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Of all the goals I’ve accomplished so far, this one is the most worth doing. I’m reading lots of books and the Bible and the Torah and I’ll be also taking Hebrew lessons. I finally found what I want for my life. 4 years ago

shontellehamon2The time is now

I’ve always been fascinated by this religion, 2010 is the year when I want to gain an in depth knowledge of it. 5 years ago

NerieneaWorking on it

Since my last entry I’ve read more of the Torah (now partway through Numbers, plus bits of Deuteronomy from the weekly Torah portions for the last two weeks. I went to a Conservative synagogue in my town for Saturday morning service and a bat mitzvah. I might try going to a Reform one as well soon, but we don’t have many (if any) Orthodox shuls around here, and I think it’d be a huge culture shock anyway. The folks at the synagogue were nice, but there was a good deal of Hebrew. I find noncomprehension discouraging unless I’m really invested in the material, so I think I need to clarify my priorities and think about whether or not to study Hebrew before I decide to attend frequently. I will be checking out the speaker series though, and probably go to at least one Friday night service. They’re also having “Elul classes” (Elul being the month before Rosh Hashanah, the new year) which sounds interesting.

I’ve also read several books from the library about Judaism. I especially liked Nothing Sacred, which is about the potential in Judaism for resistance and social change, and describes that as much more important than following the various rules to the letter, and The Woman Who Laughed at God, which is about resistance and “countertraditions” in Jewish circles throughout history.

I’ve gotten involved in an online Jewish community (on Second Life). I attended some virtual candle lightings and I hope this week I can make it to the Torah discussion, which is supposedly for all levels of knowledge. 5 years ago

NerieneaMy heritage

In spite of my Jewish heritage (technically I’m not Jewish) I know relatively little about Jewish religion and culture. Taking a class about Jewish women’s history and culture this spring sparked an interest in knowing more, and I made a challah for our class potluck. I started reading Torah (in English, an online version) but haven’t gotten any farther than Bereshith/Genesis. This was already enough to get me a compliment on my religious knowledge (from a lapsed Catholic), which I found amusing given that I was raised Unitarian and am fairly irreligious.

I had this idea around the same time of spending a year (based on the Jewish calendar, starting on September 18) on a bit more focused exploration of Judaism. I’d like to connect with local Jewish groups, go to Temple, observe Shabbat (at least on occasion), and read both the Bible and whatever histories, biographies, novels, and other books on the subject seem interesting. I might study some Hebrew and/or Yiddish. Kosher’s not really a problem, except for Passover, since I am vegetarian, but I’m not sure how much I’ll observe the holidays.

Perhaps it’s my upbringing (in a mostly secular environment, Judaism was portrayed as the religion with the most relevance for me) but it seems right somehow to do this. 5 years ago


As a different point of view, I’ve been reading a few novels from the perspective of Jewish teens. “How to Ruin a Summer Vacation” and “Freefall” One is an American visiting Israel and the other is an Israeli deciding what part of the military she wants to join. “Freefall” (the military one) is better, but “How to Ruin a Summer Vacation” is a first in a series. I will read more novels as well. 5 years ago

Neohippy10I did not know that.

I always thought that Yiddish was just another name for Hebrew. Nope, evidently it’s a mix of German and Hebrew that eventually became its own. Huh! 6 years ago

Neohippy10NOVA Program

I just watched the Nova program on the “Bible’s Buried Secrets”. Yeah! 6 years ago


The Learning Company presents college courses on things. I got “Jewish Intellectual History 16th to 20th Century” from the library this week. 6 years ago


I’m half-way through Jewish Literacy: The Most Important Things to Know About the Jewish Religion, Its People and Its History by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin. I had to stop because classes got really busy. I’ve graduated, so once I catch up at work I can finish up and start learning more! 6 years ago


I would to know more about Judaism. I will attend Temple (at least once) to see what it’s about. I want to try to celebrate Shabbat. I want to learn about other customs, holidays, and values that I may choose to incorporate into my life. I want to learn Hebrew. 6 years ago

SquareRootzIt's a start.. 7 years ago

kauffHow about this book?

I’m thinking about getting ‘Basic Judaism’, by Milton Steinberg. Has anyone read it? What do you think about it? 7 years ago

paige25Judaism knowledge

Ok, I’d have to study for several lifetimes to learn all there is to know about Judaism, but over the past six months or so I’ve read several books on the subject and can definitely say that I have, in fact, learnt more about Judaism, so I’m marking this one ‘done’. 7 years ago

paige25Complete Idiot??

I’ve always been interested in Judaism and the other day I bought, for a laugh, the book, ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jewish History and Culture’. However, it’s really good and gives you a great starting place for learning about Judaism. Already it’s given me a lot to think about and an idea of the sort of book I want to read next. 7 years ago


I’m going to say that I’ve accomplished this goal, because technically, I already have. My knowledge of Judaism has already increased since last Tuesday. I’m taking a Judaism class at Missouri State right now and it’s very enjoyable. And I have another 14 weeks of learning left! Yay!

I think this goal is worth doing, simply because I think everyone on this earth should learn more about other people. I was raised a Christian and never even met any Jewish people until 3 years ago. Today, I’ve been dating a Jewish man for over and year, and we are planning on getting married. Hence, my impetus for wanting to learn more (although I already did anyway). Already, my mind has been challenged. Gotta love that.

It’s going well so far. The Rabbi that teaches our class is really down-to-earth and cool. I would recommend this goal to all! :) 7 years ago

ririsuLeon Uris started it all

with his book Exodus.

Actually, my ex started it all by giving me the book. I read it while away in Japan for a summer and I came back hungry for all kinds of knowledge. I learned about Judaica and traditions from the ex and his family and about politics and history from the following books:

From Beirut to JerusalemArab and JewThe Case for IsraelIsrael in a NutshellPalestine in a Nutshell

(I’d say I’ve begun this goal, not completed it) 8 years ago

VioletMyst still believes that Unusual traveling instructions are dancing lessons from Godfirst step: Read

i do believe this will be my path; i’m so drawn to Judaism’s values, the scripture, the significance behind its rituals and holy days,,,,,but there’s so much i have yet to learn & understand. It’s difficult to absorb a faith that you have not been raised in. I realize i only have an intellectual understanding of Judaism at this point. So until i’m able to immerse myself in direct teachings, able to take Hebrew and classes at temple,,,i’ll keep reading, searching out a deeper understanding…

Here’s the books i’ve acquired thus far…

  • Back to the Sources: Classic Jewish Texts
  • Judaism: anthology of key writings of the jewish tradition
  • God Is A Verb: Kabbalah and the Practice of Mystical Judaism
  • Studies in Judaism – S. Schechter (1896)
  • The Dictionary of Judaism – edited by D. D. Runes 8 years ago

Bentley314Its the religion i was born into,

and i’m thankful for that…but there’s so much about it that i don’t know. I want to go past the basic and general stuff. I would like to become much more religious. I need to take advantage of opportunities that i have since i have access to several rabbis on campus, but i’m so hessitant about approaching them and asking for help accomplishing this goal. I have no idea how i would go about this anyways! There are so many holes in my knowledge, and i don’t even know how deep i want to dive into judaism, since there is so much to learn. I just need to reignite my passion for judaism and being a better jew.

Hmmm…i need to think about this a bunch more! 9 years ago


learn about torah mostly… i believe that torah is one of Allah’s (God’s) revelations to mankind… as i believe in the God as the Jews, so i ought to learn about it 9 years ago

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