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helen957 3 months ago

Darwin101\\i was frustated..

and so were 2 of my other colleagues. And we decided to do something about it. So, on the morning of the sixth of December, it was decided that we would go on a road trip to either Rishikesh for bungee jumping or agra to see the Taj mahal on that very day. And we did it. All that planning and it had to be a spontaneous decision that took me to my first visit to the Tajmahal!! Best road trip ever btw.And a good way to finish off 2013. 3 months ago

Darwin101 16 months ago

Timidtraveler 7 months ago

Darwin101Somehow I have never had the chance

It’s next on my list after bungee jumping 10 months ago

hscouple 11 months ago

thyagu 11 months ago

mishmash_uk 5 years ago

Melinda W 13 months ago

elemy 13 months ago

cindsx 15 months ago

subconsciousflow 16 months ago

jansencs 17 months ago

focus_tiger 22 months ago


Avittorio 22 months ago

marcelocb 22 months ago

lttlroze 22 months ago

sellmycar 23 months ago

sellmycarMy experience at the Taj

On the day I was in town the Taj Mahal was closed. A guide told me I could see it from behind. It was amazing, and possibly just as good because I was the only person there. 23 months ago

user18967 23 months ago

redeyedmonster 2 years ago

simonesiegel 2 years ago

Rachel Niezrecki 2 years ago

sunshinegoddess 2 years ago

TaylorHiroson 2 years ago

Jain2009The Taj Mahal

I was a teenager when I saw the Taj Mahal, I was mesmerized by it, but wasn’t sure what was the big deal about the place. As soon as I finished my tour, and had the time to sit in the main courtyard, I was in love with the place. Its the whole package and the atmosphere and the architecture that is so perfect. Its sitting there I felt peace and calm and tons and tons of emotions.
It is believed that on your way out if you turn back to look at the Taj, you get a chance to come back… Involuntarily I turned back… Looking forward to seeing the Taj again!

(PS: I also recommend the palace/city of Fatehpur Sikri, its very close to the Taj) 2 years ago

Jain2009 2 years ago

MargotdR 2 years ago


My Husband is a documentary king, to say the very least. I fall somewhere alone those lines right behind him, so when he explained that he’d watched a film on “places you should visit while they still exist,” I was intrigued. Of course, my first thought was: vacation. Not like that should surprise anyone! I seem to live on vacation ;)

Anyhow, I nearly died when he stated that the Taj Mahal was on that list. It’s been deemed about 5 more years until it starts to literally crumble, according to the film. I needed to hear nothing further, before I started almost crying and begging and pleading that we visit it next year. It’s remained my number one and most prized goal since I could remember and not getting to witness that structure could potentially ruin my life. (Not my carnal, actual life, you know..? the dream life I have in my head.) Anyway, I made him agree and I think it’s officially in the works.



Ahhhh <3 2 years ago

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