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Beacher Acy 1 month ago

sandalphon 3 years ago

writingchemistry 3 years ago

kathybaconMore Donating, etc.

17. Big Bang Theory, Season 1 (donated to Sally Ann)

18. Bag full of plastic coat hangers (donated)

19-23. 4 Pairs of trousers (donated)

23-27. 3 Dresses. These were hard bc I’d kept them from back in the day when I was slip and fit and they are GORGEOUS and EXPENSIVE. I’ve already donated 95% of my clothes from that size but I held onto 4 dresses that I loved most of all bc maybe I WILL get back to that weight/shape again. However, a friend who’s a bit tight for money and who has the figure I USED to have was over yesterday. I asked her to try on all 4 of my dresses and each one looked better on her than the last. So I told her I had to keep one, but I gave her the other 3. It kinda broke my heart but It’s better to have someone wear and look fabulous in them than have them just sitting in my closet, right? sigh I hate being fat. 11 months ago

kathybaconWent to the consignment shop with 5 skirts

They accepted to try to sell 3 of them and those they didn’t want, I had them donate to their charity box. If the 3 they accepted don’t sell, I’ll have them donate ‘em to their charity box. So, 5 more down brings me to a total of 16.

Oh, and while at the consignment shop, I received $45 for a sweater of mine I’d dropped off last month and which they’d managed to sell. Granted, it’d cost a lot more than that, new, and I’d never worn it even once, but I was thrilled to a. get it out of my house… no need to have it clutter my space! b. recoup at least a wee bit of money for it. Yay! 12 months ago

kathybaconDonated a little portable radio

My brother got it for me at the Dollar Store so I felt a bit bad giving away a gift. But a friend gave me a second-hand ipod recently which is much better-suited to my purposes. So, I donated it to a charity thrift store. Besides, I remind myself that loved ones don’t want to burden us with their gifts; they only wish us to keep things that make us happy. And I have so much clutter that it’s starting to make me unhappy.

Since I’ve given away a lot of things since I started this goal, I want to get some credit for getting rid of some items. But since I didn’t bother to document them, I’m going to have to guess at a number and I want to err on the low side. So, let’s count this radio donation as #11 out of 100 items. 12 months ago

kathybaconHahah. Well, I forgot about this.

For a while. But, I HAVE been giving things away. A lot of things.

Just last week, donated a pair of shoes and a pair of pants that were in good condition but too small for me (shoes) and totally unflattering on my body (pants). I sincerely hope that they both find good homes with folks who love ‘em.

A dear pal came over to my house several times in March and I tried on clothes for her, one by one, and we decided what I could keep, what had to be tossed in the trash and what should be donated. For someone like me, it’s REALLY helpful to have a second-opinion, especially a friend who is non-critical and who keeps the process fun. I can only do it for an hour or so at a time bc then I become exhausted ~ making so many decisions wipes me out! ~ but that works just fine. 12 months ago

tronquixote 12 months ago

kathybaconOkay, let's get this party started

I live in a large house and while I’m definitely not a hoarder, I do have hoarding tendencies bc I just live to save things and “make do” and buy things at thrift stores that I don’t believe anyone else will take. This means that I have WAAAAY too many items.

I’m going to try to get rid of at least 10 things/ week. If I can remember, even photograph them and put the photos here, to encourage the decluttering, divesting process. 14 months ago

kathybacon 14 months ago

knives 15 months ago

KeelanRosa 18 months ago

Celtic Christianan interesting observation about clothes

Over the past few weeks I threw out a few articles of clothing that had worn out that I wore often. What I noticed was that it caused me to wear other articles of clothing more often a few of which after a long dormant period. Yet another argument of why I do not believe in purging for the sake of purging as simply because I was not wearing those perfectly good shirts that fit me because there were others that I was wearing a lot more often I would not have them to wear. Which shows why in the end more gradual purging is rooted in long term limiting of what you bring into your life as normal wear and tear will take care of one’s clothing for the most part. Especially since I previously went through my closet and purged a lot but used the criteria of the condition of if I would reasonably see myself wearing it if I were able to fit into it given my weight loss goals. 3 years ago

Celtic Christiandry run idea

Even though I am taking the baby steps toward minimalism route I think there would be value in making a dry run list of what I would view as my 100 or so most important things. As it would force me to look at my things from the opposite perspective of what is most worth keeping as compared to what I should be letting go of. Not to mention there is a pretty good chance that a list of most important things would make it easier to get rid of other things once it is clear that they do not make the list of things most worth keeping. 2 years ago

zaci1 2 years ago

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