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Get my AIX Administrator Certifications

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Luz de la Luna al AmanecerDSL

I have DSL now so I can step this up a bit. This will be my next personal challenge after the novel outline.

I need to take the pre-test, install solaris 10 a few times and take the practice test. My certificates run out in January. After that I have to pay for the tests. 6 years ago

Luz de la Luna al Amanecerpractice test

I’ve read through the book, but I haven’t had time to do any practical work. I think if I’m going to go forward with this I have to take the practice test and see where I am. I tend to put tests off until I think I’ll get 100% and that just isn’t necessary in this case. I did the same thing with my AIX certs.

So now I just have to find a time that I can take the test at work without interruptions. It is java based and my computer at home takes 5 minutes for every click. :( Maybe Wednesday evening. 7 years ago

Luz de la Luna al AmanecerGotta get going on this!

Well, thanks to all the extra work generated by the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005 during first quarter of 2007, I fell behind on this goal.

I will now dedicate one hour of my work day to this each day. Since my supervisor purchased test vouchers for me, I feel this is part of my job! Otherwise the money will be wasted and I will have to pay for it myself.

I still want to have the certification by May 4th! 7 years ago

Luz de la Luna al AmanecerFirst certification

I received my vouchers today and they included practice exams, so I’m going to set a goal to take the practice exam for the first certification by March 31st. 7 years ago

Luz de la Luna al Amanecercoincidence?

My supervisor came by yesterday to say that we have money left in our support agreement to use towards certification tests. He wants a list of the tests I want to take before the end of the fiscal year, so I won’t have to pay for them myself! I need to get serious about this. 7 years ago

Luz de la Luna al AmanecerChapter 1

I finally finished the first chapter. It took no time at all once I sat down to it. There were no quizzes or work to do so that was a no brainer. I’ve started chapter 2 which involved installation. I will have to pull a sunblade aside to play with this.

One thing I noticed that had escaped me until now; there are actually two tests, so I will be taking the first one much sooner than May. I need to find a location nearby and make the appointment soon. 7 years ago

Luz de la Luna al Amanecer*sigh*

I’ve fallen behind on this goal. :( So I have 3 chapters to read in order to catch up. Since each chapter requires practice work on a server, I don’t see how I can catch up especially since work is crazy. So I may have to move my goal date out, but I’m going to try to take the test before my birthday on May 4th. It will be my birthday present to myself. I’ve decided if I pass this test (tests really because there are 2), I will go on to get my network and security certifications right off while it is all fresh in my mind. 7 years ago

Luz de la Luna al AmanecerReview

I found my Solaris 10 certification books. There are 2 parts with 15 chapters total. I will set myself a goal of reading one chapter a week. Then I’ll take the practice test. So that should put me at mid-April to take the test. 7 years ago

Luz de la Luna al AmanecerTesting

I’ve been working with this for four years. It’s about time I go take the test. 7 years ago

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