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Get a peg loom and USE it!

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igalloptooI didn't know I had a peg loom!

I have been weaving twined rag rugs from childhood. I didn’t know that is what it was called. I was taught as a child at my grandmothers knee on the porch swing. This is a great resource for all the clothes your children out grow, but you want to keep. I have rugs in my house that contain outfits my children wore for photos or those special blankets that they couldn’t do with out.
I made place mats for my mother from my dad’s silk tie collection, with his ok. They came out beautiful and she still uses them when company comes. 4 years ago

JudithKDI already own something I can use for this,

I can’t use it for making anything big, but it would certainly work for small stuff. It’s a lid rack or magazine rack or…dunno. But the pegs are removable. All I have to do (or get DH to do) is drill the holes in the pegs for the warp.

I could easily make 1’ squares with this, which is what I was thinking about doing since the big loom seems to be one of those projects that will never be done.

In the meantime, I’m stockpiling denim, and adding to my clutter. So, that needs to stop!

jkd 5 years ago

JudithKDGot a donation of two more pairs of jeans today1

from the thrift shop. Yay!

My plan is to get DH to sand, etc. the loom bits sometime this winter. We’ll see if I’m successful, yes?

jkd 5 years ago

JudithKDI bought the 2 x 4 that's the base of the loom today.

I already have the dowel to be cut into pegs. So, the biggest piece that was holding me back is DONE!

Now I gotta get DH to either set me up to drill the needed holes or badger him into doing it.

I think I’ll ask him to help. My “honey DO!” for this weekend was to try and get him to make the ledge the spice rack needs. THAT will be used every day, so it’s a much higher priority than the peg loom project.

jkd 5 years ago


It occurred to me that the reason I was so psyched about the idea of a peg loom was that I could make rugs. Maybe I need to MAKE the rugs for my downstairs?

Well, it’d give me something to focus on rather than panicking about getting rid of the “stuff” and the “style police.”

I was looking up sources for chenille yarn the other day, maybe this was in the back of my head the whole time? I wonder how a rug edged with blue jeans would work?

I better get DH started on that loom huh?

jkd 5 years ago

JudithKDI went to the thrift store today,

I usually do on Thursdays. The ladies working were talking about a lot of clothes that had been left which included a bunch of unsaleable jeans. I offered to take them off their hands, and they gave them to me!


When the manager gets back from her vacation, there’s a possibility they may give them to me all the time. Material for the rug for FREE!

tee hee

The Goddess, Serendipity strikes AGAIN!

jkd 6 years ago

JudithKDHere's a link I didn't find the other day...

it still doesn’t talk about what happens at the open end of the strings, but no one seems to worry about that!


There are pictures with this set and the explanation is better written too, it’s completely understandable!

jkd 6 years ago

JudithKDI have two or three(?) varieties of peg looms...

the little table top ones. I just found out there’s a way of making one that allows you to do BIG projects, like rugs. It’s very old “tech” and I’m fascinated. Unfortunately, although I found a description on how to make it, and how to use it, I haven’t found how to actually set it up.

Probably seems elementary to all those pro British women I found blogging about them, but unfortunately, not to myself or DH!

I also found about 5 locations where there were instructions for the no-sew fleece blankets, which seem really easy!

(And, of course, I have an idea, I could do this differently, or that, or….)

jkd 6 years ago

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