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Drink less Coca-Cola

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mayakersNot coke-free but

Okay, I’m not totally cc-free but I have cut down a lot and that feels good. Of course I still get my sugar and cafeine fix from other things but hey, this goal is achieved! Huzzah! 6 years ago

mayakersNo coke today!

Let’s make it less coca cola for a month to achieve it. 6 years ago

mayakersJust one today

After work (so not during work!!!) I finished the bottle I still had in the fridge. It was not more than a glass. 6 years ago


I’m definitely drinking less Coca-cola than before. Perhaps once a month.
I’m having other drinks instead, which I like. 6 years ago

ErikChanging of goals

I had a goal named “stop drink coca-cola”, but as I don’t drink soft drinks that much at all, it would be nice to have a treat every now and then. So therefore, “drink less coca-cola”.
I had it a week ago, couldn’t resist. :) 7 years ago

Angus FergussonDon't drink less -- stop.

Can’t say I know all the positive things it’s done for me to stop drinking it - used to go through 2-3 2ltr bottles a day - but I can now eat lots of foods I had to give up because I constantly had heartburn. Now, that’s over. 7 years ago

kangoshijenits all sugar!

I havn’t had any in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages its hard at first but little by little I’ve been replacing it with fruit juice and now when I go to drink coke I can feel the horrible sugar texture on my teeth :S so I’ve been put off! I feel healthier now XD 7 years ago

FlyChickCan I make it 24 hours?

Haven’t had any since last night. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! 7 years ago

exzesswell yeah

i stopped drinking coca-cola a few years ago.. mostly because my parents told me to, because i drank a looot of sugary stuff, and plus i feel much better when i only drink water
if you compare water or orange juice or something else to coke you’ll realise that coca cola is fuckin gross 7 years ago

serendipitousI don't drink coke at all

I used to drink it all the time but I now prefer juice or water 8 years ago

dotleaThis is definitely connected to my "drink more water"-thing.

I have a cola-addiction. And it’s starting to afflict my teeth. I really have to stop drinking so much. I am already drinking light, so it’s not the weight I am afraid of.

So now, every time I want a glas of cola, I just drink water instead. And I feel good about doing that. 8 years ago


I nearly quit drinking this stuff, and I’ve lost about 10 kilos since. Certainly worth it. 8 years ago


It cleared my skin up! I think I may have saved a few teeth too! 8 years ago

Basem Abdullahit's !! S:Q@#@$

I am trying to help my self to not drinking so much of Coca-cola . 8 years ago

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