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Caramelbabyneed to make a change

trying to re vamp my life to stop having bitchy tendcies to boyfriend 1 month ago

Caramelbaby 1 month ago

mandache73 1 month ago

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jsmooth1900 9 months ago

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I’m naturally not a nice person. I can be selfish, self-centered and a bit of a Debbie Downer. I come off a bit pretentious and snobby in most social settings where I feel incompetent. This bitterness roots from self-doubt and from several insecurities. Being bitchy has been a self-defense mechanism I’ve used for quite sometime now and it has finally backfired on me. I’ve slowly pushed several people out of my life and now I feel more alone than ever. Will sun come out tomorrow? I don’t know… I don’t care enough. HELP! 22 months ago

orangebuttonups 22 months ago


I hate myself i talk back to my mom and argue about the stupidest things i hit people when they say something i dont agree with and i just cant stop how do i stop being such a total and complete bitch 22 months ago

shadowsofdestiny 22 months ago

Ali Ritzam I learning???

Im rather proud of myself today… Relationships are made for two, but some bitches just don’t know how to count. And im usually that bitch. And as much as I listen to her unhappiness with her girlfriend I give her advice that will better their relationship. But that’s not why I am proud of myself… She spent the night last night, in my bed, and I didn’t try anything. Normally, especially cause it was her, I would have attempted anything, at least cuddled… But there are now boundaries and I am actually respecting her and her relationship choices…. 2 years ago

MaakJay 2 years ago

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