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revel in healthinessfulllllness


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Alcohol is good for you

Bring on the BMs 4 years ago

SilvieHealth check time

over the last couple of weeks I’ve…

Had an eye test
Had an Xray on my back
Had a mammogram
Had a smear test
Been to docs for review
Ordered more meds
Got a pedometer to track my increased walking abilities
Got my Nordic Walking poles and tried them out in the back field while out with HP
Eaten fresh home grown produce
Been sensible in the sun 4 years ago

SilviePositive mental attitude

I believe is key in feeling better. Feeling good and happy can help to up the pain threshold – so will do lots of happy positive things to help my healthinessfulllllllness. 4 years ago

SilvieSorry...pitiful rant follows - just need to vent!

I’ve had this sodding throat virus / cough / cold now for 12 days. I am sleeping now but only because of sleep inducing cough stuff that makes me groggy all day. I feel bereft of any energy or fight, just want to sleep. My hip is aggravating me in that it is achy and I can’t do all I want to, and I feel generally fed up. Grrrrr!!!

Last week I was promising myself that this week I would feel better, and I don’t. I have again cancelled all the fun stuff I was planning on doing, and the days feel like a battle just to get through. I guess it is worse because DH has it as well, and just being able to get the dogs out seems like a major task.

OMG I guess this is what it’s like when you get old!!

Not wanting to wish my life away, but I just wish it was next week and I could start 2010 at last instead of it feeling like it’s still on hold. 4 years ago


Why is this so difficult. I feel so bad, my hip hurts, I could sleep forever if only I wasn’t coughing all the time, my ears are ringing, grrrrr!! And I have no energy to do my hip and leg exercises.

Now if I can just get over this cold bug thing maybe I can start to get more healthinessfullllllness back.

Next week I will feel better, I’m sure. 4 years ago

Silvie2009 was cr@p fror me healthwise

but 2010 has a good start to getting me back on the up.

In the first week I have 2 hospital appts (one for Lupus one for my hip) and a GP appt (just routine). As a result of the Lupus appt I have a DEXA scan coming up, and the hip appt I have a physio appt on Monday. And just had a dental appt arrive in the post.

It feels like a good checkover to start the year :) 4 years ago

SilvieHurrah!!! It's grey and dull - I can go out!!

Have been feeling particularly fatigued recently and am wondering if the truly remarkable weather for the time of year has been sucking my energy. Today is dull, overcast, and drizzly – so a chance to see if my energy levels pick up with less UV around. Pants isn’t it!

Meanwhile I will try and stay upright and thus avoid injuring myself any further.

And porridge for breks to set me up for the day. 5 years ago

SilvieSun sensitivity

Grrrrr!!!! Just been to the docs and I do now have sun sensitivity. I have some more steroid cream (getting quite a collection now) and will have to wear sun block every day.

And we only just bought a convertible car for this summer, how ironic is that!!!

We are on hols for the next 2 weeks and the plan was to have some nice days out in the car, so it looks like I need to invest in some all over sun block clothes, big floppy hats, lots of factor 60+ (UVA and UVB), sunglasses, and only go out after dark.

What fun!! 5 years ago

SilvieNext Monday 18th

I have a dental check up, plus a visit to the hospital for an eye examination linked to my Lupus. Have rung the hospital to see if I can talk about my meds while I’m there. Last time I went they were reduced (which seemed good at the time) but I am now having more symptoms and am back on the pain killers. I think I need them increasing again (but maybe not as high as before). My lack of get up and go might be part of this too – I hate feeling so washed out.

must feel more energetic if we are having a pup5 years ago

Zanna Campanulayay!

i went swimming! hadn’t made it back to the pool since it closed last summer. no idea why, just never seemed to get round to it. today i was getting on my nerves, so rushed there for a quick 20 lengths before lunch. feel it really cleared out the pollen, apart from anything else. and i still have 10 swims on my card, which is good. and the opening hours seem even longer now (til 22.30 some evenings!). definitely the place to spend the hay fever season. 5 years ago

SilvieDental appointment on 23rd

Just a check-up – but hopefully will not need any work. 5 years ago

Zanna Campanularight

have declared this month dental health month. we bought whizzy new electric toothbrushes at the weekend. the old one, apart from being temperamental, was far slower, so we should certainly have nice shiny teeth. i really have to get into the regular flossing thing too, terrible me.

also, i think it’s about time to think about losing another few kg. would be great if i could get down to the next decade on the scales in time for the 10k in May. that’s a number i haven’t seen since, oooh, 1997 probably, so it would be some achievement. 5 years ago

SilvieWoot Woot!!!!

Got my new lenses, and I can see!!! I could read the very bottomest line on the optician’s chart too. 5 years ago


Maybe it is time to come out in the open on this one now. I have been secretly doing c>5k over the last two weeks. Well I have actually done week 1 twice – sort of – as the first week was a bit hit and miss. Now feel like I’m ready to move on to week 2. The problem is I can’t always fit 3 runs into my week – but I am attempting to do so. As soon as HP understands what it is all about it will be cracked – but he keeps insisting on stopping to sniff at stuff, or running too fast. Maybe I need to get him an iPod and the Podcast. 5 years ago

SilvieOptician appointment

YAY!!! Optician is sorting out my new lenses now and promises a solution to my not being able see properly. Should be ready for next week. Here’s me thinkong I can’t see because my yes have got worse when all the time they have got better and the current prescription is too strong!!! 5 years ago

Zanna Campanulato do

  • find out when tetanus jab is due 2009, have written in diary!
  • get my gammy tooth sorted have arranged appointment for october, dentist is now in snazzy new premises. DONE, i don’t have a gammy tooth. need to go again in april.
  • use the aloe vera! 6 years ago

SilvieDoc has signed me off until 7th July

Ideal..I can spend the week watching Wimbers getting back to full health.

Apparently the pain killers they give you for shingles is the same as I’m already on for the Lupus!!!6 years ago

SilvieI'll be glad when I can start this goal properly...

and start proper revelling. Just getting over the PE trauma of last year I find I have Lupus, just starting to feel that maybe the meds are controlling the Lupus and I get Shingles.

Really hoping that once I get rid of the Shingles I can start the revelling.

Things do come in threes don’t they? This must be the last in the cycle!!! 6 years ago


I’m fed up with not feeling well. I’ve got shingles now. I guess cos I’m run down with the dreaded Lupus it decided it could get me.

Grrrrrr!!!!! 6 years ago

loveinthecureI'm going to keep this in with my other goals such as...

Gain Weight Wednesdays and such! 6 years ago

loveinthecurekeep a food journal

I started to keep a food journal It has only been three days so far but I can tell already that I have to do some serious work with the food intact around here! GURRRRR!

I hope to continue to do this journal for at least the next 90 days so I can get a good sense of what is going on around here with what I put in my body and my sons.

A student of mine was joking around with me the other day. “Maybe you wont get sick all the time if you stop eating Bakers so much!” I don’t think that was the exact words but it was pretty close. I need to put more health items in! 6 years ago

loveinthecurewe walked FAR!

Tonight my DH and I walked far! I think it was at least 4 miles. Then we stopped at Islands and had some salad and then walked the rest of the way home. Boy am I going to be tired in the morning. We left at 7:30PM and got home at 10:30PM. It was really fun, we looked at the homes as we walked by, saw a skunk, a possum, and a lot of home owners watering or working out front or hanging out in front of their homes. It is the start of graduations around here and El Toritto was PACKED.

I think the graduation from the high school I attended was held tonight at the local community college because there were green and orange ballons all over. I love those two colors! 6 years ago

SilvieSystemic lupus erythematosus

I do have it – and now have the right meds to ‘calm it down’ rather than to mask the symptoms, thank goodness. It may take up to 3 months for them to kick in though, so still taking the NSAIDS at the moment.

I am hoping so much that by the Summer I will start to ay last feel more energetic.

I do seem to be in good company though – it appears that Beethoven might have had Lupus. Hopefully that will help me to feel more at one with the Eroica, which we are playing in orchestra at the moment. 6 years ago

loveinthecureunlikely source...

“I used to be so convinced that happiness was the goal,” Downey says, “yet all those years I was chasing after it, I was unhappy in the pursuit. Maybe the goal really should be a life that values honor, duty, good work, friends and family.” 6 years ago

loveinthecureover come the COFFEE STORE

I drove right on by even though my brain was telling me how much I’d like to have a great cup of JOE! 6 years ago

loveinthecureWean myself off caffeine.

what other drinks can I drink that have no caffeine? I need to find things that quench my thirst. Ummm. I also shouldn’t drink anything with carbonation as it wreaks havoc on my teeth. So, there is




Anything else?

Mmmmm. 6 years ago

loveinthecuretotally stealing but...

... I dont think she’ll mind,

Below is a little of things I would like to complete in preparation for pregnancy (I will add more later):

1. Switch my multivitamins with prenatal vitamins with folic acid and omega-3’s.

2. Build a no-fail exercise routine. (I may want to add some pounds as I weigh approx. 100 pounds and my BMI is 18.9)

3. Wean myself off caffeine. (I don’t smoke, drink, or take illegal drugs so I won’t have to worry about that.)

4. See a doctor for a pre-pregnancy check up. DONE, the doctor said I am good to go but emphasized that I need to drink no caffeine and no chocolate and just stay clear of things that might cause issues

5. Research our health insurance. DONE, the insurance I have is the best I can get – $150 for the hospital visit, more if we have complications. We are in good hands, the only thing I don’t like about it is Kaiser but I feel I’ve mastered this organization and it is good that I’ve had one child already and know what the hospital system should and will do!

6. Practice calming rituals. (I get pretty stressed with school and work so this I am looking forward to!)

7. Build a sizable nest egg in savings.

8. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

9. Increase intake of fruits and vegetables.


loveinthecurethis is similiar to what I am going to try to do...

has written a great goal on how to get one’s body ready for pregnancy. I like how she’s written it all out. THANKS!

It is great to prepare for a new little person. I wonder if that will happen for me – I am not in any hurry one way or another – but I sure am happy that the possibility is there. 6 years ago

SilvieBlood tests are back

It’s not conclusive, but it is looking highly likely that I have this

Next step is to see a rheumatologist – my appt is 10 March. 6 years ago

SilvieHad blood tests yesterday

and go to see the doc for the results on Friday.

I’m in two minds. The Phlebotomist let slip what the tests are for. I really don’t want them coming back positive, but then on the other hand it would be relief to know why I feel like I do and maybe I could get some treatment, or at least start thinking of some lifestyle changes.

In the meantime I keep thinking of last summer’s blob and wonder if it is Lyme disease after all, I think even that would be preferable to what they think it might be…paws crossed everyone6 years ago

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