learn 3 interesting facts about each person who works with me

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emily b #1will h

will works in outdoor & has been around for a few months…october-ish.
1. will isn’t even 21 yet! I had no clue…
2. will knew rory before working at the store…through church or something…
3. will is a huge fan of chacos! good man…good shoes… 6 years ago

emily b #1sara d

sara works with me in apparel…she has been here for about 8 or 9 months & is one of my “go to” gals.
1. sara is from beebe, arkansas
2. sara is afraid of alligators
3. sara can not live without good jeans- Citizen of Humanity 6 years ago

emily b #1allison

allison is in apparel with me.
1. allison has one younger brother who still lives in Pennsylvania with her dad.
2. she listens to NPR in her car- which is a Land Rover but she is thinking of getting something with better gas mileage.
3. She will not wear anything made by Woolrich…and makes fun of me because i like some of it! :) 6 years ago

emily b #1nathan l

nathan is the bike sales manager.
1. he graduated from hendrix where he met his now wife, erin.
2. he is originally from new mexico.
3. he is a youth leader at his church.

he is my other best buddy at the store besides david. we call ourselves “the in-crowd” 6 years ago

emily b #1david c

david is the receiving manager.
1. he is an avid widespread panic fan, just like me!
2. he loves to spend any free time he can fly fishing on the river.
3. he has a brother, a sister & a step-brother.

he is probably one of my two best friends at work. 6 years ago

emily b #1john l

john is the boke service manager
1. he just gotmarried to his long time girlfriend.
2. he was in the coast guard & was a bartender in the river market before coming to work at the store.
3. he is a musician & loves music more than anything else in life! 6 years ago

emily b #1melinda

melinda is the outdoor dept. manager
1. she turned 21 this last valentines day & hates the holiday because it takes away from HER birthday- and i totally don’t blame her!
2. she lived in guatemala with her parents when she was younger.
3. she moved here from new mexico & lives with her very best friend reesy 6 years ago

emily b #1rory

rory is the footwear manager.
1.rory is originally from indiana.
2. he recently got engaged & he is marrying a twin!!!
3. he has big dreams of becoming a guide of some sort who will lead & plan trips for our company to take people on- such as camping, biking, canoeing, etc… 6 years ago

emily b #1Ty

Ty is the store manager.
1. He is married to Karen & they have three sons: Garrett, Dylan and Brodie.
2. He was in the navy, worked as a restaurant manager & has also done insurance appraisals.
3. He works really hard to be the best store manager & leader of our team that he can be. I have really enjoyed getting to know him, have learned a LOT from him and hope to be on the team with him for a long time.

(no, he can’t read this- so I am not sucking up…) 6 years ago

emily b #1The Usual Suspects

I am trying to be the best manager I can be & in doing so I think it is truly important to learn about the people who work with me in the store. I think this will help benefit the store & we will become a more solid team. Currently, the list of my coworkers is…
1. beth
2. schuyler
3. sara
4. memory
5. rachel
6. ty
7. david c (quit in june)
8. nathan (quit in july)
9. john l (quit in april)
10. david t (quit in may)
11. graeme
12. chris
13. wes
14. melinda
15. joe
16. ross
17. heather
18. cindy
19. rory
20. steven
21. ruda
22. chris

Okay…..here we go! I will post an entry about each person including their name, department & three things I have learned about them. 6 years ago

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