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build my own computer

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manderson_088 4 weeks ago

Nicholas Robson 3 months ago

Ivy 4 months ago

rabidpotatochipTotally worth it

I’ve been mucking around inside computers for years and really enjoy it.

The biggest tip I can offer is to determine parts you need in the correct order. Start by deciding whether you want to build an Intel or AMD system, then get a motherboard you like, find a processor and memory that work with it, select a video card and sufficiently large power supply, then worry about your hard drive(s) and a case everything will fit in. 5 months ago

Letsliveitup 5 months ago

alexdseal 7 years ago

kpword 11 months ago

morridin483 12 months ago

bleaman 5 years ago

lostatsea97 14 months ago


Love_M 20 months ago

YourTrulyFriend 15 months ago

NorthernBrowncoat 15 months ago

sanityxBuild my own desktop computer / PC

Someday I will! I’ve always wanted to, but didn’t have the resources (and my parents kept scaring me by saying it’ll blow up if I don’t do it right).

I have a decent understanding of computers, and was inspired by a friend who built his own and has a sweet gaming rig. I’m confident in my capability of doing the research required to create what I want, just gotta find the time to do it.

Accomplishing this will mean a great deal for me. I’ve gone through a lot of computers and laptops – grew up with them. I remember my first ones were chosen for me by family/friends (when I was a kid), and eventually I got to choose my own (high school, college currently). Now I want to build my own!

- 11:22AM 1/1/2013 15 months ago

sanityx 15 months ago


SpookyCakes 18 months ago

SpookyCakesOn my way!

I forgot I had this on my list of things!

I have purchased almost all the essential parts I need. I’m slowly learning what is best for my needs (gaming) in each part. Then, to the build!

So far the only essential things I need left are a graphics card, a monitor, and a dvd drive. Plus I’d really like to get a mic and better keyboard/mouse, but those aren’t essential.

Hopefully this goal will be completed by Dec. 28 in which I will participate in my first LAN party without my laptop, which is definitely not the best machine for playing games. 16 months ago

gi_julie 6 years ago

Sara 17 months ago

jabzh 19 months ago


every girl should be able to fix and upgrade her own computer. 20 months ago

user31892 20 months ago

Smileyb 22 months ago

Cory Stanard 3 years ago

Vidar Hveem-Seland 8 years ago

cheesemaster 2 years ago


She’s gorgeous. I built her from the ground up. All the parts came from new egg and arrived within four day’s time without any apparent damage or faults. The build itself went smoothly enough, considering I haven’t opened a computer in about 10yrs. It took some manual reading and a few specific questions pointed at more knowledgeable people, but even with my fumbling, food breaks, and paranoid hesitation(must not break/bend/scratch/shock!) it was done by dinnertime. I still need to do some cable management and other minor adjustments, but It’s up and running(with a pretty, green background, too). 2 years ago

kaid1 2 years ago

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