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never cry for someone who won't cry for me

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Jenna Ortiztired of it

Im tired of wasting time and energy on something that will never be. if he doesnt cry for me its more than obvious he dsnt care so i should move on 3 years ago

ahmed elmaazonNothing impossible

I will not cry for you anymore :) 3 years ago


I guess I’m too invested in some people… I still care, even if they don’t, and honestly, I’m glad I do. It makes me a better person. 3 years ago


I will not cry for you anymore. 4 years ago



It has been over a year since I cried over a boy. I would say that this is completed. I’m so much happier with myself knowing that I will never waste my tears on jerks again. 5 years ago


Never again shall i waste my tears 6 years ago


This one is so hard. 6 years ago


whats the point if you know that they dont care for you as you care for them 7 years ago


If you’re gonna do it make sure it’s fool proof. You only end up waking up with evenmore pain.

My gf won’t stop cheating on me, even if it’s with my best mate or even when she is pregnant with our child. I want to end it all now. I’ve already tried it once taking a pill over dose of over 50 pills but all it did was knock me out for a day and be sick.

Is it worth it all? 7 years ago


stupid boys.
stupid girls.
get over them, theres many fish in the sea 7 years ago


I give up. 7 years ago


this thought.. and phyrase helped me SOO much to not cry for that one person who I knew for sure was not crying for me.

you are so much better than the .. prson.. who makes you cry!!
! 7 years ago


This isn’t working. 7 years ago

TineTerrible habit

...I can cry for most things when alone. 7 years ago

yukino oujoI didn't cry...

when my mom was fussing at me. I usually cry because there is nothing else that I can do. But then I realized something. Instead of letting her upset me I can just not care and thus I won’t cry. It may be a bit harsh but atleast I don’t get stressed out, right?

Krys 7 years ago

glamourgirlmonaedont worry!!!!!

I’ve cried and i’ve cried and i came to the conclusion that way to many tears have been shed. ” no boy is worth your tears and the one that is wont make you cry”. i found that special one and it didnt even matter that it took 3 years of crying. 8 years ago

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