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naanu ``busy``yes now no more reasons

i m working on my goals… 5 years ago

cogentdiversionMoving forward

I invited a friend to go with me to 3 different events. They all happen to occur this week. She said she wanted to go. And then about two weeks ago, she emailed to say that she was invited to go to Vegas with a co-worker. That’s fine and dandy, but the trip essentially meant she’d miss ALL THREE things she said she’d be up for doing with me. I felt a little stiffed, especially considering that she’d just gone to Vegas and will probably go again soon.

But I was determined not to let her ruin MY plans. I talk myself out of enough things and regret it later. And often if there isn’t someone around to go to the movies with or whatever, I will just stay home. But I was determined to go forward.

I bought one ticket to the Coldplay concert, so I will be seeing them tonight. By myself. But that’s okay. I can’t go to the second event (long story), but that’s okay. I can try again next month. The third event is a Feist concert at the Hollywood Bowl. I bought two tickets and just hoped I’d find someone else who wanted to go – and what do you know? On Saturday I did!!

So I’m excited for this week, and excited about that fact that I didn’t allow someone else to ruin my plans and that I went ahead with what I wanted to do. I just have to try hard tonight to not dwell on the fact that I’m by myself! 5 years ago

damaniiistop wanting to do things and actually start doing them

fazer em vez de querer… em vez de pensar como podia ter sido, fazer com que seja, não adiar e não esperar. Acreditar que se quero fazer uma coisa é pq é importante para mim. 6 years ago

cogentdiversionThings I am putting out into "the universe"

  • I will apply for a passport before December 15, 2007
  • I will go to Taize with Valerie OR to see Valerie in the Spring of 2008
  • I will go to Paris in the Spring with Kimberly (hey – I’ll already be in Taize!)
  • I will go on a summer cruise with David.
  • If Kim’s fashion stuff goes through, I will go to the Bahamas with her.
  • I will go to NYC for the Meetup/OPEN Organizers Meeting in January ‘08
  • I will return calls faster
  • I WILL remain open to opportunities and possibilities
  • I will take advantage (in a good way) of worthwhile opportunities that pass my way
  • I WILL take more chances in my business AND personal life 6 years ago

cogentdiversionThings I currently want to do that I should just go ahead and do

(this does not include things I “need” to do, because I don’t want to do a lot of those…)

1. call the cowboy
2. call greg
3. lead a workshop
4. take a spontaneous mini-vacation
5. spend a whole day in bed.
6. read a book

that’s all thats coming to me right now. its 230 in the morning 6 years ago

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