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paintingmyworldMeditation vacation

Listened to day 3 it said when your mind wanders repeat to yourself touch heals what stress steals. It got me thinking of my friend giving me a hug today and a good one from my husband too. 3 days ago

redlemon29 13 months ago

MJay2013Procrastination in 2013 so far

Well, according to my meditation helper application. I have not meditated in a week. Will make time this weekend =) 15 months ago

MJay2013 15 months ago

PrimeTimeParad3 2 years ago


Rain42 7 years ago

ugogrl 4 years ago

Kayla Robertson 2 years ago

catcat1 2 years ago

ugogrlMissed my meditation group

two Sundays in a row but I will make sure to sit for @ least 30 mins tonight. 2 years ago

ugogrlContinuing with my weekly meditation group

I had an interesting sit this past Sunday. I’ve been struggling to deal with some pain I have on my right side from an old injury and I was able to make some peace with the pain during my meditation. 2 years ago

ugogrlWent to meditation at my regular sangha today

It was a small group because many people went upstate to hear Thich Nhat Hahn speak during a day of mindfulness. I will have to settle for the online video. 2 years ago

ugogrlThis upcoming Sunday I'm planning to visit

another sangha in Brooklyn, NY.
I’m looking forward to seeing how this group differs from my own. 2 years ago

ugogrlBeen attending my sangha for the last month

My meditation practice is deepening 2 years ago

ugogrlDoing this in spurts

I’m just having an all around difficult time 2 years ago

ugogrlAlready fell off the meditation wagon....


I’ve had good intentions in keeping up a daily practice but I’m not that diligent. Trying at least. 2 years ago

ugogrlI brought a meditation cushion

and used it last night for a 40 minute sitting. With a candle and incense lit, I was able to find a center of gravity and let the mind do what it needed to do.

“The best way out is always through.”
- Robert Frost 2 years ago

ugogrlThis morning

I attended a meditation. I recently joined a group and this is the second meeting I’ve gone to. Well, third if I count last weeks ceremony at the park.

Beginning a weekly meditation practice is my goal. In the past I had every intention of making this happen but somehow I didn’t set a time for just sitting.

Today I will commit myself to sitting for at least 15 minutes a day. 2 years ago

ugogrlNo disclaimer necessary...

“The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trial.”
- Confucius

“Our deep desire is to be truly loved for who we are, and we are all searching for a context to make ourselves known.”
- C. S. Lewis 2 years ago

ugogrlWent to a meditation/Buddhist class yesterday

While the class focused on love mainly I was able to get in a 10 minute meditation.

It felt good but I realized that sitting in Lotus Pose just isn’t that easy for me after injury to my ankle several years ago. I will work on stretching and see if that helps. 2 years ago

ugogrlWent to my first meditation group today

I got there on time but the session didn’t start for another half hour. This gave me time to stroll the beautiful building (see pic that I got off of there website). The interior is as impressive of the outside grounds.

We sat for approximately 20 minutes. Followed by a walking meditation and the another seated meditation.

It was interesting and I plan on making the next meeting this coming Sunday. 2 years ago

ugogrl15 minutes

last night on the mat and I was ready to jump out of my skin

I’m having a hard time with sleep lately and haven’t had much energy to run this week. I was hoping that a meditation would aid in a restful night but it didn’t seem to make the difference. Still I need to continue. 2 years ago

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