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learn photoshop

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Learn Photoshop

www.nyip.edu/     Learn To Use Photoshop From NY Pros New York Institute of Photography

Learn Photoshop

www.lynda.com/subscribe-today     Photoshop online video tutorials. Watch and learn at your own pace.

Learning Photoshop

www.ledet.com/     2-day Hands-on Instructor-led Class Easiest Way To Learn Photoshop

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I have way to much fun playing with Photoshop lol.. 3 months ago

lexerz22 3 months ago

AchtungBrigi 4 months ago

inner guru 3 years ago

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I have enrolled in the same school that my former room mate is attending, and last night I told him I will be taking Digital Imaging, to which he replied “Ah, Photoshop.” Wow! My very first class will be Photoshop, and while glancing through my 43 things this morning I find it on my list. Interesting, very interesting. 8 months ago

Anna 4 years ago

Erick 9 months ago

bluerthanmidnight 9 months ago

inner guruGood cause. Well done!

A photo album, with picture of our pre-school years, was found among the belongings of my mother who died about 6 months ago.

Myself and 2 brothers live far-far from each other. Each of us wanted at least some of the same pictures. The task fell to me to get them scanned and distributed. And so, I had to, finally, get this goal taken care of.

It took months of learning, gallons of tears, and more tenacity than I usually have for such things. I finished today.

Interesting timing – tomorrow (JN 13) would have been our mother’s birthday. I’ll have the scanned and enhanced photos to share with the cake. And that will be another step to closure. 10 months ago

oceanablu 10 months ago

rainbowphoenixphotoshop II

Photoshop II is over. Some knowledge has been gained but I’m a long way from claiming any kind of competence. Next up is practice. 11 months ago

kordakvanthroos 11 months ago

George Ameyawvery essential

Photoshop produces images that are raster based, meaning the images are made up of individual dots caller pixels. The advantage with using this type of image is that the images can be highly detailed and complex, like a photograph. The disadvantages are that the file size is often quite large and the image are not infinitely enlargeable, unlike vector based graphics which produce small image files but can be enlarged with no loss of resolution.

Read more: Important Information About Adobe Photoshop | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_6400182_important-information-adobe-photoshop.html#ixzz2SeEzAjVK 11 months ago

SusannasGoals 11 months ago


I finished photoshop I and am half-way through photoshop II. Both totaled 6 weeks each. 11 months ago

thirdwavecraveI Learned Photoshop

1. suck it up and pay the 600+ dollars for the student priced bundle of Adobe. *the normal pricing is much more expensive. pick what works for you, there’s more than just photoshop. there are many packages to choose from. actually paying the money will motivate you to learn it.
2. download photoshop. register
3. open photoshop. spend weeks learning the interface. took me 2 years to get where I am. spend at least a few hours a week. if you can have fun with it, this should be easy.
4. hidden things: f5 is brushes, ctrl+L is levels, ctrl+U for adjustments, ctrl+t for transform
5. Tips: Know what raster vs. vector means before starting. HSB sliders are better than RGB sliders. Generally, you should work in 300 dpi, anything more is unnecessary & anything less will start to pixelate (artifacting). I work with inches because I’m an artist but you don’t have to it’s just easier for me to visualize. Playing with the layer effects can be pretty fun, scroll through them (it’s in the layers tab under Normal). Avoid using the smudge tool, it’s real nasty tacky. Play with the Filter tab. Under Layer>Layer Style>Color Overlay > that’s a handy one to know.
6. there’s more to photoshop than just making stupid memes and editing photos. go to conceptart.com or cghub.com and look at that stuff. all done with photoshop. consider investing in a wacom pen tablet if you feel real artsy. ;} no prob bob 11 months ago

thirdwavecrave 11 months ago

enzoitgoes 11 months ago

steffi24 12 months ago

ARippedPage 12 months ago

hickorynines 12 months ago

eternal_silence 15 months ago

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