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Recent activity

JudithKDsince I live in a 2 storey house...

i go up and down the stairs all day. I lost count, forgot to count, etc.


jkd 6 years ago

Amystill taking the stairs whenever possible...

...but I’m not really into counting them all. Average of 7 flights a day, I’d guess. 6 years ago

asteriskstopped keeping count

So I guess I’m done with this one! I’ll proudly accept my silver medal :) 6 years ago

AmyBetween now and when I leave for vacation...

So, here’s the challenge “This is a challenge we have at work to walk up flights of stairs over a period of time. There are three levels: Bronze (88 flights), Silver (175 flights), Gold (380 flights).” Let’s see if I can get here by, say, May 6. 6 years ago

Kim NGold!

I finished the challenge and earned the Gold today. 350 floors since the beginning of February. I hope they do it again soon, because I need challenges like this for motivation. 6 years ago


Made it to Silver! There’s just no way I’m making it to Gold by 3/28, but might as well see how far I get, so…

177 down, 203 to go! 6 years ago

asterisklost count, a little

I think it’s been 15 or so? Just 2 left for Silver! 6 years ago

asterisk5 more

158 down, 17 to go. 6 years ago


I must not have hit save on my last entry. Add another 67 for me. That brings my total to 148. Silver and a bit beyond is fine with me! 6 years ago

asterisk7 more!

153 down, 22 to go. 6 years ago

asterisk13 more

146 down, 29 to go. 6 years ago

Kim N238 Floors

I’m up to 238 Floors. I only have to average 7 floors every workday to finish by March 28. I can tell that my hiney and thighs have benefited from the stair walking. 6 years ago


Just 2 since the last post. C’mon, asterisk!

133 down, 42 to go. 6 years ago

asteriskTue 3/4 stairs

5 more since the last post = 131 down, 44 to go for Silver.

Also, I’m loving the vicarious thrill of watching Kim go for the gold :) 6 years ago

JudithKDDH found this picture, and I just "had" to post it here!

What a hoot!

See here:

jkd 6 years ago

asteriskMon 3/3 stairs

10 since the last post = 126 down, 49 to go. 6 years ago

Kim N161 floors so far

Thursday, I wasn’t able to do many stairs because I was in a training class in the morning and taking care of car trouble in the afternoon. Otherwise, I probably could have gotten the silver today. Something to look forward to when I go to work Monday! Unless I seek out some stairs this weekend. 6 years ago

asteriskFri stairs

6 since the last post = 116 down, 59 to go. 6 years ago

MamaKittyTime for a push

2/25 – 8 flights
2/26 – 7 flights
2/27 – 5 flights
2/26 – 6 flights

Total for four days 26
Total for challenge: 81 6 years ago

asteriskThurs stairs

7 since the last post! 110 down, 65 to go. 6 years ago

JudithKDThis is going to be a tally,

otherwise, it’ll be a bunch ‘o entries…and who needs that for once or twice?

2/27/08 4
2/28/08 2
2/29/08 6
3/1/08 2
3/2/08 3
3/3/08 5
3/4/08 3
3/5/08 7
3/6/08 4
3/7/08 8
3/8/08 3
3/9/08 5
3/10/08 5 6 years ago

JudithKDThis sounds good to me!

I almost always take the stairs, and I’ve never tracked how often I go up and down, expecially since we live in a 2 story house!

Great idea!

jkd 6 years ago

asteriskTues mini-update

I just want to write this down before I either forget it entirely or magnify it to 15 flights.

5 more flights! Up to 103 (yay); 72 to go for Silver. 6 years ago

asteriskTues 2/26 stairs

5 flights since the last post = 98; 77 to go for Silver. 6 years ago

MamaKittyTen more in two days

As the weekend wore on I was tired and I started to take the elevator. I wasn’t home for long, so I did not take so many stairs. I’m off for a few days, so I’ll catch up:) Total: fifty-five. 6 years ago

asteriskMon 2/25 stairs

4 flights since the last post = 93; 82 to go for Silver. 6 years ago

Kim N108 Floors

I’m at 108 floors now. I should get another 4 to 6 before I leave work today. 6 years ago


5 stairs since the last post = 89!!

86 to go for Silver! 6 years ago


4 more flights = 84 down and just 4 to go! 6 years ago

asterisk2/22 stairs

5 more flights = 80 down, 8 to go. So close! 6 years ago

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