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Finish next week's lesson plans before leaving the building on Friday!

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gpoodleSummer Vacation!

Well, I brought home the teacher’s manuals for the levels I expect to be teaching “next year” (which actually begins on August 25th.) Levels A & B are mostly complete because I taught them this year. Level C I have taught in the past, but my lesson plan collection is sketchy. Level D I have never taught. So, if I’m organized, I could try to get levels C and D mapped out over the summer. Will I? Support welcome! 5 years ago

gpoodleOH no!

Didn’t even THINK about writing next week’s plans today because it was a staff development day and I was very busy thinking about all the great things I could do NEXT year! 5 years ago

gpoodleHome stretch

I’m so excited that I now have NEARLY a full year’s worth of plans for Kdg., Grade 1 and Grade 2. Next year, I will only have to get the plans for Grade 3 and Grade 4 done by Friday because K, 1 and 2 will be there already and will just need to be tweaked. If I combine my 1 3rd grader and my 1 4th grader (this is ESL and we have a small population) then I will only have to write ONE new plan a week, but it will be the kind of plan that won’t really be recyclable to the next year! 5 years ago


Didn’t even START before leaving today. On the bright side, I am nearly free all weekend, so I can hopefully get SOMETHING done before the dreaded Sunday night! 5 years ago

gpoodleFriday morning

Well, I finished 1 out of 3 before I left the building last night. Today I have a personal day so that I can cook for the Passover seder. WORK WORK WORK! Maybe I’ll get #2 done tonight before dropping in exhaustion. Tomorrow is all seder all the time. Sunday night will probably be when I get #3 done. On the other hand, I won’t have THREE to do on Sunday night! Perspective, it’s all perspective. AND NEXT year, I will have these all in the computer, so I can just tweek them! 6 years ago


Here it is 9:35 on a Sunday night and I’m just getting ready to start planning! Oh my! 6 years ago


Well, at least for this week. Next week we are off on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and we are going out of town. BUT I don’t have spend 1 minute of my vacation worrying about the plans for next Thursday and Friday. Such a good feeling (and on Mr.Roger’s birthday!) 6 years ago


I HATE having my Sunday dominated by finishing up the lesson plans that should have been done on Friday! 6 years ago

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