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Be granted the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and to have the wisdom to know the difference...

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Donderjaeger 1 day ago

soonforget 3 months ago

gitana17 4 years ago

Venusian 11 months ago

girlwitglasses 6 months ago

Riese105Growth ... but life is always under construction

As I was looking over this goal, I remember @ the time I had just clicked “I want to do this” because I had the serenity prayer put up on a poster in my room and it seemed like a good goal to have on my list.

Anyhow, as I have grown/continue to grow, I realize that I have grown (serious word overuse lol) in accepting things I cannot change. Granted it’s not always an easy 1-2-3-Accept! but some days you realize more quickly, that worrying and wasting thoughts and energy on something you really have no control over is an absolute waste of your time and your missing out on some serious peace and weight off your back, shoulder, head, body! (wherever you carry it)...

These days I hand it over it God and let Him take care of it. You can’t buy peace! 11 months ago

Chandler Johnson 13 months ago

Cherise 23 months ago

peaceinheartpeace in heart

live for peace in heart 15 months ago

peaceinheart 15 months ago

jishajacob06working on it

working on it..n it’s the hardest thing I ever had to do…accept the things I cannot change…I still don’t think I fully accept the way things are 4 years ago

Shula Rajaonah 3 years ago

God's DragonGod is good!

All the time… even tho my will and wants get in the way.. My needs are always met on a daily basis.. and for that I am grateful… 18 months ago

chaucer1234 19 months ago

user32533 20 months ago

user32532 20 months ago

jvtdcI really don't know

if I can do this one. 1 year ago


Oh dear, there is too much I wish to change. To stand by and watch so many injustices gets to me. Of course, I cannot change the world, nor can I change how people are or think.
However, nothing is stopping me from trying to do the best I can to make a difference. I am one of those people that will never accept that I cannot do something- for, who is to say that I cannot? We all have our barriers, we just need to try and get over them. Your limits are only the points where you stop trying.Sometimes, a solution is right before your eyes; other times, you have to think outside the box.
Nothing in life is simple, it is all a challenge. One just needs to adopt the right out look on life to appreciate it.
Wisdom? Well, I have not quite figured out what that is yet. Who is truly wise? 2 years ago

Clarissa_Retaina 2 years ago

juhi89 2 years ago

user10607 2 years ago

la lori 5 years ago

Narcissa 4 years ago

user8170 2 years ago

jvtdcI've been thinking abou this one a lot lately....

The things I cannot change, the weather, natural disasters, the family I was born to. These are the things I cannot change.
Everything else seems to be up for grabs, although I do not want to change everything.
Things I would like to change – my financial situation, my weight, my attitude, my health, the world around me, ....
The list of changes could go on and on… The thing I have come to realize is, as corny as it sounds, the change really does start with me. So I pray for the courage to do something about it. And I am thankful that I have a place like 43Things to have the state the things I wnat to change first.
Here’s to all our goals, our little changes will make the world a better place! 2 years ago

Kiwa 2 years ago

Lisa Marie Hahn 2 years ago

God's DragonToday...

I accept my limitations as it pertains to my goals on 43things. I accept the fact that I have been gone from here and that my “old friends” might have even forgotten me…

I have the courage to start again.

Thank you God for Wisdom today. 2 years ago

Joliaa 2 years ago


I’ve been having some trouble with the ‘wisdom’ part of this…
I CAN control my moods and be assertive about what’s going on in my relationship. But I’ve been too scared, sitting back and forgetting that these aren’t just things which have to ‘happen’ to me but that I DO have a voice.
Need to muster up some more of that ‘courage’ but change is so scary! 2 years ago

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