track all expenses each day of March

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New IsabellaIt is finished...

Finally. Actually, this goal isn’t so bad. It’s only been sitting here since March. My Track all expenses each day of February goal has been sitting around gathering dust since last September, when it was first created under a different name.

Time to celebrate. I’m starving. Time for a nice dinner. I think I’ve earned it. :) 5 years ago


35.00 on a business lunch with DS
29.00 dry cleaning

$3.17 postage
13.79 office supplies 6 years ago


$25 dry cleaning

29 March
$15.66 pizza hut
$20.99 car wash
$3 tip
$3.64 Sam’s Club food
$43.09 on office paper 6 years ago


50.00 webhosting
2.78 candy
9.60 at 99cent store
4.60 postage
4.99 OCR program
2.77 candy 6 years ago


21 March
$6.59 Mcdonalds
22 March
$25 coupon book for a local sushi restaurant 6 years ago

MamaKittyDarn! Darn! Darn!

Why is this not working? My money boundaries are too mixed and loose. I must figure out a way to get this under control and then put the plan in action! 6 years ago


$12.89 Crafts at Michaels
$8.60 More crafts at Michael’s (for Yve)
$45.93 at Sam’s club on batteries and MOnster Drink
.50 tip at the formal

March 13th
35.20 my turn to pick up lunch
$80 on a Starbux gift card for RL
$10.05 Lunch at Boston Market 6 years ago

MamaKittyNot doing well

I’ll give it one last try today. 6 years ago


March 6th
$1.78 candy
$10.53 Quiznoes
March 7th
$6.45 McDonalds
$52.87 fuel
March 8th
$60 hair
$14.06 lunch with Yvonne 6 years ago

ToddieMMarch 5th

$100 house cleaners
$2.32 postage
.89 candy bar
$18.95 to re-extend my tire warranty, America’s Tire replaced for free a tire that I got a bolt stuck in

3-3-2008 $6.27 Taco Bell

3-1-2008 15 foot massage 6 years ago

ToddieMMarch 4th

16 Lunch with my office mgr at Quiznoes
175.59 business equipment at Staples 6 years ago


You don’t get any money for landing on “Free Parking” ya know! 6 years ago


go!6 years ago

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