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meg_nesiumPeriodically updated

still..working on it!
http://megnesium.com 3 years ago

Jorge Bernalkoke

It’s a simple and clean design, but I love it!
http://jorgebernal.info/ 5 years ago

NielIt's done!

It’s finished! It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough, and I’m done well before the deadline. There’s still a lot of information that should go up, but the design is done and I think its good enough to put it on the air.

For such a little site it’s quite sophisticated: cgiemail and javascript-controlled CSS.

To be honest, I did not complete this by doing a little bit every day. It was done in a few intense sessions, although the research was done in between.

For the curious: http://antarctic-club.org.za/ 6 years ago

sallygirlnot my thing

anymore. maybe it will be again at a later time. right now my personal site, LJ, and yahoo club are enough. i completed and ran a few sites back in the day, and I think I’m just not big on running a web site anymore. though don’t be surprised if you see me making a basic site for the purpose of running episode downloads of my favourite cartoons 7 years ago

NielBeing produced

Progress! And it seems to be turning out nicely. 7 years ago

NielBrushing up

I’ve found a nice free template, and I’m working on it right now! It might even be finished before the end of the year. 7 years ago

nogonMuch hard work

Much hard work and reading is required to achieve this goal, but it’s definately worth it. Basically, all you need to learn is how to write the proper css and xhtml code to create the looks you want, optinally you can learn flash and combine it with actionscript and php and mysql to create amazing sites. Keep rocking! 7 years ago


done 8 years ago

Daniela Castilho2 years now!

And I have a website that I adore:
with a blog that I adore more:
http://www.havesometea.net/MadTeaParty/ 8 years ago

A L E E M 2.43not here

not now 8 years ago

jstetserWhich website?

I got my business website completed and redesigned my blog – so that’s both of the sites I intended to redesign. :) 8 years ago

barzakaraxmini goals

well 2 actually
one for work and the other for me (usefull tool for weight watchers) 8 years ago

JasonThis will never be done.

I have at least 6 different page templates I’d like to create, have a general sketch of each in OneNote right now. Apache is running out of me junk box, and I’m finding it pretty cool. 8 years ago


Wahoo… I’m done. I’ll more than likely add more to it, but still… For now, I’m done! 8 years ago

Daniel O'ConnorGetFridged is coming!

It’ll be really painfully broken and horrible and mangled; but Get Fridged is coming! The domain & hosting were aquired and shall be going into effect shortly :)

My birthday is on the 13th of April, and they are usually so disapointing. So, I decided an “official” early rollout of getfridged on my birthday would be a way to build stress and excitement…

I really need someone to step in and sit down with me to provide polish. “What’s the point of feature X, Y or Z?”, do all of the UA, and some kind of marketing platform – it’s hard as just one person – anyone who wants to get in and lend a hand, your karma will treble.

Oh, and the site? Well, I’m not one to explain things, but hopefully this propaganda will do so for me ;) 9 years ago


I want to set up a website for photography and I have a basic idea as to how I want to lay out the pages but I don’t know how to display the photos (index pages and then pages where i can scroll through larger versions). Is there software available for that or do I have to know how to do it in php or flash? 9 years ago

Sarahwe are scarves

www.wearescarves.co.uk – check it out :) handmade scarves and knitted goods at cheap prices. 9 years ago

KarenFinish the Website

I know websites are never complete but I need to develop ideas for giving the design that extra zing. I can usually develop a layout I am happy with, but I need to spice things up a bit. 9 years ago

Mehmet Doganthe Story of my life

... 9 years ago

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