it has some nice shading from dark to light and some mottled areas. it will need a wash of purple next, maybe a reddish purple, i have some spots bleeding out from oil spatters that I like. 6 years ago


have been showing up for this. I found some blue luster at the craft store that will be good. I am a little nervous (why) to just start laying down paint. Have a thought about the title. “Streams of mercy” from a song I love and representing my humble humble awareness of my close brushes with heartbreak. Also “The river of life” 6 years ago


I have this dream of making a blue canvas ( like underwater, a nice gradiated mix of deep blues) for a couple years now. I started it today (priming the canvas, which was actually cooler than it sounds because I got to think about brush strokes), I am proud of myself getting it started and looking forward to what it reveals to me. it is big 30 by 40 inches! 6 years ago


I saw my teacher today and did a nice drawing/painting of myself seated with insects all around me up on mushroom rock. it is such a cool process, almost dreamlike. I was looking for a way to put thank you , three times in to the drawing and I came up with three hearts down the open pages of a book that was over my heart. it was a beautiful image, I start to see the symbolism of openheartedness and rebirth and expansion. also stillness and acceptance. it was about the memory of the day my dad died and I went up there with my brother and sat for a while. It has this combination of being grounded (because of all the rock) and up in the air, because it is on a cliff. Isn’t that life, one foot here and one in the spirit. 6 years ago

infiniteissabellamy neighbor

is a wonderful artist and sometimes we have coffee and conversation. we are thinking about doing a visual journal, calendar style, haikus, images and words when ever it moves us for a year. he did,t call it that but that is what it is, fun to have ideas echoed back. I heard something cool today—-”liberating information” was astory about a guy who looked into obscure books to revive the info in them. I was thinking this has a parallel in our lives. what if we have “all the information” available , but we have to liberate it. sounds more fun than struggling 6 years ago

infiniteissabellathe goddess sculpture

now this is for a client but the brainstorming we did was really fun and she is my visual journaling teacher. something that is an altar in the form of a goddess-angel with glass wings, may be 30 inches high, copper body encrusted with jewels with places to attach wishes until her skirt becomes a fully filled garmet like a square dancers skirt. her hands and face will be glass.Th e hands will be outstreched and open. she will have little pinholes of light shining through her clothing and light through her face and hands. words like “possibilities, believe, grow, fly ” on her wings and garmet amd base of stone. this is the first piece of reference for it. feel free to contribute 6 years ago

infiniteissabellaboxed in

Well first I got a 2nd job, preloading boxes for UPS. It is a crazy thing, I get up at 3 in the morning and move boxes off a conveyor belt into the trucks. they are moving at us pretty fast. so early this morning I was thinking about the concept of being put in a box or boxed in and I realised I am living a metaphor. I have been really struggling against the idea of being limited by trying to conform to other people’s expectations (and of course my own), it has really been a lifetime issue. I have odd memories of my dad wanting me to sit in a corner and not talk or move, just be available, like being on a shelf.I also have echos of this throughout my life, the whole concepts frustrates me. so now I am thinking god (or my subconscious) has given me this chance to move a lot of boxes around, resort,reroute, organise etc. I think even the “preload” term has a certain irony to it (early input, memories, etc). It is a very surreal situation. I do feel very empowered and stronger and healthier from the exercise.(maybe I am exercising ghosts). This could take a while I think those bastards need a lot of exercise. ha ha. I am thinking also about expressing this in art form (to understand more). I have some little glass faces that I cast that I could build a glass box for , some could be inside and some could be emerging through, might be a good use for magnets here.this also relates to when I feel overwhelmed because I perceive that my choices becoming more and more limited.I find it pretty interesting how we receive and process in our lives.I am having a vision of a person moving through a sheet of glass, with part of them on one side and part on the other. 7 years ago

infiniteissabellaThe marble memorial

I am creating a personal ritual as an act of transformation. I have carved and painted the name of my father on a small piece of marble and the words”infinite gentleness” on the back. I am going to carry it to the highest point I can get to, 11,550 feet or so and place it on the mountain, symbolically laying my burden down in a high way. I am taking some chalk and writing on or around it the things I want to let go of. The way I see it is: the chalk will will weather in a few weeks , the name in a few years and the words “infinite tenderness” will last the longest. the piece of marble is a scrap from a self portrait praying piece I am working on so it feels like a piece of me. 7 years ago

infiniteissabellathe hatch

I have a vision of an art piece, a fairly thick clear fused glass torso with an image of a blue book in the heart area. The book is open and has the words thank you across the top of the two open pages and the pages of the book are filled with tiny sparkling winged insects, kind of firefly like or starlike. It is upright on a steel base that hold the edges of the torso like hips. This represents my sitting in a hatch of insects thinking about the death of my father and thinking about his energy spreading out like the insects and that the hatch represents rebirth. the open book represents an open heart. 7 years ago

infiniteissabellaVisual Journal

This is a method of using visual art for a journaling process. The images hold a lot of information that continue to speak to me over time. It is powerful tool for self awareness and a gentle non judgemental way of self expression. They are like visual poems. 7 years ago

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