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get a copy of my GRE scores

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iam out off state my interview is on 30th of this month iwant the copy of my GRE scores 3 years ago

stylesbeGRE Scores

How can I get a copy of my scores sent to a university I am applying for? 4 years ago

stephee17GRE score

Is their any way I can look at my GRE score online? I am out of town and I didn’t bring my scores with me. I need them because its getting close to deadline for my applications! 5 years ago


I have to take them again. They are more than 5 years old. Ugh. I have to take them so that they get to the Univeristy by March 1st. I signed up for them today. I’ll be taking them 2/15.
Right after I found out they were 5 years old and that they didn’t qualify , tried to say I’d apply next fall for my EdD. and get a transition job. I wasn’t up for taking them in such short notice.

Well today everything changed. I decided, hell I’m just going to take them. I have great references from my prof, I have a great grade point average, I made the Jesuit honor society, I’ve got to try. I’m applying to another Jesuit school and so maybe they’ll like my application as a whole and not worry toomuch about how my GRE’s . I beleive they will get there on time. Let’s hope.

I also realized that my GRE score from last time weren’t that great and I might actually score higher. who knows.

I bought the book, 30 days to better GRE’s scores. I’m going to read it in 2 weeks. Let’s hope it helps. 6 years ago


I am so upset tonight. I found out my GRE scores are too old for me to use and I’ll have to retake the GRE’s Ugh. I’m not sure what to do. I’ll actually probably do better this time than last time, but I’m running out of time to get them done by March 1st.

This are happening and I have to beleive that they are for a reason. 6 years ago

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