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read as much as I can in my lifetime

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Lisa HartIt's hard to fill in when it's been years... but here we go!~

I read a old series I had read one book out of in eigth grade.. It’s called The Dark is Rising series, and it’s five books long.

Eat, Pray, Love

I tried to read Herland which is a 19th century utopian novel. I read about 3/4 of the way through it, and just stopped caring… oh well…

I’ve started reading/doing this journal writing book called Write for Life. I find if very informative, interesting, and self-learning.

I have a kindle on my phone now so also if I’m waiting and don’t have my journal I’m trying to tackle Pride & Prejudice. It’s slow at the start, but I’m hopeing it will draw me in. 3 years ago

Lisa HartHarry Potter Series Finished!

Well I just finished the harry potter series so it’s back to Charlie Wilson’s War, because I can’t not finish a book! It’s just not me! After I finish that I will start Relentless by Dean Koontz which my mom bought me for my birthday. And after that I’m going to start on my 1001 books to read before you die with my barnes and noble gift card I got also from my birthday. :o) 4 years ago

Lisa HartUpdate

Paused on Charlie Wilson’s War, because someone finally let me borow book 5, 6, & 7 of the Harry Potter Series. I am almost half way through book 5 – Order of the Pheonix. I am trying to read them all before all the movies are out, shouldn’t be a problem since six is just now coming out this fall/winter, and they are breaking the 7th book into two movies… 4 years ago

Lisa HartIt's been so long...

I hope I can remember…

Have Read:
Total Money Makeover Book
I read the whole twilight series
The Host

Currently Reading:
Charlie Wilson’s War 4 years ago

Lisa HartUpdate

Still haven’t gotten anywhere in Mr. Murder… probably because it lives at the office. I’m currently reading 800 years of women’s letters. It’s very interesting. Odd Hours was really good, already finished and returned to the owner. 800 years is taking me longer than normal, and I’m not sure if it is because it isn’t a story line and it is more a series of letters, so i really don’t get sucked into it like I do the other books I’ve read… shrugs I’ll probably read another Dean Koontz next… 5 years ago

Lisa HartBeen a while!

Well I finished ‘odd thomas’, ‘brother odd’, ‘forever odd’, and I just started on ‘Odd Hours’ by Dean Koontz. I’ve read up to ‘The Goblet of Fire’ on the Harry Potter series. I read a book called ‘David’ which was pretty good. I just finished a book called ‘Beautiful Bodies’ it was okay. I’m still working on Mr. Murder by Dean Koontz, but I just can’t get into that one. 5 years ago

Lisa HartUpdate

I finished the Harry Potter book, and am currently working on two dean koontz books.

Mr. Murder
Odd Thomas 6 years ago

Lisa HartReading Update

I just finished “Dreamcatcher” by Stephen King.

I started “Mr. Murder” by Dean Koontz.

I’m about to start “Harry Potter: The Goblet Of Fire” when I get home this evening. 6 years ago

Lisa HartBooks I've Just Finished And Are Currently Reading

I just finished…

Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King
Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz
Harry Potter and the Scorcer’s Stone

I am currently reading…

Dreamcatcher by Stephen King
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 6 years ago

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