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live a clutter free existance


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Cleaning up is really about setting yourself free isnt it?
Its about giving yourself permission ‘not having to do’ something with * anymore.. not having to worry about that thing you have lying around but aren’t using.. not having to beat yourself up anymore about when you are finally going to use * this or that .. or finish that thing.

Some things I’ve thrown away today
*grammar book french.. (I’ve given myself permission not to have to learn better french..and if or when I do then I’ll just get a new book)
  • old cd’s from when I still taught streetdance (I really don’t need to back them up first, if and when I’ll teach streetdance again..this music will be outdated any way)
    *old jewelry from when I still attended highschool (if ever I went to a dress up/halloween party.. then I’ll just borrow stuff ;)

Okay, I’ll just go on now, more decluttering to do. 4 years ago

hiddencat12keeping going

im hoping that by adding this to my list it might keep motivating me.I’ve been doing this since i moved house 4 years ago but Im hoping to follow the example of rucksack guy and become a true minimalist. so that by the time I go to uni in october all my stuff will fit in my suitcase and 10L rucksack.
Iv’e now got to the point where Ive got rid of all the really obvious junk. and am trying to get rid of all the bits of material i keep for crafts and haven’t used since I moved house. 4 years ago

Leilani61Declutter to eliminate stress and improve health

I become so upset and silently scold myself when I have to spend so much time looking for things both in my personal and work life. So much that has gotten out control. It soo overwhelming that I keep putting it off but NO MORE.

I will start tonight with cleaning out my kitchen and organizing my pantry. This way I also take stock of the unhealthy foods that dont need to be there in the first place. 5 years ago

Bopgenovadecluttering my workspace

When my space is cluttered, I feel crappy and depressed :/

So the areas I am going to target today are:

My workspace – journal articles filed away, etc.
My draws – unnecessary items will be gone!
My pin up boards – only relevant items pinned up.

I will attempt to declutter these areas without any distractions (e.g. facebook!). My goal is to do it in under 1.5 hours.

I’ll let you know how I go! 5 years ago

knottyladyDecluttering help

I just came across this page with great tips on how to declutter. Such creative methods! I shall use them ASAP6 years ago

knottyladyTodo List

It felt GREAT to clean out my bathroom cabinets. Old shampoos and yucky perfumes – begone!

  1. Donate clothes to charity – Done!
  2. Donate purses to charity
  3. Donate shoes to charity
  4. Donate my old computer games to the local library
  5. Get rid of useless stuff in boxes in garage

Sidenote: I moved in with my fiance 2 years ago with only one car full of stuff. It’s amazing how much crap I’ve accumulated since then.6 years ago

ashleelovesartclutter leads to chaos

I just realized this… And clutter comes in so many forms. Auditory clutter, visual clutter, ACTUAL clutter… clutter on my desk…

Whatever kind of clutter it is, it drives me insane!!! Maybe this is why I feel so crazy? I’ve just learned to deal with it. Not ideal though… Ideally, I’d have that haven called home, where I feel safe and relaxed, a place where I actually can grow.

I’ve made so much progress today, and I feel so happy! (Bumping up the dose on my Prozac helped a bit too…) 6 years ago

knottyladyChristmas vs Clean Living Room

This goal is freaking impossible with Christmas around the corner!

My living room is cluttered – and by that I mean piled HIGH – with unwrapped presents, wrapped presents, tissue paper, wrapping paper, ribbons, holiday catalogs, holiday cards received, holiday cards to send, etc.

Maybe I should put this on hold until after the New Year. 7 years ago


I never realized how much clutter was stressing me out and making home a less happy place to live. Getting rid of all my unnecessary belongings was a great step towards finding peace and focus at home. It actually is easier to concentrate on my tasks now that I don’t have all that STUFF.

For me, getting rid of extra belongings was only half the issue, and the other half was finding storage space for all the things I do need. Since my living space isn’t huge, it was important to organize everything and find convenient little places to stash things.

For anyone procrastinating on this, just take a day and go through a room of your home and clean some things out. It’s easier (and more fun!) than you’d think, and you’ll feel great when it’s all done. Set aside a little time each week for decluttering and soon you’ll be living a simpler and less cluttered life. 7 years ago


Really embarrassed myself looking for something the other day. Went to show my boyfriend an old photo, the location of which I knew exactly, but he saw how haphazard my storage system (a.k.a. FIVE suitcases and two bins in the back of my closet) really is.
I live in an increasingly smothering studio apartment and it’s time to face the fact that I have much more stuff than one person needs. I’m going to prepare at least two bags for Goodwill today, and hopefully it will be the start of a cleansing trend. 7 years ago

xcSarah87First Steps

1. Cleaned out giant mail pile, threw away the ridiculous amount of credit card offers and other junk mail, and sorted leftover mail into 3 folders (college-related, bills, and personal mail/misc.).

2. Emptied my room of the electronics I don’t use (stereo, extra lamp, playstation, TV) and connected all leftover electronics into one power strip, behind my desk where the cords don’t get in the way.

3. Cleaned off my desk so the only things left are my desk calendar, laptop, books, clock, and lamp.

4. Bought laundry bins to avoid the typical college-kid piles, and put the bins behind my desk so they don’t take up a lot of space.

Next steps: getting rid of clothes I don’t wear, streamlining books, throwing away all the bath/shower stuff I don’t use anymore, organizing my scrapbooking supplies. I’m getting there! 8 years ago

bcb_74Making Headway

Last night while I listened to a book on tape (Stop Clutter from Stealing Your Life) I threw out some more junk. It’s a good feeling, but boy I’m tired.

I found that I had 12 baseball caps stacked in my closet. Why??? Not a one of them is worn out, and not a one of them really has true sentimental value. So, I’m now down to four. Well, I’m doing better. Probably should go dump three more! :)

Also went through my photo albums and threw out a bunch of doubles and prints that I have on CD. Old family photos I plan on scanning and cataloging and then asking mother if she wants them. Otherwise, they’re soon out of the house.

Also took the trash out… insignificant for some, but if you saw the pile I had… wow! I’m really enjoying this de-cluttering. I hope it’s not an end in itself, but a means. 8 years ago

Loriliving room

Honestly it’s not me!! 9 years ago

LoriDining room

It’s been like this for 2 years. I keep begging to have it cleaned off. 9 years ago

LoriThe den

This is the den. See what I mean? 9 years ago

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