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colorajo 5 days ago

Likikilalrula 5 days ago

VRSone 6 years ago

~Beautifuldwarf~My salary and operational costs

When you start a business you want to buy any promotional item you see. But you have to consider you HAD a salary and the business has cost every month and everyday. Now im doing this.

Next: contract with yellow pages and finish the permits 1 week ago

rpantojaplanning and starting up

I already have a start up plan. It is not a bussiness plan, but i got a clear idea about what kind of services i want to provide on my new consultancy company, i know a lot about potential clients, i have a partner, a company name, and we are creating our website as we sort out legal paperwork for the commercial openning. We have money enough to pay for all this, and to keep working a few months while we get our first contract. The process is really exciting, it is good to feel free as your own boss. I am actually working harder than before, at public institutions. 1 week ago

comtec 1 week ago

~Beautifuldwarf~Business registration

To run a business in USA or territories (like Puerto Rico) you will need a EIN (this is like a social security number for business jijiji). Today I submit a form to have this number for my business. Later I make the commercial registration. Now I need the building or office permit. In the meantime, continue with working on the marketing. 1 week ago

dkyle1000 1 week ago

Ghadeer1985 2 weeks ago

Maxim_Guret 3 weeks ago

rameyj2001 4 weeks ago

Savannah Phillips 4 weeks ago

LouiseBrown 4 weeks ago

Daniel M 2 months ago

Daniel MUpdate


I have a website up and running for a business I now fully have function, and I am just waiting for customers…

Mission accomplished!

I’m developing another idea I have now, we’ll see how that goes. I’m so happy. I feel so accomplished. 4 weeks ago

SmartHero 1 month ago

Dan Monk 3 years ago

~Beautifuldwarf~Quotations, Facebook, contracts...

Those are my projects in these days… Its quite easy make a FB marketing campaign. In the meantime, I just want to show a educational FB page, until I receive the permits. 1 month ago

ChatForLifeHow I did it

After researching at the Small Business Administration (SBA) and speaking with a SCORE representative, I decided that I don’t have the capital to invest in a franchise or anything the banks would loan that much against.

My husband is extremely supportive and, having some experience with affiliate programs, helped me research different businesses we could start for less than $1000. He helped me design a website and start my business and now we are helping people set up their businesses for less than we put into it.

The website is www.chatforlife.net and anyone can do this business from anywhere. 1 month ago

ChatForLife 1 month ago

~Beautifuldwarf~Back on track

I had several weeks without work on it. I was very focus in my kid’s school duties, because he is having a lot of changes. My schedule now is more busy (soccer practices, music practices, school meetings, new relationship, etc). Yesterday I made one of the documents I will work in my business. I fell so good… 1 month ago

jstefani 1 month ago

listmaker81 1 month ago

ShineAgain 1 month ago

SetonaHill 1 month ago

LucyEllen05 1 month ago

pintoreinaldo 1 month ago

songhuaStarted Tenantify!

It has been an up-and-down roller coaster, but finally I am launching an online business. It does not generating revenue yet, but it is something. The business is to help landlord do tenant verification. I look forward! 2 months ago

songhua 2 months ago

linse 5 years ago

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