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Ana Liza 1 day ago

Stephette 5 years ago

kendrafortuneFirst one last night

The first meeting of our book club was really good, we had a good discussion about the book, ate some snacks and generally had fun. I hope we’ll be getting together for another book discussion very soon! 3 weeks ago

kendrafortune 3 months ago

MargieMayI don't think this group is my tribe

I’ve been sitting with this for awhile and trying to decide which direction to go. The book club I’ve been attending is not a good fit for me. And it’s kind of weird to admit it because they are all “nice” but I’m not really connecting with them. At the last meeting there was a comment made by a few girls at the meeting that cemented my decision to find a new club.

We were on the topic of breastfeeding and one woman made a comment about how there was once a member of the group that nursed her infant during the meeting and how it was gross, unwelcome and made her uncomfortable. Several of the other women agreed that babies were not allowed at book club and laughed about how gross it is to nurse in front of others. Although I am not a nursing mother (currently) I was one and I plan to be again. Although I welcome all views on motherhood and think every person has a right to their opinions, I personally feel like I would be a better fit with a group of women who are more open about issues like this, supportive of moms/babies and their needs. 4 weeks ago

av9920 6 years ago


Well, last summer I joined a feminist book club, followed by making a family book club and then one with a couple if friends. It’s nice that they’ve seemed to spread themselves out a bit so I have plenty of time to read everything. I’m really enjoying these clubs. I’ve read several that I would have never picked up on my own, it’s opening me up a bit from my usual M.O. 2 months ago

littlesoulThe Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus materialises in the middle of the night and opens it’s gates at 12am. Noone knows when or where it will appear nor for how long it will stay.

Loved this book…it was excellently visual, so much so that it was almost as if you could feel, smell, see, taste and experience all the things the characters could…there were quite a few really strong characters and a number sub plots within it which kept it moving quite quickly. An intricate storyline that was intriguing from the very beginning. Magical 2 months ago

Lanie 8 months ago

yorkshirefox 2 months ago

vickyfaye 2 months ago

golsonwill 4 years ago

littlesoulLittle Star - John Ajvide Lindqvist

Excellently twisted from the very beginning and superbly written. I couldn’t put it down and stayed up until 5.20am to finish it! 3 months ago

littlesoulThe Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother - Amy Chua

Hated it and wanted to call the social services! 3 months ago


rachelbeee 5 months ago

twilightangel321 8 months ago

Hyacinth Girl 5 months ago

LanieAnother great evening!

This month’s book was titled “My House of Dreams” by Susan Kite. It is a fact based Native American historical fiction novel. Ms. Kite, the author, attend and discussed the research she had done as well as the process of writing the book and getting it published. 6 months ago

MargieMay2nd meeting

I missed the last meeting because my daughter had been sick so it was a full 3-months between meetings. I was a little nervous because it had been so long and I still don’t know the women well, but I was committed to going, and I’m glad I did. After the inital awkwardness of being there perhaps a tad too early (actually, I was RIGHT on time, but only the third to arrive), I made conversation easily with several women during the dinner and drink portion of the evening. During the book discussion (we read “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed) I felt involved, and I loved hearing everyone else’s take on the novel – some were vastly different from my own.

Unfortunately I’ll miss the next one because I’ll be out of town, but hoping after that I can get into a more regular attendance schedule. 6 months ago

LanieTonight. . .

I went to my first meeting. There were 10 women in attendance. Had a great time – lots of lively conversation and discussions about the book we had read (Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas), followed by some scrumptious refreshments 7 months ago

Laniefirst meeting . .

I joined a newly organized group. Although I missed the first meeting, I did find out the name of the book that was chosen. I have read it and will attending my first meeting tomorrow – Tuesday, September 3rd! 7 months ago

littlesoulThe Lost - Claire McGowan

Looking forward to reading this as it’s supposedly set in my home town :) 8 months ago

littlesoulThe House of the Spirits - Isabel Allende

Haven’t started reading this yet as i’ve been re reading a few other books..will get round to it soon. 9 months ago

littlesoulRed Sky in Morning - Paul Lynch

This was June’s book….took me ages to read it as I had very little time but an excellent read that shows how merciless both man and nature can be. 9 months ago

littlesoulThe Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald

Looking forward to reading this book again.
The bookclub have been toying with reading one of Fitzgerald’s novels for a while now so I think we were spurred on by the recent release of the film. Also, the bookclub manager has just returned from Paris so this may also have had something to do with it :) No complaints here. 11 months ago

MargieMayFirst Meeting

I went to my first meeting of the book club last Friday. Before I went I was feeling a little nervous. I am a bit of an introvert and get minor anxiety in new social situations. I was particularly nervous because I only knew the one woman who invited me (and I only know her a little bit). As it turned out, I had a very good time. The other women were – for the most part – welcoming and inclusive. There were a few that didn’t seem that interested in getting to know me but this club has been around for six years. They are probably used to newcomers that show up for a few meetings and then never come back.

The diversity of the women – ages 25-75 – made the discussion of the book particularly interesting. It even got a little heated! This is a fiesty group of ladies. Some of the women apologized to me later and said the group doesn’t always get so exciting.

I’m looking forward to going back and even offered to co-host the meeting in September.

I’m not going to mark this off as “done” until I’ve been to six meetings and can say that I’m officially part of the club. 11 months ago

littlesoulThe President's Hat by Antoine Laurain

Haven’t started it yet as i’m in the middle of another book but looking forward to it :) 11 months ago

angelblizz15 12 months ago

MargieMayBooks + Like Minded People + Interesting Discussions + Wine

I was recently invited to join a women’s book club by a woman I met through a leadership class I took a few years ago.

I rarely do anything social on my own. I find that I WANT to be with my family at every possible moment – my husband and I work full-time and I miss my family so much! I don’t actively seek out things to do that take me away from them. However, I have to admit that lately I’ve been craving some solid social interaction that will add VALUE to my life. Maybe it’s because my daughter is finally getting a little bit more independent and will tolerate being with her daddy for a few hours. I hate to admit it but we are so bonded, if she has a choice she would prefer to be with me. It breaks her daddy’s heart a little – so maybe a few hours alone every few months would be good for them?? AND for me??

This book club meets every other month on a Friday evening. I decided that I will give it a try and see how I mesh with the others. Next meeting is May 10. 12 months ago

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