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not eat after 20:00

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janeI'm discovering I'm kind of like a gremlin...

Not eating after 10 is really helping a lot. my weight finally started to drop. I guess I kept making up for my calorie deficit during the day with those few extra night time snacks… even though they weren’t “bad” foods and are allowed on my diet, I was obviously eating enough of them to keep from losing.

Also, it’s helping me get used to the feeling of being a little hungry or having some craving for something, and not automatically thinking that a snack will be the answer. This is really a big component of the new health regimen. SO, I think I’m going to call this goal “accomplished” and just integrate it as part of my overall health challenge goal.

Good luck to anyone else considering doing this. It’s DEFINITELY worth it. 5 years ago

janetaking this goal seriously

and I think I’m noticing a real difference in my snacking habits – apparently they were MOSTLY after 22:00. 5 years ago


Just had some delicious chicken. No more food till tomorrow. 5 years ago

janeNight-time eating

... has bee my Achilles heel in the battle to get my body in shape. I must simply bannish the option of going into the kitchen for snacks after 10PM. I MUST accomplish this. It will go with my general goal of keeping to a schedule. 5 years ago


cause that’s when the unhealthy and unnecessary food comes in. 6 years ago

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