make a list of 43 things that piss me off and then let them go


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gaara_chan 5 years ago


43. Having to park big trucks- there is absolutely no way of doing this without feeling like an a**hole. No matter how good my intentions or how many times I back out and try again I always feel like I’m parked in too many parking spaces and going to be an inconvenience to everyone. 6 months ago


42. Every bathroom within two hours of our work site being shut and locked because of the gorram government shutdown. 6 months ago


41. Being sent 6 hours away for work only to find out there is nothing to do for four days. 6 months ago


39. Incorrect weather forecasts
40. Dirt roads in the rain 6 months ago


34. Being the only sober person in a room of drunken people.
35. Stress.
36. Unidentified health problems that won’t go away and shouldn’t exist, yet they do.
37. People who judge others before taking the time to find out if they’ve even got reason to.
38. Hotel rooms that do not have microwaves or fridges. 6 months ago

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