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AFrayedKnot 2 years ago


Starting to feel the need to find closure with my students past and present. It has become more and more difficult each day to embrace the fact that I am saying good-bye to teaching. I went through all my old field trip and class activity photos through the years and took the time to post the really good ones of particular students to their FB walls. They loved that and most of them immediately became new profile pics. It led to some great online revisiting of memories and many requests to have class gatherings this summer. 1 year ago


Darla is a student who lost her mother to a sudden unexpected heart attack about 3 years ago. She and I are very close and she has more and more looked to me as a surrogate mother. She came over Friday night to help me with prom decorations. She ate pizza and animal cookies and chips and watched Jane Austen movies while we worked. She began to hint about spending the night, so after talking with her father, I put her up in the guest room. The next morning we went out to lunch, shopped for prom dresses and bought hand-made truffles at a darling little boutique. She went home very reluctantly that afternoon. I think she’d move in if she could… :) :) :) It was a delightful time together. A very sweet young lady. 1 year ago

AFrayedKnotTaking in a student

We are taking in a 19 yo senior student from the school where I teach. For a few weeks with an invitation to extend that as long as she needs. Her step-father became violent with her and she has been disowned. She’s too old for child services and doesn’t want to press charges. So sad that she has this drama a few weeks before graduation. What an unfortunate way to begin your adult life…

I am making the guest room as welcoming and healing for her as I can. 2 years ago


Had a pizza delivered to the cafeteria for a student who needed a lift and a smile. 2 years ago


Took a friend out to lunch. Don’t have time or inclination to do detail here but we had an awesome time at a needed point in her life. 2 years ago


Took one of my senior girls to lunch today. Her aunt committed suicide on Friday. Third suicide in her family in a couple of years. I felt she needed some one-on-one attention. 2 years ago


Just fixed the following for my sons and their girls…

Brown-Sugar Glazed Ham
Cajun Grilled Chicken Tenderloins
Creamed Red Potatoes
Rice Pilaf
Grilled Asparagus
Garden Salad
Stuffed Pear
Homemade Outback Bread w/homemade raspberry jam or homemade Fireweed Honey
Rainbow Cake
Strawberry Shortcake
Southern Sweet Tea
Peach Tea

We are stuffed. My kitchen is trashed. The kids are now sleeping on the couches or exploring hte giant Easter baskets I gave them. I will be hitting hte kitchen to see what I can do about the disaster in htere… 2 years ago

AFrayedKnotTwo students just dropped by

It was actually not a great time for me. Having a bad allergy day and think I’m catching Craig’s flu to boot. But I pulled out the Diet Coke and cookies, put up my feet and listened to them tell me about their prom plans, their hopes for summer road trips and their latest celebrity crushes… 2 years ago

AFrayedKnotThe Husband Is Sick

I went to the store and bought him Nyquil so he can sleep, sore throat lozenges, peppermint tea, ice cream and picked up two favorite magazines, Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. He has had no appetite, but just mentioned wanting pizza, so I ordered him his favorite for delivery, Canadian Bacon with Pineapple. I dosed him up, gave him some tea and covered him with a blanket. He is snoozing on the couch now. I hope he feels better when he wakes up. 2 years ago

AFrayedKnotFirst day of Spring

Today is the first day of Spring so when my students came into class today, there was a box of Peeps sitting on each desk.

2 years ago


Made homemade candy and cookies for two students. A birthday gift! 2 years ago

AFrayedKnotCaleb and Britts

Took my eldest son and his wife out snow-shoeing and then to Red Robin’s for dinner.

Cool thing happened at dinner. Our waiter was a young man whose parents were both recently killed when a driver jumped a sidewalk and hit them as they walked hand in hand. He is the eldest with 3 younger sisters. He moved home and is working several jobs to provide for them all. Him showing up as our waiter gave me an opportunity to bless him when it came time to tip. 2 years ago


Took Kristinne out to her favorite restaurant for her birthday, gave her a variety of gift cards to her favorite stores and then took her around to some places she wanted to visit. 2 years ago


Took the Economics class (Seniors) on a field trip. I gave them a giant list of economic terms and then turned them loose in Wal-Mart. Their task? To find an example of each term. They had a blast. AFter a lunch at Red robin’s I treated them all to blizzards at Dairy Queen. It was a fun afternoon and anything that gets them out of Business Math makes them happy. :)

Here’s an example of complementary products 2 years ago


Timothy is a former student and my youngest son’s best friend. My son was the best man in his recent wedding. Tim enlisted in the Marines. He has a new wife who remained here in Alaska and is carrying his child. He will not be there at delivery. :( :( Tim is only 19 years old. He is an amazing young man with a huge heart. Selfless. Dedicated. Passionate. He is an asset to the future of this country. I have made him a little care package and will be sending it off as soon as Tim responds to my PM requesting his base address. 2 years ago


Made a co-worker (a first year teacher) who is also a friend and a member of my morning meditation/growth group a fancy apron. She loves to cook and loves to wear aprons. 2 years ago

AFrayedKnotStarting with the ever sunny Rhianna

Rhianna is a former student. A redhead and a perpetually happy person. I love this little gal dearly. We always had a special bond and even after she left the school to attend an alternative school more suited for her, we remained in contact through Facebook and lunches out together.

She had a craving for a special candy I make for my students so I made her up a double batch and delivered it to the espresso stand where she works after church this morning.

Her smile makes my day. I love that little girl! And the chocolate made her day. 2 years ago

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