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drink Absinth


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Edkind of gross.

The absinth you see in things like the movie “Eurotrip” is the kind sold in old soviet republics, the reason people hallucinate when they drink it is because the laws in those countries are more lax, and it contains things like formaldehyde. You can’t get it in most western european countries like England, France, and Germany. The kind of absinth you can buy in countries like the U.S., England, Canada, etc. (countries with food safety laws) doesn’t contain any hallucinogenic ingredients, and is mostly an anise or black licorice flavored liquor (similar to Jaegermeister, but not as good-tasting) 6 years ago

obonobget the real stuff...

.. here in Europe Absinth is legal, but what makes you really high is the ingredient Thujon, and in todays Absinth this is quite limited. However in Eastern Europe you can get the strong stuff, and that will give you a real trip. Quite an experience! 7 years ago


It will be so hard becouse I can’t get this here…. Maybe it’s time to go to the ex. Amsterdam? :) 7 years ago


I’m so sorry :/ but I must create new account :/ I change something and now I can’t log in on my real account : “maliboo” so… please write to me on malibo with 3x ooo—> “malibooo”

:( ught 7 years ago


Honestly, it ended up making me so sick – then again doing a series of shots of the stuff was likely an unwise action. Go easy on the stuff 7 years ago

visita4uWill try it!

I went to Australia and bought a bottle of Absinthe on my way back to Fiji islands. Haven’t treid it yet, was a bit busy with the related stories, but now have decided that will offically experience it at tomororow’s for friends at my place. So in a few days time I should be ‘qualified’ to give an opinion…in the meantime…life is short try it. 7 years ago

chabby15Good ol' Fruit Rollup

Well ok let me start off by setting the scene for you all, well I live in what could be referred to as quite the frigged climate of the Canadian Prairies……. Where if you have never been here it is flipping cold… so all we have to do to warm our blood is consume massive amount of alcohol.
So once upon a time in a fair off green fairy land, on a friggedley cold Saturday night, myself and a friend taking a causal stroll through the local liquer Mart stumbled across this interesting substance called Absinthe. After being mezmorized by the colour of this stuff for about 15 minutes we felt this undying urge to spend coupious amounts of pennies on the liquid at hand. Well I will not lie to you all when it comes to the emerald green elixser at hand we are amatures at best and felt the NEED to grab OTHER booz too…. So well carrying all of our fine purchases home we were pretty far up on our high, sitting on our high horses and looking forward to the consumption of all if it.
NOW PAY ATTENTION THIS WILL CHANGE YOU LIFE OR AT LEAST SAVE IT……….. DO NOT……. AND I REPEAT DO NOT ………… well you can wait for tha …………… that right ………. Sit and stew ………….. what that ………. Your wanting to know the stupid thing I did………… do I look like your own personal amusment factory??????………….. HUM DO I……………………………………… ………… FINE………. Here what happened……. I have a new found respect for the female gender themselves ……. They in my mind are brave for lack of a better word………Me being the upstanding 25 year old, stud muffin that I am and the pinnical of the male species…… you know ripping muscles and all that was not the first to be BRAVE enough to take the first shot……YOU STUPID MONKEY DON’T DO A DOUBLE TAKE WHEN YOU ARE READING WHAT I AM WRITING…… I said I was NOT the first to take a shot ……..YES we shot this stuff…. And I will tell when you here someone read the bottle to you and they say 70% DO NOT SHOOT IT YOU SIMPLETION……….. so needless to say after our twenty three and a half minutes of convolsing on the floor…… we were able to successfully round up five of the six dragons ….. and put them in the hall closet …. The purple one got away and got stuck in the heater…………. I am glad to report he is making a swift recovery and well be back to eating princesses soon…….. anyway …. This stuff seems to have made for a great night and has passed the time in our otherwise pitiful lives ……….. Enjoy it well you live.

The One and Only Chabby 7 years ago

martazyxabsinth is wild

i tried the green fairy, drank about 1,5dl. yeah it got me quite drunk, I was pretty wild but i smoked some pot too while drinking and it’s a deadly combination(: so i’ll sure try it again, yeah. green fairy rules.
and it didn’t even cost much, a bottle of 3dl (my friend nina (npernar) and i splitted a bottle) cost us about 7$ 7 years ago

crazypoetAlcohol with Heritage...

The preferred drink of poets, artists and assorted madmen… It’s a bit overwhelming (very strong anise flavor, 170-proof…) but worth every moment of anticipation, ritual preparation and contemplative consumption…

Also, not a bad way to start a conversation… “What’s your favorite absinthe?”

8-) 8 years ago


Very tasty, aniseed-flavoured drink. I dunno if the drunkeness from it is as pleasant as beer-drunk but it is a nice drink. 8 years ago

mandahodgesI've never done a drug in my life...does absinthe count???

The first time I got totally wasted and dragon flies chased me home. I ran as fast as I could. The second time was Christmas in London and the dude I was with got crazy stupid, hit is head and tried to hook up w/ our friend. I have terrible luck with this but it gets me drunk fast, with no hang over! I even encouraged my dad to try it in Prage. Too bad it’s illegal in the states. 8 years ago

hartshapedboxYay for Absinthe!!

My boyfriend and I split a bottle of Absithe one night a couple of weeks ago. It was one of the funnest nights of my life!!!! Absinthe makes you feel SO good! I think I’m in love. 8 years ago

ChuqI haven't been drunk on it yet

My friend said that it is pure evil, but I gather that’s because he drank two pints of it at one sitting. I have no plans to do that. 8 years ago


hmm… had quite a lot for the first time a few weeks back. sure it was quite nice after i got over the reallly hard to swallow first part, but wasn’t that big a thing. Didn’t have a bad hangover or anything. Just a bit meh for me. 9 years ago


In London – late at night – the whole green, georgous bottle. I loved it. 9 years ago


it’s definitely worth doing!! the way it burns your whole body while you’re drinking it! UHHHHH! i would like to try it with laudanum, though… it should be the real thing… 9 years ago

christinapin Prague

it looked like antifreeze, then we dipped a spoonful of sugar into it, lit it on fire, stirred the drink and GULP!

I don’t remember much more than that. We drank an awful lot every night while visiting. It was wild and ridiculous and fun. 9 years ago

LindiopDon't bother!

Sorry to pop your romantic illusions but it really isn’t worth it. Well maybe on your death bed – when you are sure you won’t wake up and just wish you’d died. It would just be so much less painful! I hadn’t had any for many years and it seemed like a good idea at the end of a girly evening with old friends. But oh the next day:-( Evil substance and not a fairy in sight! Not that I could see much (lol) too hard to open my eyes. 9 years ago

buttonsbad headache

made me really drunk, tastes bad, and had a wicked headache in the morning, but I didn’t see any faries. 9 years ago

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