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heaveemetalDear (hundreds or more of people)...

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I understand that time changes
And goes on

But I can still hate it
For the erasure
Of history

In my heart will
Always love
Friendships 4 months ago


I find I want to make you fall in love. I want to make you want to be around me all the time. I want to make you think about me when I’m not around. I want to make you wish you could smell my perfume when you’re out and don’t see me around. I want to make you think about me. I want to be on your mind all the time. I want to fill the spaces in your mind where there used to be nothing. I want to take up your time when you’re staring off into space. I want to make you miss my laugh and the way I have a slight accent that no one can understand when I’m tired. I want you to notice the things about me that make me different from everyone else around.
I want you to worry about me. I want you to think that I’m something special, that should be taken care of. I want you to think of me the way you would think of a very rare baseball card, you want to protect me and show me off to everyone. I want you to find me when you fall asleep. I want you to love me. And I want you to question why, and then remember it’s because there’s just something about me, that you can’t put your finger on, and you would never want to. I just want you to love me, and then forget you love me, and then when you see me, remember it all over again. I want to make you love me more than you’ve loved anyone before.
But I won’t. 6 months ago


I find you taking up spaces in my head that should be reserved for things like… work, or you know anyone other than you.
I keep hearing songs and they all remind me of you somehow.
It was just, the things you said. The way you meant them. They weren’t just lines you were spitting. They were genuine things that you thought. It was something that I missed for a long time. I find myself trying to make up reasons for you to be in my life.
I just… I think I’d like a friend like you.
But there’s an issue. There’s an effect you have on me that sort of makes me forget that there’s anything else in the world. Like it’s just you and me laughing at dumb jokes and talking about nothing and everything… and that’s what great friendships are made out of, but when I forget about everything else I see sparks in your eyes and I sort of want to take matches out and play with them. Start fires in places where there shouldn’t be any.
So, I’m thinking about the best ways to go about this. I find it hard to build walls for people who have proven to be nothing but wonderful, but I know I probably should maybe build a wall or two for you. But I’m afraid you might just knock it right down. I have no guards up, and I’m afraid I’d just kiss you forgetting I can’t do those things. Becaus eI almost did already.
Please don’t take this to mean I don’t love him enough or love you more or could love you more. It’s not that. It’s that you have a way of making me forget that there’s anything else, and I just get caught up in your eyes and the things you say. And I just…
I just want to be a part of your life, because it seems like a good life. It seems like a genuinely good place to be, and I want to surround myself with that kind of person and those kinds of things… I just don’t know that it would lead me down a good path.
So I’m torn. But, I think I may play with matches until I light something on fire that needs to be put out and torch something until it’s ashes and I can never go back. 6 months ago


I see what you’re doing. I see that you believe that I’m stupid. I will let you think that. But, while you are thinking I’m too dumb to see what is going on in your head, I’m making back up plans. I’m fixing the things you are trying to break for me.
I see that you are trying to get your hooks in him. I should have understood that would happen from the beginning. See, I noticed you only became friends with people you deemed less attractive than you. Honey, I have much more to offer than being pretty. And, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t ever forget that. I know not everyone will find me beautiful. That’s the thing, I don’t need everyone to. I need me to, and I need my husband to. I don’t need anyone else to feel that way really. So, it never really bothered me to think you didn’t believe me to be pretty.
Trust me, I have redeeming qualities. And you aren’t going to make him believe that he’d be better off with you. I have had this happen before, with other people. It’s never worked before, and it isn’t going to work this time either. He isn’t going to be swayed by some words someone says. You aren’t going ot make him doubt my love for him or doubt his love for me. You’re just going to lose what could have been a great friend. Because, I am that. And you are going to miss out on that, and I feel bad for that, but we make our choices. You chose wrong. 7 months ago


I should probably delete your number, and the text that said that you miss me. The thing is, I just can’t bring myself to do it yet. I know I will one day. I just can’t do it yet.
I miss you too. It’s funny, you were one of the only good parts of my life during the time in which you were in it. I miss you because you were always the person I needed when I needed a person. You always said what I needed to hear when I needed to hear something nice. You always called when I needed someone to call. You never asked me to be more than I could be for you. I just never could be anything for you, and you probably didn’t want that anyhow.
It was easy. It was all it needed to be. And when I moved home, I thought it was going to be easy to leave behind. But it wasn’t. You weren’t easy to let go of. I missed you, I missed how much you actually cared about me, despite the fact that you had no reason to. It was love, and I never realized until I left it behind, like it didn’t matter.
It breaks my heart to think that you could think that I could forget you. I know it wasn’t that long, and it was a very long time ago, but you weren’t something I’d forget. You were something I held everyone else to the standard of. You were the standard I held all my boyfriends after you to. You were the reason it never worked out until I met someone GOOD. You were exactly what I needed everytime I needed something, and I waited until I found that, and that was thanks to you. You were everything good about Florida, and you were something I missed. And sometimes, I still do.
But I should let you go. I need to find a way to let you go, let you stop creeping up in on my happy life. Forget about the things we were, because we wouldn’t be those things anymore, time changes people, and it’s been TEN years. And sadly, what that text reminded me of, probably isn’t anymore. But, if it makes you feel any better, I miss you sometimes too. 7 months ago

Angelica AnarchyAleks

One thing I can honestly say I’ve never felt is regret. I literally regret nothing, therefore I don’t regret knowing you one bit. I think you’re a ghastly writer, though i’d never say it to your face. I don’t know how I can drop my suggestions in a way that makes you want to use them, because while you acknowledge them, they’re never put to use. How can I explain to you that you need to make more than a giant block of poorly punctuated text? I can never tell who’s talking when. I hate when you ask for my opinion because I have to read through the sludge, scrounge for something I can say was “good” before suggesting something that’ll help, then scrounge again because i’d hate to make you feel bad. You’re a sweet young girl, you’re 14 honey. All the worries you talk about in stories haven’t come to pass yet. There’s no telling what’s around the river bend, just because some girl doesn’t think you’re pretty doesn’t mean she’s changed the minds of all the boys in the world. Someone will see you for who you truly are. 9 months ago

Angelica AnarchyUntitled

The offhand remarks that come out of your mouth make me so angry. I truly believe there’s no way that you, with the general life you’ve had, could ever be so ignorant on so many subjects like that and so unfeeling about everything and everyone except for yourself. You treat the world like it’s one of those foolish football games you watch as you sit on your ass all day. And you claim you’ve done all your chores and then some. I hope I have the opportunity to say all the times I’ve done your work, and all the times G did your work, to your face in front of at least 7 members of your family. I can give dates and times, you even claimed you did MY CHORES once! That, of course, you didn’t get away with. I can’t believe how easy it is for you to lie to your mother’s face about taking care for your grandmother when i’m the one who does it. You hate TALKING to the poor woman. It’s not her fault she has memory loss. And you wonder why she’s upset? Her family all but ignores her all day and i’m left to calm her. Considering I’ve been to Wellstone 3 times and lived basically on the streets and know some of the worst of them—-and you’re STILL the worst person I’ve ever met? Rethink this, seriously. And for god’s sake take a damn shower for once. 9 months ago


So, I know you think I’m just the biggest dork in the world now. How did I let this happen?! Listen, there’s something wonderful about not giving one s* about if anyone else thinks I’m cool. I don’t like metal music, sorry. I won’t be heading to that concert. In fact, I love country, glad you asked. Oh, the Gin Blossoms are playing? Yeah, I’ll be there. Because, I like them still. Even though they are like 1000 now. Right? 1000? Yeah. That’s fine. Matchbox 20 is playing?! Really?! Sign me up! I’m a dork, and I like crappy music. But it’s what I like, and it makes me happy.
No, I don’t do drugs. I don’t really want them around me either. Why? Because I’m allergic to smoke, and I really don’t like to be around coked up people. It’s gross. They’re scary, and they’ve done scary things when I’ve been around them in the past. So, now, I just don’t do that. I don’t need it in my life.
And my life is great, thanks for asking.
The dork in me does things I like. We go out on the boat. Sit around and drink Jack Daniels when we don’t have to get up early. And if you walked into my home at any given time when I’m home you might find me in a bubble bath with a large glass of wine and a stack of magazines. Or sitting in front of the tv with a miso soup and sushi. Tormenting the bird and laughing about how much I love that stupid bird. Singing songs that are in my head out loud. Those are the things I do. It’s never boring. I’m never bored.
Sure, you might catch me watching TV with my husband on tuesday nights, because you have to be able to talk to your friends about something. But trust me, my life isn’t boring. You don’t need to worry about me. And unlike yours, mine isn’t full of judgements. I don’t ask other people to change, and if I feel they would need to change for me to be their friends, I just move on. I don’t care what anyone does unless it is so negative it will affect others negatively too. But if it’s just going to affect you, do whatever the heck you want. I’m not going to tell you to do differently.
Me? I’m happy here. I’m sorry you aren’t impressed with that. I don’t need you to be. But, you don’t need to to worry about me. Domestic me is quite happy with the life I’ve chosen. I never feel lonely, especially when I’m alone. I never feel I’m missing out on the party, because the party is always better when I’m there. And I never wish to go back to the times before, I don’t miss them at all. 9 months ago


Looking back, I realize you really did love me the whole time. I thought you were flip flopping between me and all those other girls. But it was always me, wasn’t it? It’s too late now, for me to change my tune, about the whole thing, but that was what I was looking for the whole time.
But it seemed so unrequited, on my end. It seemed like you were seeing everyone else, and you never really wanted to see me. But you were scared. I see it looking back, on the whole thing.
You were scared, because you were going to lose me, and you knew it. You don’t want marriage or kids. You don’t want those things, and you knew I wouldn’t stick around forever with someone who didn’t want those things, even if I thought I could. Because, with love comes understanding, I guess. And you knew me better than I wanted to know myself. You knew that I wouldn’t stay around forever with someone who wasn’t going to make those promises.
I miss you often. I miss the innocence we had. Well, I had. With you. I miss the way you slept next to me. I miss the times you said I love you when you thought I was asleep. I miss the way you looked at me. The way I couldn’t see until it was far to late to ever go back. The last thing, is what I miss the most.
You keep me out of your life, I’m watching at a distance now. I understand that too. I never realized, I actually broke your heart, didn’t I? I never saw it, and if you had ever said anything to make me understand you weren’t just saying words to make me melt, it very well could have been a different story for us. But it wasn’t, it isn’t, and now I find myself remembering something that really never was.
We really never were, were we? I know this, but somehow, it seems like we were SOMETHING. I just miss you. I miss the fact that you really did love me, I guess. It’s what I was searching for that whole time, and you never let me know I’d actually found it. And now, it’s gone, and that is something worth missing.
I’ve moved on, I found someone else to love me. But, you never let me know, until it was too late. You never made it clear, that you were ALWAYS there…for me. And I’m sorry for all the times I was clearly careless with your heart. I never realized, I was the one hurting you…it wasn’t the other way around. You were sitting there trying to move on, and you were having a hard time. Flip flopping from me to all those other girls… because you were trying to find someone else. You were trying to move on. I never realized that was what you were doing. I thought you were flip flopping because you were BORED. But, you were flip flopping because I was finding new people and then you were ALONE. It was all my fault. I never knew. I never understood, and I was careless with you. I’m very sorry for the hurt, I realize now, that I put you through. 9 months ago

Angelica AnarchyK.W. Revisited

I never thought that you’d come searching, in all honesty. You said nothing, just sent a friend request and if my suspicion is right, you don’t realize who I am since I use a different last name on the internet. Either way you found me. I saw your face, a remarkably well taken photo you snapped yourself, and regrettably I broke down and cried right there at the computer. Amazing how we were so different yet so close. I always knew you’d one day fancy yourself a real rapper even though I wished you liked the Ramones instead. I saw your girlfriend(?) too, and while you were always one of the rowdier kids around I never thought you’d prove everyone else right by getting a girl pregnant during high school. Nothing here is unexpected, and yet it really is. How is it that someone so straightforward as a person, such as yourself, continue to confuse and mesmerize me? 9 months ago

Angelica AnarchyK.W.

You most likely wouldn’t recognize me anymore. But you wrecked me. Anyone who says you can’t fall in love with someone at the age of 14 isn’t someone to listen to. I did move on after bravely asking you to be my boyfriend after pre-algebra that day… In fact I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 3 years now. And since I know I love him for sure, I know that what I felt for you was love. Real love, not a crush. It’s been five years since I’ve seen you. Part of me still wants to google you now and again. You never were present on the net and that fact still remains. I can’t find you. I don’t want you anymore, but I want to know what became of you, because I still care. I hope you’re okay. I wonder if you were acting the whole time back then. I know you didn’t have a girlfriend…I knew you were a compulsive liar, too. You fooled most people, but you lie the same way my father did. I guess that’s how I knew. I still have your watch, and you can keep the necklaces. 10 months ago

Angelica AnarchyDearest girl I met online two years ago,

Why do you still stalk me on every website I go on? Why? Am I that important in the grand scheme of things? When we met you were nice. You typed like you were texting, which is annoying, but you were nice.

You were also a liar.

What did you lie about? Yourself. You were a 5’7” brunette with shaggy shoulder length hair and liked rock and punk music like me. You weighed 135 and wanted to be a tattoo model. The truth? You’re 4’11” and weigh 170, you die your hair so much it’s totally damaged (and grossly unwashed), and the only tattoo you’ve had was henna. What the heck is wrong with you? Did you think after you expressed interest in me that I wouldn’t go look at your photos out of curiosity? You’d let me on for 5 months that way. Oh, but wait, you were sorry. So I forgave you and said we could be friends. Just friends.

Later you claimed you had two kids, twins. A boy and a girl. Because when you were 17 you were raped. And a week later your boyfriend had gotten you pregnant with twins again and you were going to get married. Until another week past and he went missing? And was missing because he was shot and rand off? And three days past and he’s found dead? Luckily nobody on the site believed you for a second, since it wasn’t true. You wonder why people don’t like you. You’re touched in the head, seriously. You’re infuriating and I don’t understand how you can live that way.

You followed me to two other sites I frequented. I don’t even know how you found out I was on them. And when I met another girl you sent her death threats to her and told me I was a lying cheater? We weren’t even friends at that point. Kindly shut up, and go back to school. 10 months ago

Angelica AnarchyDear _____________

I think you get the feeling I don’t like you. And, I must say, it’s true. I don’t. I think you’re the poster-child of 45 year old douchebags everywhere. And now you’re going to marry my mom. I hate that fact… and I can’t stand you. The only reason I haven’t punched you in your annoying tiny nose is my love for her is bigger than my disgust for you. I know she’s a grown up and can make her own choices. I hope you can still say that when she’s wrecked your credit just like she did to her past three husbands. She’s an idiot. But she was my idiot before she was yours. Because of you she hasn’t called me in the past eight months. Eight! She’s my mom! You should, of all people, understand the feeling I have since all three of your kids have had mother issues. And still you steal her from me! The family isn’t fond of you either. Five of them have said so, and expressed their sympathy. They feel bad for me! Because you’re so embarrassing. Don’t you understand? You need to stop carrying on like a drunken frat boy and say something intelligent for once. 10 months ago

ScorpioNerve 10 months ago

Dead7and_DreamingDear C.....

Your exceptional organizational skills annoy me a little. 11 months ago

Dead7and_DreamingDear Christian University...

I came here by default in the most unlucky of circumstances. Yes I appreciate the irony that my dad was raised Catholic and became secular and now I am a secular raised individual just now being, by default forced into a Christian school. Haha, hilarious right? I had settled upon what my beliefs were, and the fact that I am being subjected to a Christian worldview every single bloody day is enough to make even the most solid atheist or agnostic or whatever waver at times and in short, get very flabbergasted to put it lightly. And though I respect other people’s views to an extent, I have no desire to surrender my own to something that is alien and very disagreeable with me. As a very thoughtful person, this predictament is made even worse knowing that in all likelihood, I remain here for another three and half or more torturous years. Existential Anguish is not my most beloved past time, so what I really want to say Christian University is that whole-heartedly I want absolutely nothing to do with you. 11 months ago


I had a bunch of (what I thought was) profound shit in my head on the way to pick up my mom (your daughter) from the bar.

Mostly it consisted of my recent realization that I’m your only granddaughter and I just want to make you proud. So proud. But I’m confident that your daughter D and uncle K, if they could have children, let alone a girl, she would be wonderful.

I know I didn’t talk to you a whole lot, but when I did you always knew. Knew what? I don’t know, but you knew what you needed to. And right now I want to fucking talk, Grandma.

I’m waiting for fists to fly alongside the words. They argue like I’m not sitting right fucking here.

And for once Grandma, I opened my mouth. While simultaneously breaking one of my rules.

Don’t talk to drunks if avoidable.

The results were expected, and I don’t know why I bother.

Now I’m just fucking tired and want sleep but can’t for fear of drunken parents and I have to pick my brother up at 12:30 and I have work in the morning (unlike some drunk fucks) and I just…

I didn’t mean for this to become another booze rant, Grandma. Especially when I never talk to you. And this is really just a bad, fragmented version of what I wanted to say…

I just don’t know what to do.

Other than whine for attention on the internet, it seems.

I want this as a reminder to myself later, though. Reminder of what, I’m not sure.

Just know I love you Grandma, and I miss you. 11 months ago

dundas_queenTo my grandfather

Dear grandfather,

You’ve been the greatest male figure in my family all my life. You’re our only remaining prototype of a strong male figure. Yet you have not asked how I am, or how I’m doing in some 6 or more years. I think that all that will ever matter to you is 2 things – whether I am married, and whether I am successful in my career. But you know, I am human too, which you have failed to notice. All it would have taken to get to know me would be to try and make some kind of a step, but you never try. I truly believe that for you to actually care about me I have to become a manager, and to start popping out kids. Which I plan to do, yes, but it’s taking me years to get there. And in the meanwhile, you don’t ever talk to me. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. It makes me feel not worthy in my life, because you don’t approve, and never will. You will probably pass away in a couple of years, and mostly you will care about your state of health and your estate. I have written you letters and you don’t reply. What else can I do? You used to write me poems, but there was that one time you made me cry, and my hurt tears have knocked all love out of you. And this one time when I was depressed, and it made you lose faith in me. Forever. And you walked away and will never return, like my old life back home. 12 months ago

Dead7and_DreamingDear Mom & Dad

I feel heavily guilty for what has befallen my sister. I practically introduced her to the “party life” while still a newcomer to it myself, and I fear my influence of wanting to have reckless and stupid fun is a terrible one upon my sister. My influence on her as a whole I worry about, as no faith in Christianity and God is what I choose to believe, but because me and my sister are close and good friends, I fear that even though I may disregard the consequences of my own actions, I tend to become concerned when I realize it may be my fault that others suffer the consequences when the fault lies within me. I must confess that I do not want to be a responsible “role model”, especially not while still practically a kid myself. I have enjoyed the party culture and the late blooming of my social life, and the threat of it being taken away has made me act out even more in pathetic rebellious self-therapy kind of ways. I feel terrible that, though I know I am a damn good kid and son, mostly responsible, trustworthy and honest, I keep certain secrets from you two (my parents), in a sort of wordless sibling pact. I lied that I had only been drunk once, when I have in fact been drunk many times in my grad year. I respect my dad for being understanding of my youthful “outburst”(s), and his concerns, and that is what is so torturous, as I am far too god damn honest, something I wish I wasn’t. I have a heavy conscience and a very strong moral code, something which my fleeting joys during “partying” attempt to dismantle for the sake of memories, fun, and an escapist’s release from my circumstances. I realize that such material ways of getting happiness aren’t going to last or necessarily be rewarding, I just love the intimacy, connection and carelessness of such events, something that is addicting to an introvert attempting to reject his nature. More about this later Mom and Dad, and I hope that this letter offers some sort of justification for the secrets I hold and the lies I’ve told. 13 months ago

Dead7and_DreamingDear Tamar...

I must begin by admitting some rather embarrassing things, at least for me. I have never gone on a date ever before in my entire short life, I am terribly shy and I am not always good with words, especially ones that are not written. You and I both love music, writing and all other kinds of art jazz and have similar tastes. I wish there was the romantic in me that could straight forward ask you out, make off like a bandit with you in his arms, but in reality I think he is the shy, nice, brooding and thoughtful type, despite my desperate wishes. I like you a lot and for the first real time in my life, there are butterflies in my stomach. That is not necessarily new, but these butterflies feel like they have been on cocaine or crack I think. It is good this is anonymous and you’ll most likely never read this, because though I have done some things I never thought possible for myself in these last two years, I still feel vulnerable in this field. There are an infinite number of ifs in my mind all the time, and none of them will ever get answered unless I take the initiative. I hate being so “sensitive” and I laugh at myself but also pity myself, which is a terrible habit. In theory, this not only a letter to you, but a letter to me in this present moment to not let you slip away and hopefully get to know you better. But I would be lying to every fiber of my soul if I said I wanted to just be your friend.

Me 14 months ago


dear ice cream,

you shouldn’t whisper to me this way as i am reclined in this cozy spot. even though i am far away in my upstairs bed, i still hear your beckoning from the freezer facing west.

this could mean there is a sense of urgency. i am unsure on which behalf, yours or mine?

today his honorable kissed me on the cheeks and said “you are still beautiful, despite all” while i felt the homemade felafel settle nicely on my hips after our quiet lunch. what a conflict this raised in my consciousness.

my hips have screamed “hhheeeeellllllllnnnoooo!!!” as i am considering a trip down to see you, but my tongue is begging with a fervor filled “pppllleeeeasseeee!!!” showing favoritism to a certain sibling could be awkward for me later on.

the wretched pleasures you bring are desirably dreadful.

your fatass favorite 15 months ago


Being a janitor/custodian is not the same as a maid. You people are grown adults; kindly act like adults.

I already have to clean up after you filthy f*cks, I don’t appreciate having to do your dirty dishes as well. That is not my job, and you can happily read my job description.

Also, really? Can’t you, at the very least, throw away your trash…? Don’t just leave it sitting there; put it in the damned trash can.

Tots in daycare clean up after themselves better than you lot do. Sheesh. 16 months ago


So, what did I do to make you so mad at me? What did I do to make you hate me again? I know this is stupid, but I truly thought we could become friends again. I thought that was how we started- which may have been naive- and I believed we could get back to that place some day. I thought one day you’d be able to put aside the three months of hell that was us dating.
I don’t know, I guess I just thought we had SOMETHING that was worth anything at all. And it sort of hurts, no, it really hurts, to find out that—to you—we didn’t.
I don’t know why, but I have always cared very much about what YOU have thought of me. And that’s what is hurting me so much, I guess. I have done something that is so terrible you don’t want me in your life anymore. And it just sucks. And I don’t know what it is. I have ideas, like my stance on not caring for drugs around me. Hey, I’m not saying don’t do them or I hate them all or whatever, I’m saying don’t make me a party to it. I don’t want them around me, and I should never be forced to be. It’s ridiculous that that would be enough to decide you hate me. I just thought you knew me, and if you don’t like me, I guess you must not. Or perhaps I didn’t know you.
And, just in case you were wondering… Those three months were awful. But, I loved you during every single second of them. And, I loved you every single second of the eight months before then, when I was with someone else. And, it had to end. I was losing myself in you and I learned that lesson once already, and I was not about to learn it again.
So, I guess while the relationship had to end, I thought that you would be in my life still as a friend. I know that’s ridiculous. It sounds ridiculous just saying it. But I just cared so very much about you, and I wanted to pretend you cared about me in the same manner. I just wanted to pretend we could move on one day and be friends again. I just wanted to pretend you liked me as a person, as a friend.
But it doesn’t matter, if you don’t, or never did. It just makes me sad to know I was wrong…about yet another person, and about myself. And it makes me sad to know I’m not good enough to even be friends with. I have scars of you, and I see them every day, and I know that as more, it hurt too much. But I thought we’d make it past that. And now I know we never will.

-B… the one who for whatever reason can’t get over you despite all of the years, all of the new people, all of the pain you caused, and all of the lies you told. I don’t know what it is about you, but you stuck with me. 17 months ago


You’ll have to excuse me for being an awkward conversationalist. It doesn’t help that I’m so out of my comfort zone in these situations that I can’t tell if you’re being nice to me in general or if you’re flirting… Especially when it’s at work and I’m all gross and covered in dirt – and who knows what else. There’s little to no confidence in me at those times.

Otherwise… I’m sorry I’m so awkward!

But your nickname choices are still lame. xD The best so far is Gandalf, but I don’t have a beard, nor am I a dude, so… Keep trying. Though I have to admit, the only thing I can think of for you so far is J Kelley (only ‘cause of R. Kelly), so at least you’re trying…?

But you’re a super nice guy. You’re just confusing the crap out of me. D: 17 months ago

usedtohaiku 19 months ago

nadiamarie1990 20 months ago

nadiamarie1990Dear SF

Things didn’t have to be this way. It’s too little too late now. 20 months ago

nadiamarie1990Dear AR

We have been through so much together, please don’t let us lose contact. You have supported me through so much and I really do care about you. 20 months ago

nadiamarie1990Dear KFC

Thank you for the shitty job that taught me so much more than I recognised at the time. 20 months ago

nadiamarie1990Dear TL

You’re a friend. I like spending time with you :)

However, if you screw my sister over, there isn’t a place on this earth where I won’t find you.

Nadia 20 months ago

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