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Cracked have posted a couple of times on facebook asking for people to submit pieces for their website, it makes me think that I could try doing that, on the other hand I wonder is it just a trick, like reviewing on Amazon, to try and entice you to visit their website and increase internet traffic to their site on the off chance that you’ll buy their merchandise. 5 months ago

Alicia Westphal 4 years ago

DayDreamer37 8 months ago

Lark1I dont know were to get started with this one practically

I dont, I’m thinking of looking into writing contests or competitions or even a writers circle or club because I dont have the first clue were to begin.

The last writers circle or literary society which I thought could give me an avenue to explore wasnt even a writers circle any longer but had evolved into something else, a group for performing arts I think.

A lot of the writing groups which I know of or which I know people have passed through wind up focusing upon poetry which is not what interests me, I am more interested in opinion pieces or columnist style writings. 11 months ago

a 11 months ago

kelsey_153 15 months ago

Robin 8 years ago

Lark1Been researching magazines.

I’ve got a copy of Philosophy Now this month, also found that I’ve subscribed to The Psychologist when I subscribed to the British Psychological Association and I’ve got the Professional Social Work journal from the British Association of Social Work.

I’m not sure that I could write anything of any value to any of these but it is the sort of things I am reading for different reasons. Not visited any edited websites or blogs. 19 months ago

Eleanor's Trousers 8 years ago

rpantojaGetting ready

2 books will going to include a chapter written by me. Nice way to prepare future participation on journal articles! 23 months ago

Persefona3 refusals 1 comment

it is probably the best we could hope for as we come from absolutely unintersting country for editors and so do our validation study. nevermind, we are still not giving up and the comments we got will help us a great deal, so I consider it as a move one step forward. 2 years ago

qwerty43 2 years ago

juoliveira 3 years ago

Tanya B.Electronic Media Class

Taking a electronic media writing class next semester. And I posted one article in our college paper out a student volunteer program. On my way—- I hope. 2 years ago


if we were to call this “respectable” hahaa. it’s a start though. if i get into making decent blogs that are articulate and informative, maybe one of them will be published in something greater.
maybe my blog site will be come that greater thing. check it out! if there’s anything you want me to talk about (in that line of topics), i’d be glad to!

show some love! haha. 2 years ago

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