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Raindrops_On_Roses 3 years ago


95. I always find myself disagreeing, not because I want to, but because I immediately see the other side of things and can form an opposite opinion.
96. I cannot watch a man cry, I find it so heartbreaking. It makes me melt and just want to hug them forever.
97. People feel like they can open up to me and trust me very quickly, I think.
98. I believe I am good at keeping secrets.
99. I am a good listener.
100. I have an image of the life that I want engraved in my mind, I am constantly forming it and looking for things in my life that prove I’m almost there.
Bonus- 101. I’m obessesed with indie music and I adoreee the Black Keys!! 2 years ago

Raindrops_On_Roses71 - 94

71. I like licking the icing out of the bowl.
72. I am too calm..sometimes indifferent, not really apathetic though.
73. Dubstep helps me concentrate.
74. I’ve only tried hash once and it was the only “drug” that ever entered my system…
75. ..Surprisingly, it had very little effect on me.
76. Apparently I’ve become more social..
77…Thats mostly because of my curiousity about people.
78. I want a lip piercing so bad!
79. I gained a kilo and am starting to feel stronger physically. Yay
80. I know how to make doughnuts. And burn them :L
81. I have too many purple items in my closet.
82. I’m a nutella freak.
83. I eat grapes with cheese
84. And dip my turkey and cheese sandwiches into cherry jam
85. I dissed an english teacher at school for not wanting to discuss controversial topics, like drugs and gay marriage.
86. Its hard to keep my opinions to myself
87. I’m a feminist.
88. Definite believer of “everything happens for a reason”.
89. I believe there is a God, but I don’t believe in specific religions.
90. I wonder how many other humans there are in the universe..
91. I’m not sure if I believe in anything supernatural, I do sometimes but I also believe in the power of the mind and imagination. Our subconscious is unmeasurable.
92. I like it when people say they like my music, or when they love a song I told them about :)
93. The fact that my grandparents still love eachother and like travelling together gives me constant hope.
94. I’m reading too many books at the same time. 2 years ago

Raindrops_On_Roses64 - 70

64. I am an interactionist in terms of sociology as oppose to a positivist.
65. I love sociology
66. I sometimes get existentialist thoughts, which I go along with
67. Sometimes I question religion, as a whole concept, it all seems absurd at times, and still kind of does.
68. I have an inner hippie who just feels like everyone should chill, love eachother, mind their own business and appreciate everyones beauty and struggles.
69. My inner hippie is starting to become more and more my way of thinking and philospohy.
70. I am still on my journey seeking enlightenment 2 years ago


1. I can touch my toes without bending my knees bitches!
2. I used to drink pickle juice.
3. I like dressing up like a Drag Queen when i’m bored.
4. I almost always appear offline on msn and don’t really like talking to anyone on it, it’s a form of people watching i guess…i don’t know i’m weird.
5. I have no idea how to style my hair besides brushing it and putting it in a ponytail.
6. The inside of my cheeks are gross because i used to bite them.
7. In my mind i think i’m a lot cooler then i actually am.
8. I don’t own a pair of thongs and have no idea why anyone would wear them.
9. I like acting and public speaking even though i’m one of those shy/quiet people.
10. I have two cats right now! 3 years ago

Coanth 3 years ago


96. I like eating raw potatoes.
97. I’m wearing black pants.
98. I want to finish this so i can have room to put a new goal up.
99. I’m hungry but not enough to do anything about it.
100. I feel like i’m going to puke. 2 years ago


91. I disappear often; i have to lose myself completely in order to find myself again it would seem.
92. As much as i go on about depressing things online, i really don’t talk to people about it in person whenever i do see people. I’m usually as silly as humanly possible. I guess this is my outlet for all of that side of me.
93. I think my satirical humor is a gift for someone with a life like mine.
94. I wish people weren’t raised to believe that they should be ashamed of who they really are and to alienate all those who want to be free of that belief or beliefs in general.
95. I want a ghetto ass. 3 years ago


63. I donated blood and then went on a date where I drank 5 beers…

64. I’m 5’9”.

65. I really don’t like coffee, but I try to drink it anyway ‘cause it just looks so nice.

66. I work at an amusement park.

67. When I was little I wanted to change my name to Mercedes.

68. One of my favorite quotes is “Half drunk is a waste of money”. 3 years ago



82. In order to get most things done i have to build up a lot of physical and mental energy, because i have to exert myself to the fullest in order to feel satisfied.
83. Often, I don’t know whether or not i make sense, so it takes me forever to write anything or talk to anyone.
84. When someone has a problem they want to fix i seem to put more effort into finding a solution than they do. I get angry at them for not appreciating my efforts, i get angry at them for throwing their lives away unnecessarily when someone else (me) would be happy to just have those problems to deal with. I forget that it’s their life to throw away. I’ve lost a few friends because of this.
85. I don’t use photoshop but i’m not as pretty in person as i am in my pictures.
86. The way i look prevents me from going outside most days for fear of the glares and remarks i might receive from people.
87. I don’t dress myself the way i like; with piercings, purple hair, dresses, high heels, because it would only give me more negative attention because “i’m not pretty enough to dress that way”.
88. My problem with perfectionism and societies destroys almost every aspect of my life, if you could call what i have a life anymore.
89. I try to explain this to men but they tell me i’m exaggerating, if only they could live a day in my shoes to hear what people say to my face and to see how they treat me just for existing. Their insensitivity in general makes me hate them enough but it’s worse when it’s over something they created.
90. I can’t fix myself, i can’t explain what’s wrong with me well enough for anyone to try and help me, and even if i could, no one in my life cares and i can’t meet anyone new because of my problem. 3 years ago


71. I tried my first cigarette when i was 11.
72. I haven’t had a cigarette for an entire week.
73. I wish the earth and everyone on it could die already.
74. I sleep on two mattresses piled on top of each other and haven’t owned a real bed since i last lived with my parents.
75. I don’t want to lump all men into a category but i have never met one that could care for another person deeply and unconditionally.
76. I wish i could be a lesbian because of the above.
77. I dream more than i live.
78. I briefly tried “cutting” but it never did anything for me either way.
79. I’ve gone months without leaving my home, speaking to anyone, or seeing the light of day.
80. My life feels like i’m watching a boring movie and i don’t have a remote.
81. I would tell you anything and everything you wanted if only i could remember or hold my train of thought for long enough. 3 years ago


60. I love writing lists.
61. I’ve become very optimistic.
62. I recently got my IGCSE grades, and the were very good! :)
63. I like walking. 3 years ago

Raindrops_On_Roses58, 59

58. I have the most random iTunes library. Ever.
59. Taking a shower calms me down, gives me perspective and cheers me up. 3 years ago


51. I miss my long hair and don’t understand why i keep cutting it.
52. At this point i just want to live in a cave in the woods somewhere.
53. I do “throw like a girl”.
54. I have a love/hate relationship with almost everything.
55. I think i’m great but feel the need to change to suit others often.
56. I like jumping for no reason.
57. I always like the “bad guy” in every movie.
58. I don’t know how to talk to girls.
59. I don’t understand why everyone can’t just be honest and open about everything.
60. My frankness seems to either scare, infuriate, or make people develop some type of love/hate obsession with me.
61. I like contradicting everything and confusing everyone, even myself.
62. Most everything is a gray area for me.
63. I don’t understand why gray and grey are both needed.
64. Most people seem to think i’m on some type of narcotics.
65. The only “drug” i’ve tried was weed and i didn’t like it.
66. I should be sleeping right now.
67. I feel that my mind is at it’s peak when it is most distraught.
68. I like everything and nothing and am everything and nothing and am happy with that until someone feels the need to question it.
69. I go too out of my way for people so i don’t like having many in my life.
70. I enjoy crying. 3 years ago

NittleGrasperMore More facts:

22) I really do love Biology, I’m just not too keen on the physics class requirement for my major. :(

23) I enjoy working in labs much more than just reading the textbook & vomiting out information on an exam. 3 years ago

NittleGrasperMore facts:

19) I can’t wait to move out. Parentals, I do love you, but I feel like a kid. Doesn’t help that I look young for my age.

20) I have a toe ring. I think I’m going to get another one.

21) I think I’m starting to like bright colors (like orange & coral). 3 years ago


55. When I’m depressed, my depression is different..I kindof just don’t talk to anyone that may make me unhappy or annoyed and I prefer to sit alone with my thoughts, but really, I’m happy with myself, and if somone postitive or happy speaks to me then I get into the same mood that they’re in. So, I guess it’s depression because I’m at a tipping point and I just avoid the explosion by avoiding anyone who might trigger it. It’s weird..

56. I like figuring things out about myself
57. I’m into psycology and stuff, I think its awesome 3 years ago


41. I currently can’t hula hoop for more than 3 seconds.
42. I was excited to hear today that someone was looking to make a film based on Hans Christian Andersen’s original story of the Little Mermaid. I really loved the way he told it, though i love the Disney version, i’ve always wanted to see a film that told the story in it’s original wonderfully tragic and sometimes gruesome form. Hopefully they don’t fuck it up.
43. I have freckles.
44. I used to slide down the stairs of my home when i was a kid on purpose for fun.
45. I used to be the fastest runner in my class.
46. I’ve been in the hospital over night or longer three times in my life.
47. I never believed in Santa Claus.
48. They tried to force me to confess my sins to a priest at school when i was in the fourth grade but i refused.
49. I technically failed the fourth grade but my mother got me out of it.
50. I’ve let down a few people that believed in me and always wish i could make it up to them somehow. 3 years ago


31. I wrote a book about my life experiences once, it was over 100 pages long but decided to throw it away.
32. I used to write songs and poetry, i won an award for one once and got praises from teachers in school and even recorded one of me singing but threw them all away.
33. My eyes look yellow sometimes.
34. I wear a size 10 women’s shoe.
35. I don’t want friends only best friends.
36. I like watching movies that can make me cry.
37. I wish i could be an Atheist.
38. I think people like the thought of me more than the real me.
39. I wish i was a gay man.
40. I’ve been getting deja vu a lot lately and it scares me. 3 years ago


21. I used to be very girly and wanted to be a ballerina.
22. I used to have two pet rats named Belle and Rikku.
23. I used to have a pet rabbit named cuddles.
24. I used to be anorexic and wish i still could be sometimes.
25. I had an episiotomy 0.0.
26. I have a birthmark on my lower lip.
27. I was one of the three wisemen in a play.
28. I wish i could play video games all day and night again.
29. I wish i was drunk right now.
30. I don’t think it’s possible for me to be happy in this life. 3 years ago


49. I day dream, a lot
50. I love lucid dreaming, I always do it
51. Colours make me happy :)
52. I LOVE reading magazines, and when they get old, I cut out my favourite things and stick them in a little book that I have
53. I had a little obsession with Blair Waldorf at some point 2 years ago, I must say it was a fun phase
54. After drinking something fizzy, I have a baby bump that makes me look pregnant hahahaha 3 years ago

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