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pancreas24601 4 years ago


So I ran out of contact solution yesterday which was very sad! My still-good sample contacts were still in my eyes, and are now floating in dregs – I don’t have much confidence in them surviving!
However it was about time to order some more, and I’ve got “three months’ worth” (i.e. three pairs, but that should last me more like six months unless I lose some) ordered on their way. I plan to continue using them for running, parties and various other occasions but not daily or at work.
I think I can cross this off now. Very glad I tried this and am getting the hang of it, and will incorporate it somewhat into my life. 14 months ago

pancreas24601I was wrong

Wearing a contact the wrong way doesn’t always mean my vision isn’t improved in it – there is no perfect test! But when I put it in the wrong way, felt uncomfortable, took it out and put it back in, it was fine. Went well yesterday. 15 months ago


I wore them again while running, it was great for the first hour during the run though one eye got a bit less comfortable later while I was watching TV. I was getting tired by that point though. 15 months ago


Showed me I’d been wearing one the wrong way recently, which partly explains the recent strangeness. Apparently my vision in that eye wasn’t good when it was in the wrong way, so I can use that as a test in future. I got to try wearing a daily but I found it much less comfortable. I think I will stick to these, and in a week or so I will place an order for the next six months. 15 months ago

pancreas24601In some ways

It seems to be getting harder. I’m not much better at putting them in, though I manage after many attempts. The last few wears I’ve still felt the strange extra moistness. At first I thought maybe I’m not cleaning them well enough so I should stick to dailies, but I tried a new contact today and it had the same feeling. Strange… 15 months ago

pancreas24601Not so good yesterday

I wore them for eight hours but in one eye I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that it was too moist, as if there was all this solution or something between my eye and the contact. It definitely wasn’t in the wrong way around, and didn’t seem dirty – I took it off once to check. After I took them off that evening my eyes hurt for a little while. 15 months ago


I wore them again today to run – this was one of their best uses yet! It’s good to see well without being weighed down by glasses while moving. Took a while to get them on and off and to get used to having them in, but no major dramas. 15 months ago

pancreas24601Still going well

I didn’t wear them yesterday because I’d been handling strong foods and it didn’t feel right, but today I wore them for twelve hours! Initially I think I had one in the wrong way round, I changed it after a couple of hours and it was much better afterwards. 15 months ago

pancreas24601It's going well!

I had my appointment today and after getting a new prescription, the optometrist put some contacts on me. It took me a while to relax my eyes enough to let him do so, but it soon felt surprisingly great. I had a lot of initial trouble taking them off, but was then able to put them on by myself and after a comfortable five hour wear, I could take them off too.
The strangest thing is getting used to having them on even when I don’t need them I.e. for short distances. I usually take my glasses off for reading, computer, eating etc. The optometrist assured me it would be fine for my sight in the long run, but that the way I use my glasses means that my focus reflexes are out of practice. Wearing contacts is making me feel a bit longsighted sometimes but that should settle.
Thank you for the encouragement in the last post, it was so much better and easier than I had anticipated! 15 months ago


I’ve made an appointment towards the end of the year at my optometrist’s to see whether this could work for me. I have a feeling I may hate it and just get another pair of glasses instead – we’ll see. 16 months ago

Mewx 19 months ago

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