fit everything else I own into my set of suitcases to fly home without having to ship anything separately

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kateIt's done.

2x carry on

Oh please let me get through check-in without too much stress. And while I’m praying to the internet for things that are out of my control, please allow my suitcases to all end up at my destination without getting lost or crushed. 6 years ago

kateI think it's all going to fit!

And with any luck (and creative packing), only ONE of them will be overweight.

1 big suitcase: 65 lbs
1 additional suitcase: 50 lbs
1 medium suitcase: 50 lbs
1 small suitcase (carry-on): 40.5 lbs
1 laptop case (carry-on): 20 lbs
And the duffel bag: 40 lbs already with just a couple changes of clothes left. 6 years ago

kateOh lordy...

I bought a “fourth” suitcase (to check) for $17 (plus the $80 surcharge) and have totally filled it up without really making a dent; I could easily fill a fifth—extra junk is coming out of the woodwork! I think I should spend my first official day of unemployment repacking and purging like I said I was going to. 6 years ago

kateSo far:

1 big suitcase: 65 lbs
1 medium suitcase: 50 lbs
1 small suitcase: 40.5 lbs
1 laptop case: 20 lbs
most of my duffel bag: probably 40 lbs already.

Not totally sure that the rest is going to fit, it’s probably 50% too much for the duffel. Time to purge some more. 6 years ago

kateFit everything that I don't manage to get rid of between now and then, anyway.

Since I decided to move here, I’ve made five trips up with at least two suitcases on each trip, plus the stuff my family has brought up on my behalf and anything else I’ve purchases while here.

My mission is to bring it all home at once, and since I’m giving away my sewing machine I just might be able to do it.

I’ve done my research:

Two suitcases already mostly packed. I estimate I’ll be over weight on one suitcase – $25 charge. And I’ll bring along one extra suitcase – $80 charge.

I picked up a $10 rolling carry-on which they’ll probably gate check on this flight, and I’ll bring my real carry-on items in my laptop bag.

Figure I just might be able to do it. But I’ve got a week left before I can finish packing and find out. 6 years ago

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