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Todd Gehmandecrepit old bastard to dashing mogul jumper in one year

It starts with Health Month and ends with skiing again next winter. Which is to say, I’ve skied only once in the last six or seven years, it was Christmas 2007. By the first run I’d badly sprained my lower back and by a week later it had morphed into sciatica which kept me from walking normally for over a month. Which is to say, I is a decrepit old bastard. Took me another year of sloth before I decided to start, but now I’m starting. The path leads through learning yoga, losing weight, hiking and biking a lot this summer, and eating better. What I like about this plan is that I’m not trying to give anything up (except during health month), but rather to resume activities the less lazy me loves. What I also like about this plan is there are all sorts of iPhone health and diet apps to help make progress tracking easy and fun. Thank you, nerds of Apple. Nerds are awesome, even if they can’t ski to save their lives. 5 years ago

Buster BensonAnother stab at being healthy

I’ve managed to get myself in a bit of a health pickle recently. My original goal of gaining 10 lbs of muscle sort of failed due to my slow weights routine not really ever making much of a difference. I did get stronger, but I didn’t gain weight. And, considering my fluctuating diet (ie. Health Month), a few stressful months that led to not eating/sleeping enough, and a break when I got married and honeymooned, I’m now weighing more than I did at the beginning but suspect it’s fat rather than muscle.

In the meantime, I’ve found myself spoiled by slow weights and unable to go to the gym (it seems so futile to mess with those weights without a personal trainer), uninterested in running, and weighed down by honeymoon and holiday eating.

So, I’m gonna try to start a yoga habit. I’ve been reading meditation books and getting into the mindfulness stuff again, and trying to be more aware of the constant buzz in my head and body and how it influences my behavior, thoughts, posture, and mood.

It helps that there’s a yoga studio (and a good one) literally right under where I work. The only problem is that I rarely feel motivated to go in the morning, and have plans after work. But now that life is calming down, I think I’m going to try to start going to the 6pm classes. And maybe one on the weekend. They also have meditation classes, which I’m very interested in as well.

Just to be clear, I’m not much into the Eastern religion aspect of it all, and I’m not going to become a vegetarian or stop killing bugs that annoy me. But I have begun to think of health as something that is as connected to mental state as it is to physical state. And given my extra-stress levels recently, a little calming meditation and mindfulness is about the only thing that seems to work for me. Acupuncture helps too. And so does cutting back on the drinking. It all works together.

I guess that’s what health is, in the end: everything working together. Or something deep like that. 5 years ago

Buster Benson2008 is health year

It’s a trend amongst many people in my social circle it seems. I’d like to try to find a way to be healthy that enhances rather than harms my social life, one that is sustainable with going out, having fun, being crazy, enjoying life, etc. Of course we all know that this is possible, but I think it’s necessary for each of us to find our own way of making it happen.

Some notes about how I want to do this. I will find ways to hang out in bars and stay out late without necessarily doing those 1-3 tequila shots at the end of the night. Surely this is within my will’s scope and ability? Yes. Also, I will never say that I am getting old. I hate when people say that. And, I will endorse every friend’s drunken behavior because I am amongst the minority that think that good friends are also good when drunk.

I’m kicking this off by doing Health Month (started yesterday and goes to Feb 6th), and will create a new experiment each month that will involve learning something new about health, and experimenting with health on myself. Taking blood pressure, heart rate, weight, body fat, etc, monthly will be part of the overarching experiment. I will focus sequentially on diet, exercise, and stress management. I hope to be healthier, stronger, and happier by this time next year. 6 years ago

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