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drink more water

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MarieHemelStarting with a plan!

Right about now I drink one maybe two glasses of water a day. Sometimes less than that. I drink coffee, and pop. Not good. I know myself and I have been saying drink more water for a while now, so I’m going to change my approach and start with a plan, and I’m going to start making gradual changes.

First step: 3 glasses of water a day.

1 with breakfast
1 with lunch
1 with dinner

Those meals include coffee and pop right now, and I’m not even going to tell myself that I’m going to stop drinking those. My only goal is to start adding the water and let the coffee and pop issue resolve itself. I mean you can only drink so much a day, so if you start adding water something else will go, or at least that’s my hope!

Good luck to everyone else doing the same! Cheers to our health! 1 week ago

MarieHemel 1 week ago

PeachyPibbles 1 week ago

flouridefree 1 week ago

Dreee 2 weeks ago

rjecks 3 weeks ago


We keep a small cup next to the sink to fill with water to rinse our mouths out after brushing our teeth, but I fill it up every time I must go in there outside of that.

Right now, I’m drinking a big mug with ice and a small amount of lemon juice added. The lemon amps it up!

Combined with the bathroom visits, going to aim for 3 of these big mugs a day. I figure 3 mugs should be enough. It’s a big lovely mug.

Black with sparkles and spider web designs. A Halloween themed mug. And lemon juice is a diuretic, so I’mma be going more to that bathroom sink cup more often anyway. HA!!! 3 weeks ago

Helen Mary Labao 3 weeks ago

raj kogila 3 weeks ago

Vera 3 weeks ago

MeganDrink Up Buttercup!

So I downloaded this app to help with making sure I am drinking plenty of water. Its called Waterlogged. If I upgrade to the premium version, I can get reminders on my phone, but right now I’m just using it to track how much I’ve had in a day. Its pretty simple to use for anyone who may want to try it. 4 weeks ago


Trying to get more in lately! I was doing great a few months back, but I started slacking. With working out again, and keeping health on my mind, this should be easier. I just keep refilling my water bottle all day whenever it’s empty. I need a filter on my water faucet. That would be awesome! 4 weeks ago

Angela Barber 4 weeks ago

PelicanBirdHold myself accountable

Each Day by logging in to post that i drank water :) 4 weeks ago

PelicanBird 4 weeks ago

user1394627167 4 weeks ago

Lucy Neto 2 years ago

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