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enjoy the second quarter of 2008 by having one new and fulfilling experience in April, May, and June. Woo Hoo!


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~ John Lee ~


My experiences were new and I think I a waiting on the fulfilling part.

April: I had suffered from a staph infection since January. I got a kidney infection and had a fever of 102 degrees. Therefore I earned Cipro. This was my first experience with this drug. WOW! In 24 hours all the staph was gone. I felt so amazing. What a powerful medication. I consider this new and fulfilling because it gave me my life back.

May: I had the loss of a friendship that mattered more to me than I could ever know. This was new to me. I was the most vulnerable in this realtionship and learned how important this was by it’s loss. I’m waiting on the fulfillment part and yet I do see it on the horizon. I also experienced living in the forest during frightening fires. Fulfilling, no…but I have a much different perspective on life. Life is fragile, hand with care.

June: I started engaging in long conversations with strangers in the local bookstore. I have continued to do this. There are so many interesting stories. I have always enjoyed impromptu conversations with people, but this is different, I search them out. One a week. 6 years ago

Jess. Dream.Only two months late comes my entry

June was a busy busy busy month, filled with preparations for July and August. My “new and fulfilling” experience, in particular, came about half-way through the month. I took extended leave from work in anticipation of my July travels, but I took the leave about two weeks early. I spent that time truly enjoying my summer, no strings attached. I saved up some of my money so that I could really enjoy the summer as I pleased, and it was so much fun! Long, lingering days with my love; exciting, laughter filled days with my friends; relaxing and exciting memories, just of my summer. It was wonderful. 6 years ago

Lost WayfarerMay wasn't good either was June

My dearheart broke up with me in the middle of May and I have been struggling with it, but on time will heal my wounds.

Sigh 6 years ago

KatheDi think i have

pretty sure i accomplished this, in spite of recent unpleasantness, but not really up to searching back through memories for details… 6 years ago

Sandy Gabriellimany

I went on the Hokulea, swam in Kona bay, and tried some other new stuff that was really great. Yeah. It was good. 6 years ago

WensleydaleI could do better

April, I did some roadside surveys for the Huron River Watershed Council (I did want to be a surveyor at one point.) Not as much fun as the River Rouge Cleanup I did before.

May, finished my first semester of college!

June, turned 24 (and wasn’t completely bummed about it :) 6 years ago

Tonny is In Love With LIFELast fulfilling and at the same time new experience for June

Ok July morning totally made the whole June better, after all the term tests and exams I needed this night with friends, the sea. It was cold, but everything is OK when you got somebody to keep you warm… I totally enjoyed the second quarter of 2008 and especially the end of June. 6 years ago

CreepyHippieSo, June.

This June was a really odd one. A lot of cool new experiences. A couple of concerts, last two weeks in highschool, the graduation prom, six exams in two weeks. And here’s July and, finally, summer holiday. And a ton of plans. So, I’d better get admitted where I want to, or else it’s gonna be kinda tough to get money for all those things I wanna do. Life’s green, for now, and I hope it stays that way. 6 years ago

Collectorofcats This Goal Is Completed

First of all, this whole last quarter has seen my granddaughter go from just starting to sit up unassisted to high speed crawling. She is now able to pull herself up and I suspect she’ll be standing by herself and even taking her first real steps in a matter of weeks. Her acid reflux, though not completely gone, has been reduced substantially.
June was full of new and fulfilling experiences. We attended the Bear Creek Blues Fest June 28 and it was the best one yet. Yes, I know I attended it last year but it keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait until next year.
Our grandson Nick was enrolled in swimming lessons and went from level 1 to level 4 in one week. He had never had lessons before but apparently is a quick study.
We got a lot moved to the house in Slater. Mostly our collectibles and stuff we don’t use often. It still isn’t quite ready for us to move in, but it won’t be long. I organized our basement and got rid of a lot of junk we don’t need. Some things actually wound up going to the curb and I took some clothes to The Lighthouse store. They sell the donations to help victims of domestic abuse. 6 years ago

AdarI was wondering about June...

but then I had the new experience of getting hired for a real job as a real rabbi.

Goodbye June, hello July! 6 years ago


i went to camp for the first time since 6th grade. it was really great, and i got back to being close to God. i also did something else in June which was quite the fufilling experience, but kinda the complete opposite of my camp experience, so i won’t meniton it. ;) 6 years ago

martinejaneJune was Jolly

June I was a bridesmaid for the first time.
Wrote copy for an online website and got it in time for deadline of 30 June.
Ate just fruit and veg and drank water for a week. 6 years ago

RewFinishing off June ...

Woops time to close this one out.

Last weekend in June we went out with some new friends to a really great little restaurant. These new friends are likely to become good friends. Pretty cool.

On to July we go! 6 years ago


June was a busy month and in many ways a bit of a blur. Most of my new and fulfilling experiences revolved around the kids…new experiences with Clara because she’s still so brand new and taking Audrey to do things for the first time. Highlights included:

  • My first grocery trip with Clara and Audrey without Eric there for help
  • Our first family trip to the pool
  • A trip to the Museum of Science and Industry
  • Real smiles from Clara
  • A trip to Brookfield Zoo
  • Using Nike+ for my shocks…it adds a new dimension to the Couch to 5K program
  • A trip to Six Flags Great America 6 years ago

ernielovenew member of the family!

someone found a litter of kittens around my office building a couple weeks ago. they’ve been cleared to go to their new homes by a vet and I decided to take one home!

it’s been an interesting couple of days. my dog, ernie is VERY interested in the new kitten and the new kitten cannot keep his eyes off of the dog. neither one seems scared and i’ve let them chase each other around a few times (otherwise they are separated). I have not had a cat for a while, but have always been a cat and dog person. it’s nice having a full house and I’m glad to give a home to a stray animal.

I just realized this means the end of this goal! on to the next! 6 years ago

lovingeveryminutePerfect Wrap-up

The first half of the year came to a satisfying close today, with piano lessons, lunch with friends, a great sale at the bead store, and take-out for dinner so I didn’t have to cook. I even finished a challenge I had set for myself to finish by today. Woo Hoo! 6 years ago

StellaThe June Wrap-up

We got a new van that is easily the nicest vehicle we’ve ever had.

I’ve had an epiphany about my marriage that has made things much better.

It’s been a good month all around, full of minor progress. 6 years ago

~ John Lee ~NEXT !

July starts in a few hours so it’s time to close this goal down ….

... of course those of you who would like an invitation to the July, August, September team should speak up soon. The folks in Australia and New Zealand should already be starting their third quarter fun by now! 6 years ago

lady butta.flymay

my youngest and i started taking walks around the neighborhood. it’s actually turned into a nature walk because we identify birds we see and we look at flowers and things. i love the way my baby’s mind works. 6 years ago


At last, I am finally growing up. Now, 37 years old and just now understanding that fairy tales are best left in books. There is no Prince Charming, there is no Wizard of Oz, just the man behind the curtain. It’s kinda sad and grounding to feel the “butterflies” slowly flying off. My partner has been wonderful, and I shouldn’t complain, but there is something to be said when the real person emerges. No more trying to be our best selves for each other. The facade of spirituality cracking under the weight of being human. Still, the best part of it all is knowing this is what makes us human. And so, the bubble bursts…. 6 years ago

lady butta.flyapril

my oldest turned 15 and we spent the day eating really good vegan food, discovering new vintage stores, and visiting a gallery she’s been interested in. it was nice. we don’t really get a chance to spend time alone together (without her lil sis being with us), so it was nice. i also got a glimpse into her world as a teen. do you remember what it was like to be a teenager? it seems so long ago. 6 years ago

NielWhat they left us.

Well, by the skin of my teeth. Today I visited the Treasures of China exhibition at the National Cultural Historical Museum. It was new, because it was the first time I visited the Museum, and it was fulfilling because it gave me some insight into the culture and history of China. The terracotta soldiers were particularly impressive, as was the jade suit, but there were other exquisite pieces too.

My N&F for April may happen next month, but I’m not holding my breath. 6 years ago

JulieJordanScottSo much this weekend!

I saw a Seal Frolicking by the Jetty in Dana Point… (this was an enormous seal, too! I have seen some smaller seals but this one was unique in that I could see his entire body moving about in the surf, which was really really high.)

I stuck my finger in the center of a sea anemone and now know why it was so hard for Nemo to get out of his house and kept Merlin so protective of him!

I touched numerous sea stars of different colors… I had only touched sea stars of ordinary, “neutrals” but over the weekend I saw and touched purple and deep pink and orange, it was amazing!! 6 years ago

Chris PineIn times like these, it's wise to remember to take the headlines with a grain of salt.

I found this very appropriate and fullfilling in the Count your blessings department! 6 years ago

kurkulisMay and June...

... were pretty busy, but I did meet that deadline, and that was very fulfilling. I’m going to translate more books for them, including Stiglitz.
I got two new pairs of outdoor shoes, despite the shop-assistant who said that sneakers are not produced for every person. (I have high and wide feet.) Both are very comfortable.
I started to learn Sanskrit, and I had a birthday.
But probably the main point is that I feel more secure and optimistic than before. 6 years ago

~ John Lee ~Tenth Avenue North

Among the new and fulfilling things this month was discovering Tenth Avenue North , a contemporary Christian band who released their debut album on 20 May 2008. 6 years ago

Chris PineFullfilling story from the courts

I have grown rather fond of the m&m’s commercials the last several years. I love the adamas family one! Anyways here is a story that caught my attention.

Kindof funny! 6 years ago

~ Julie ~A few things in June

Last Saturday met up with DoubleN and Lisa in Chicago. DoubleN and I went to the Chicago Art Institute, which I had never been there before. We met up with Lisa in her neighborhood and walked around seeing the little shops and having a great dinner at a local Italian restaurant.
Yesterday, I went to the Chicago Botanical Gardens with my friend Nyghtsdragon along with her kids and mom. We had a great time seeing all the beautiful flowers and gardens. I felt like a kid in a candy store. 6 years ago

purplefibermomThinking back over the past 3 months

April – we visited a Georgia state park that was on my list of places to see – Cloudland Canyon and had a few days of strenuous hiking, gorgeous views and fun family time.

May – I worked with others at my church on the liturgy for a service. It was hard work but turned out great and I learned a lot from the experience.

June – This may not seem like much, but for me this is huge. I brought my kids to 4 different major activities without getting sucked in to volunteering. As I’m usually the “girl who can’t say no” this was big for me. And I’ve enjoyed letting others have the opportunity to be involved ;) 6 years ago

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