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file a class action lawsuit against ebay and paypal


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user1396911072 2 weeks ago

user1395584811 4 weeks ago

farhad27 7 months ago

tayfun1964I would like to communicate SELLER in Ebay for A litigation

It is worth sharing information, sources, cases, Lawyer names who are experienced in handling Ebay like cases. Please contact me for this end
Tayfun 9 months ago

tayfun1964 9 months ago

pprak43 10 months ago

Hainc955I want to join

How do i join a class action suit against eBay? I m tired of the treatment we sellers are getting. Is there another site to sell,when is someone going to start a new selling site. Had enough. Help 11 months ago

Hainc955 11 months ago

kradnemojsk 13 months ago

Rafael_Martinez 13 months ago


id love to join in a lawsuit agianst ebay 15 months ago

11billy70 15 months ago


I have contacted an attorney about this! Stupid PayPal misusing my money. 17 months ago

user42668 17 months ago

headgear 17 months ago

ssl2012 17 months ago

umdebus 17 months ago

nurse836 17 months ago

mslilani11As all the eBayer are effected

Cont me also , I have been taking lose also as a seller ,
To me it should be name ebuyer cox there is no protection for seller .
We can check there record and it will show that 80% or more cases are gone in favor of buyer .
And less than 20% cases are gone in favor of seller . 19 months ago

mslilani11 19 months ago

user24145 22 months ago


how to join this class action lawsuite? 23 months ago

user22120 23 months ago


can relate to all the seller stories…..most of us work hard and spend many hours to take photos, answer questions, wrap goods carefully, etc.etc…..but we’re just sitting ducks for any crazy, mean-spirited wierdo in cyberspace…and it’s my experience that EBAY DEFINATELY IS STACKED AGAINST THE SELLER IN FAVOR OF THE BUYERS…and we sellers need a voice as well as an alternative! 23 months ago

luna22 23 months ago

user16781 2 years ago

joytoyfunone1 2 years ago

user10869eBay's actions

I’m a DVD collector, consequently I buy many a DVD on eBay. Recently I’ve been getting stung by buyers who lie about the condition of the dvd is in. They will list the DVD as ‘Like New’ only to get it home and it has scratches and greasy fingerprints on it. I contact the seller sometimes they respond and sometimes they don’t. So I file a claim with eBay and they get the seller to respond or give a refund. I have had 4 such incidents happen. Yesterday I receive a warning about filing too many eBay buyer claims and all the negative feedback I’ve left for these deadbeat sellers has been removed for their respective accounts. But the negative comments they left for me has stayed on my feedback account.

MC017: Account warning

Dear So and so,

We take pride in making eBay a place where buyers and sellers can come together to buy and sell almost anything. In order to keep eBay a fair place for all members, we regularly review buying and selling activity. This is the email I received from almighty eBay;

We’re writing to let you know that your account is close to exceeding the limits of one or more of our policies. This can happen because of the number or dollar value of eBay Buyer Protection cases you’ve opened, because rules for buying have been broken, or because of other factors.

They put these policies out there for you to use, but if you use them you are reprimanded. It’s not my fault the sellers lie about the condition of their goods. There needs to be some kind of recourse for the buyer who trusted the seller to tell the truth about his product. 2 years ago

user10869 2 years ago

user8493 2 years ago

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