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stop eating fast food

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Helen Miller 1 week ago

HappyDaze414 2 weeks ago

carollcesar 4 weeks ago

pauliemyers 4 weeks ago

Marianne 1 month ago


Seriously. So, I decided, for a while, that this was NOT something I wanted to do. BUUUUTT… then it turns out… I really do, I just wasn’t really ready to accept a change in my life…at all. So, here we go again. I’m willing to try again. Day 4/30. I will not count an occasional fast food breakfast with my husband (about every other week) because, it’s his favorite thing in the world, and I’m not willing to take that away from him. BUT, besides that, I will be DONE. On my way… sort of. Three more days, then I’ll be one week in. Have to start somewhere. 1 month ago

user1393625560 1 month ago

makebreadnotwar 1 month ago

Kaitee Bertone 2 months ago

eliahfiyahStop eating take out

FOREVER!!! 3 months ago

eliahfiyah 3 months ago

madris333 3 years ago

ninjerrificRepeated failure

We’ve tried doing this… over and over.

This time we’re serious. My wife and I admit that we are our own enemies on this. We do well independently one at a time but always get derailed by the other one. Or… its an issue of the kids need some food and there’s no time to stop. Or it turns out all we really want is something to drink.

Here’s the rule to make it work: Happy Meals for the kids is okay… AND using a drive-thru for a drink is okay.

We’ve been at it since Dec 20th… today is day 10 and still going strong. 3 months ago

ninjerrific 3 months ago

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ronaldo dsouza 4 months ago

maidenmidwife 5 months ago

mysterygyrl 5 months ago

bryant3 5 months ago

Gugha Srinivasan 6 months ago

murphywilliams13 7 months ago

bernard_leverette 7 months ago

dreamerxgirl 7 months ago


2 weeks done.
Go me. 7 months ago

ajaybihaniI want stop eating fast food

I am gone in bad habit I am working Website development company so I have to to work seating and eating due to which my eating habit is increased , I have to change it as soon as possible 7 months ago

ajaybihani 7 months ago

Mona4world 8 months ago

emileivers 8 months ago

lizzien88 8 months ago

JaneMarie4Fast food

It’s so strange how fast food is sort of like a drug. I did end up eating McDonald’s yesterday and afterwards felt terrible. I didn’t even eat a lot but I knew it was not the best choice for lunch.

After that, I wrote in my food journal about how gross it was and how gross I felt. Yet today, driving home from work I was starving. And all I could think about was McDonald’s fries. It was so weird, like i was a fast food junkie.

I really need to stop this. I mean, I don’t do it a lot and maybe that’s why it effects me the way that it does. Still, I am very concerned about my health and the health of my unborn child. I am going to go food shopping tomorrow and stick to brown bagging my lunch.

I really wonder if I’ll ever kick this habit. It’s like I do great and then something happens or I feel like I’m depriving myself or it calls my name. I quit smoking years ago, and it’s almost like the same thing. One minute I’d be fine and then the next I’d pick up a cigarette. My addiction to fast food is somewhat the same with cigarettes when I smoked. I didn’t need it all the time, and could go a long time with out it, but always had to fit it into my life somewhere.

At one point in my life I thought that being a smoker helped define me like it was part of my personality or something. Is that how I feel about fast food? Maybe. There is a bit of nostalgia that goes along with it and a bit of something else that I can’t seem to explain…. Maybe that’s addiction.

Either way I really want to figure out why I eat it, why I feel compelled to eat it, and why I think I may not be able to stop. 9 months ago

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